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Vocabulary Word

Word: obese

Definition: excessively fat; N. obesity

Sentences Containing 'obese'

A small double-blind placebo-controlled study published in 2005 demonstrated that "I. gabonensis" resulted in greater weight-loss and improved blood-test results in obese human volunteers when compared with a placebo.
Also, patients who are morbidly obese (body mass index >40 kg/m2) are significantly less likely to have success from this surgery.
By the time he married Catherine Howard, the real Henry was middle-aged and obese - not a svelte, still relatively young man as portrayed on the show.
Dr. Ludwig is also the Director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center Boston Children's Hospital. He has published several widely publicized studies about the causes of obesity in children and adults, and has attracted attention for his recommendation that severely obese children be removed from the custody of their parents as a last resort if all other intervention methods fail.
He often expresses the wish to be reincarnated as something the person is not likely to ever see/use (for example, he says "I hope I am reincarnated as your feet, so you will never see me again" to an obese woman).
High-protein diets may have a cardiovascular protective effect and may represent an effective weight loss strategy for the overweight or obese.
In 1987, obese, illiterate 16-year-old Claireece Precious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) lives in the New York City ghetto of Harlem with her dysfunctional, abusive, unemployed mother, Mary (Mo'Nique), who has long subjected her to physical and mental abuse.
In the late 1990s, the city adopted an ordinance to ban discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodation on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity/transgender status, body weight (i.e., being obese or underweight).
Jennie Cragg (Rebel Wilson) is an obese girl who lives in "Boonelg" with her extremely overweight mother Berenice, who is now confined to her living-room chair.
Makeovers can range from something as simple as a new haircut, to the use of cosmetic surgery, to the extreme of the implantation of dental veneers, eye-color-changing contact lenses, and the use of appearance-altering gastric bypass surgeries, providing massive, permanent fat loss in obese persons, and the associated plastic surgeries, such as abdominoplasty, to eliminate the resulting loose-hanging skin folds (the "panniculus").
Nathan arranges a way to get Fi out of the hospital for a while, saying he will watch over Jase, whilst she goes home and has a bath and a rest. Whilst she is away, he visits Derek, the drug dealer, and his obese girlfriend, who is obsessed with fried chicken; Nathan pays him the money, but accidentally chokes the dealer's pet dog on a chicken bone.
No less important than the TOFI are the metabolic opposites, the subjects have variously been described as being 'FOTI' (fat outside - thin inside), the “metabolically healthy obese” (MHO) or even the fit fat.
On the other hand, in the ' series (confirmed to be canonical from Official Handbook files of Asgardians), Volstagg is depicted as obese and cowardly even as a young man.
Our visitor bore every mark of being an average commonplace British tradesman, obese, pompous, and slow.
Over-reliance on the automobile, coupled with the lack of a pedestrian-friendly environment, has contributed to two-thirds of adult Americans being overweight or obese.
She wore a fatsuit in some episodes of the show, as the Nicki character was a formerly obese woman who lost weight and slowly started to gain it back.
Since the first scientific observations that some lean subjects could have as much, if not more body fat internally than overweight or obese individuals, there has been considerable media and press interest in this area of research.
Terrance also becomes obese in this episode.
The chances of becoming obese increased by approximately 60% for each daily soft drink a child consumed.
The eldest Chixie Gill (Om Puri), is a small time shop owner with 3 obese daughters whom no one wants to marry and a nagging wife (whom he would like to send back to her parents house).
The hunger-suppressive effects of CCK also are reduced in obese rats.
The primary advantage of duodenal switch (DS) surgery is that its combination of moderate intake restriction with substantial calorie malabsorption results in a very high percentage of excess weight loss for obese individuals, with a very low risk of significant weight regain.
The results are so favorable that some surgeons in Europe are performing the "switch" or intestinal surgery on non-obese patients for the benefits of curing the diabetes.
The show features obese people competing to win a cash prize by losing the highest percentage of weight relative to their initial weight.
The South has the highest infant mortality rate in the US, the most traffic deaths, and the most gun deaths, as well as a higher percentage of obese people and diabetics.
The surgery is more successful in patients who are not obese, and there is a limited role in morbidly obese (>40 kg/m2).
This phenotype is a further refinement of the “metabolically-obese but normal-weight” (MONW).

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