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Vocabulary Word

Word: obituary

Definition: death notice (esp. in a newspaper); ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'obituary'

"The Atlanta Constitution", whose editorials had vilified Sledd in 1902, paid tribute to him in its obituary as a "nationally known Bible authority"; no mention was made of the "Sledd Affair."
(New York Times obituary, 28 March 1975) Work.
According to Edward Harland's obituary in "The Times", he designed his company's ocean liners "on the model of a fish swimming through the water."
According to his New York Times obituary, San Franciscans considered Meyerfeld ""the Rockefeller of Vaudeville"".
According to Michael Billington in his obituary for "The Guardian": "No one since Joan Littlewood did more to advance the cause of popular theatre in Britain than John McGrath".
According to Renz's obituary in 1892, the enterprise was continued by his son Franz Renz, but it closed in July 1897 under the great pressure of competition.
After this all of the team's whereabouts and status are unknown after the events of "Decimation" and the "Civil War" The exception is Obituary, who was mentioned in the "Civil War: Battle Damage Report" one-shot.
An obituary by a former student, Annette Rubinstein, described her as "the dynamic center of an informal Marxist study group" in New York, and she became chair of the Greenwich Village American Labor Party.
An obituary noted that he was "a gentleman, possessed of a very ample fortune and a most generous spirit," his "noble benefaction to his town and constant employment of a great number of tradesmen, artificers, and laborers, to whom he was a liberal paymaster . . .
Bares' obituary describes him as "a passionate leader in the pro-life movement authored historic legislation to protect the precious lives of the unborn in Louisiana."
From the obituary, it is learned that Hector had been married about fifty years.
He died 12 July 1196, resulting in the obituary of "la Haye-aux-Bons-Hommes".
He was described as "the king of French booksellers" in his "New York Times" obituary and as "a legendary figure in the world of art, collecting and publishing" by French culture minister Christine Albanel.
He wrote his own eulogy which appeared as an obituary in the "Daily Mail" two days later.
Her obituary in "The Times" noted her "animosity towards all, or rather, some of those facets which may be conveniently called the 'New Woman'," but added that "it would perhaps be difficult to reduce Mrs. Lynn Linton's views on what was and what was not desirable for her own sex to a logical and connected form."
Her obituary mentions "loss of sight" in "late years", and her vision may have already been declining when she played Gossip.
His New York Times obituary says Rossiter served as a lieutenant in an artillery unit in World War I. He was among the founders of the Roger Israel Post 11 of the American Legion and actively promoted the cause of veterans.
His obituary featured in the "Daily Telegraph" on 2 August 2010.
His obituary in "The Guardian" described him as "the dominant cartoonist of the western world".
His obituary in The London Philatelist stated that he had "...fairly earned the title of the Grand Seigneur of Philately."
His obituary was printed in the New York Times newspaper on 24 May 1991.
His service as the first president Georgia Bar was a point too insignificant to be mentioned in his obituary two years later.
However, according to "The Times"s obituary, Thorneloe himself had previously "dismissed suggestions that British Forces in Afghanistan are underresourced, saying, 'The training and kit are outstanding.
In 1937 he was awarded the CMG and died in a de Havilland Leopard Moth plane crash the following year on his way to receiving the award. His obituary in "Nature" was penned by Sir Guy Marshall.
In 1952 Cameron wrote an obituary essay for "The Illustrated London News", "The King Is Dead", about the death of King George VI.
In 2005 he read his own obituary after a mistaken story that he had died.
In an obituary for Nick Reynolds (d. October 1, 2008), Spencer Leigh wrote in Britain's "Sunday Independent": Looking at their repertoire now, it is apparent that the Kingston Trio was far more adventurous than is generally supposed.
In her obituary, it was stated that after she left Los Angeles, she returned to New Hampshire where she worked as hair stylist and later as a phlebotomist.
In his obituary Dines noted that meteorologists had not followed up Hooker’s work on weather and crops.
In his obituary, the newspaper wrote, "As a state senator, Jimmy was extremely cautious about spending the money paid into the state treasury by Texas citizens.
In its obituary of Coates, "The Times" wrote that his compositions "fell between the two stools of national character and international sympathy, with a resulting ambiguity of achievement."
In Michael Klinger's "Guardian" obituary in 1989, Derek Malcolm remembered the film as "one of the most formidable British thrillers of its time".
John Tardy, vocalist of Obituary, and Glen Benton, vocalist of Deicide, provide backing vocals on the track "Unfit Earth" in the later sections.
Levine went into journalism, starting at the "Providence Journal" as an obituary writer.
Mali died in c.1947, according an obituary in "The Indian Review".
Obituary is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the program.
On January 9, 1880, the "New York Times" obituary read "Thirty Years in Disguise: A Noted Old Californian State-Driver Discovered.
Paul's Cathedral. "Punch" magazine, which presumably did not know of his large illegitimate family, said in its obituary: "There never was a purer, simpler, more straightforward or altogether more blameless man.
Robin Farquharson also contributed to the counter-cultural Bitman magazine which published a special obituary edition as tribute to Robin after his death in 1973.
She made her debut performing comic opera and, according to her "New York Times" obituary, was well known for her work on stage.
Since 2006 he has presented an obituary programme on Radio 4 called "Last Word".
Stuart was noted as the first Anglo-Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross and his obituary later stated that in the action, "his gallantry stood out".
Terry Butler (Born November 1967) of Tampa, Florida, U.S., is the current bassist in the death metal bands Obituary and Massacre.
The bibliography in Yule's obituary lists 22 papers of which the following are a sample.
The name "Other Minds" has been attributed by Jim Newman to an anonymous obituary that ran in the New Yorker in 1992 which stated that John Cage "...composed music in other people's minds."
This was edited into a short two minute filmic obituary which was released under the title "An Unfinished Symphony in Stone."
Tony Stephens wrote in his obituary that "during her time on television, hers was one of the most recognisable faces in Australia".
Warmaster was influenced by old school death metal bands like Bolt Thrower, Obituary, and Master.
Writing in the British daily "The Guardian", again in an obituary for Reynolds, Ken Hunt asserted that "The Kingston Trio helped to turn untold numbers of people on to folk music... they put the boom in folk boom.
[http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2004-06-29/news/0406290027_1_24th-infantry-mcnulty-infantry-division] 6/29/2004 "Baltimore Sun" Obituary for John F. McNulty, Jr.

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