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Vocabulary Word

Word: nutrition

Definition: process of nourishing or being nourished; CF. malnutrition

Sentences Containing 'nutrition'

"Caladenia dilatata" has a mutalistic relationship with mycorrhizal fungi, where the fungus acquires some nutrition from the orchid, and the orchid requires the fungus to germinate.
"What is Healthy?: Myths and Facts About Nutrition (2008).
A review in "Nutrition Metabolism" provides an in depth and objective analysis of HMB research.
Asker Jeukendrup is a sports nutrition scientist and an Ironman triathlete.
Between 1998 and 2003 he was scientific director of the Nutrition and Health program of the Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences.
Both Hal and Joanne are accomplished athletes with backgrounds in sports medicine and nutrition.
BTI also offers a full range of accessories, including computers, lights, pumps, nutrition and apparel.
Catherwood is also an amateur body builder and a certified personal trainer and has appeared in several segments educating listeners about exercise and nutrition.
Consumer book choices include nutrition, self-care, weight management, and cookbooks to manage their disease.
Eating only portions of meals or having imbalanced nutrition can indicate a high risk in this category.
For if once he shall begin to dote, his respiration, nutrition, his imaginative, and appetitive, and other natural faculties, may still continue the same: he shall find no want of them.
Gypsum is also used to supply calcium for plant nutrition.
He is a Professor of Pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School and a Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health.
He was also the "Nutrition Foundation Professor" at the University of Nijmegen from 1985 to 1998.
I have made up the loss of blood by nutrition.
In 1989, these authors published a second book on Paleolithic nutrition.
In 1998, he was personally appointed professor of human nutrition.
In 2005 he moved from Wageningen University to the Free University of Amsterdam where he was appointed professor of nutrition.
In addition, females also personally benefit from the gift through protection and nutrition.
in cooperation with Food Research Institute Prague and leading nutrition specialists as a part of a unique product line Natural Line.
In January 2009, Brock Lesnar signed a supplement endorsement deal with Dymatize Nutrition.
In newborn infants, the 4-year survival rate on parenteral nutrition is approximately 70%.
Infection, stress, pneumonia, and poor nutrition lead to high death rates among pet lorises.
It also produces and markets special clinical nutrition, diet products and disease-specific nutrition.
Jeukendrup has authored several books on sports nutrition and over 200 peer reviewed journal articles on exercise and sports nutrition.
Like other members of its family, the porbeagle is aplacental viviparous with oophagy, i.e. the main source of embryonic nutrition are unfertilized eggs.
Many organisms rely on the soil derived phosphorus for their phosphorus nutrition.
Martijn Bernard Katan (born 1946, Arnhem) is a Dutch professor in nutrition at the Free University of Amsterdam and author of a popular science book on nutrition.
Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance
Monumental Vending has developed, in partnership with VMI, a nutrition guideline program emphasizing sensible nutrition choices.
Most captive lorises in the pet trade also experience improper care and die from poor nutrition, stress, or infection.
Numico (or in full Koninklijke Numico N.V., Royal Numico N.V.), is a specialist baby food and clinical nutrition subsidiary of Groupe Danone.
Nutritional epidemiology is a relatively new field of medical research that studies the relationship between nutrition and health.
Old wives' tales often center on women's traditional concerns, pregnancy, puberty, social relations, health, herbalism and nutrition.
Products range from infant formula to specialised nutrition for babies with specific needs and for breastfeeding mothers.
Professionally trained in yoga, she has studied numerology, healing, and nutrition, she has been the international leader of Sadhana at the Institute of Yoga Therapy in 2006.
She is a health worker chosen from the community and given 4 months training in health, nutrition and child-care.
Since 1976, Katan has worked at Wageningen University where he has researched "Nutrition and risk factors for cardiovascular disease."
Species in this family are cosmopolitan in distribution, and are largely saprobic, obtaining nutrition from the decomposition of wood and plant organic matter.
The Agroscope research for agriculture, nutrition and environment is therefore an investment into our future.
The assessment of a clients nutritional status looks at their normal patterns of daily nutrition.
The contained amino acids are reasonably balanced for human nutrition.
The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study of a trial of the Paleolithic diet in 20 healthy volunteers.
The Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting nutrition to people and communities with AIDS, HIV and other life-threatening illnesses.
The Moffett campus contains microbiology, chemistry, process engineering, and nutrition laboratories.
The nutrition was so miserable that the prisoners lost 4 kg of body weight each month, on average.
The therapeutic team may include specialists in neurology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, psychiatrist, orthopedics, nutrition, physical therapy and occupational therapy.
They are the only source of nutrition for the ants, apart from the trophic eggs laid by the queen when the colony is young.
This deal is part of Numico's strategy to concentrate on baby and clinical nutrition.
When Nomani was 10 her family moved to Morgantown, West Virginia, where her father became an assistant professor of nutrition.

More Vocab Words

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::: remittance - remitting of money; amount of money remitted
::: elicit - draw out fact or information (by discussion or from someone)
::: vortex - whirlwind; whirlpool; center of turbulence; predicament into which one is inexorably plunged
::: adulterate - make impure or of poorer quality by adding inferior or tainted(contaminated) substances
::: supererogatory - superfluous; more than needed or demanded
::: deference - courteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
::: invalid - one incapacitated(disabled) by a chronic illness; ADJ: incapacitated by illness; not valid; null; V: allow to leave (a military force) because of ill-health
::: downcast - disheartened; dejected; sad; directed downward
::: dissemble - disguise; hide the real nature of; pretend