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Vocabulary Word

Word: nutrient

Definition: nourishing substance; ADJ: providing nourishment

Sentences Containing 'nutrient'

"Campsis grandiflora" prefers moist, nutrient-rich soil and a position with full sun and support to climb.
Additionally, all snack foods sold at school must meet competitive nutrient standards, meaning they must have fruits, vegetables, dairy or protein in them or contain at least 10 percent of the daily value of fiber, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin D. In order to comply with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 all US public school districts are required to raise the price of their school lunches to $2.60 regardless of the actual cost of the lunch.
Additionally, the initiation of new rounds of replication is inhibited and the cell cycle arrests until nutrient conditions improve.
Arctic wild berries are distinctively featured in Finnish cuisine with their strong flavor and high nutrient content.
Both "B. mallei" and "B. pseudomallei" can be cultured in a lab; nutrient agar can be used to grow the bacteria.
By triggering these genes in a closely timed sequence while providing them with a steady flow of nutrient rich protein medium, their bodies are able to reach maturity at a rate far more rapid than naturally.
Consequently, between mixing events, primary production (and the resulting processes that leads to sinking particulate material) constantly acts to consume nutrients in the mixed layer, and in many regions this leads to nutrient exhaustion and decreased mixed layer production in the summer (even in the presence of abundant light).
Cullen's major professional work was related to water in the environment, notably nutrient dynamics, freshwater and lake ecology, environmental flows, and catchment management.
De Filippi's Petrel spends the greatest part of the year at sea in the eastern Pacific Ocean south of the equator where the Humboldt Current causes a major upwelling of nutrient-rich cold water.
Delta wave disruptions may present as a result of physiological damage, changes in nutrient metabolism, chemical alteration, or may also be idiopathic.
FLCN and FNIP1 may be involved in energy and/or nutrient sensing through the AMPK and mTOR signaling pathways.
He noticed that when grown on nutrient agar some colonies of the bacteria became watery or "glassy".
High wave action may increase nutrient availability and moves the blades of the thallus, allowing more sunlight to reach the organism so that it can photosynthesize.
However, because of the absence of cereals and energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods in the ancestral forager diet—foods that displace base-yielding fruits and vegetables—that diet has been estimated to produce a net base load on the body, as opposed to a net acid load, which may reduce calcium excretion.
In comparison to most other types of cooking bananas, Saba bananas are highly resistant to black sigatoka ("Mycosphaerella fifiensis") and are more tolerant of drought conditions and soil nutrient deficiencies.
In many ways the fruitful meadows and fields of the Early Jurassic soil in Hesselberg's vicinity are the opposite of the nutrient-poor neglected grassland.
In this example (Figure 1, see Lac operon for details) the number of bacteria present in a nutrient-containing broth was measured during the course of an 8 hour cell growth experiment.
It brings warm nutrient-poor waters from the Coral Sea down the east coast of Australia to the cool waters of the Tasman Sea.
Larger colonies have a smaller surface-to-volume ratio which limits nutrient uptake and light harvesting and the larger mass of the colony promotes sinking.
Milk is a nutrient liquid produced by mammals, via the mammary glands.
Moyer held 4 patents individually (US #2423873 for the fermentation method of culturing microorganisms, US #2442141 for the use of a nutrient medium of corn steep liquor, glucose and Sodium for the process, US #2443989 for submerged cultures and US #2476107 for the use of lactose as a slowly assimilating energy source).
mTORC2 appears to be regulated by insulin, growth factors, serum, and nutrient levels.
Others were subject to experiments on nutrient or water deprivation.
Phosphorus is a limiting nutrient for aquatic organisms.
Phosphorus is an essential nutrient for plants and animals.
Prerequisites for mycelial survival and colonization a substrate (like rotting wood) include suitable humidity and nutrient availability.
Reed beds vary in the species they can support, depending on water levels within the wetland system, climate, seasonal variations, and the nutrient status and salinity of the water.
The aquatic areas provide the Lacandón with additional sources of protein and a different nutrient base from that which is provided by the terrestrial zones.
The packaging does not claim to have any N-P-K (macro-nutrient fertilizer) or trace minerals.
The scientific facilities onboard includes, SeaBird CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) Profiler, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Skalar Autoanalyser for nutrient analysis, Multiple Plankton Net (MPN), Grab, Dredge, Bongo Net for fish egg larvae and surface zooplankton collections, Multiple Frequency Echo Sounders, Side Scan Sonar, Integrated Trawl Instrumentation System, Integrated Fish Finding System, Automated Weather Stations, Facilities for fishing operations up to a depth of , facilities for sediment core sample collection etc. The vessel can accommodate 24 research personnel and 35 crew.
Their large size can be achieved either by pumping in cytosolic components from adjacent cells through cytoplasmic bridges ("Drosophila") or by internalization of nutrient storage granules (yolk granules) by endocytosis (frogs).
These areas are sometimes known as HNLC (High-Nutrient, Low-Chlorophyll) regions, because the scarcity of iron both limits phytoplankton growth and leaves a surplus of other nutrients.
They occur in wetlands and on shorelines with low nutrient availability.
This in turn causes the cell to divert resources away from growth and division and toward amino acid synthesis in order to promote survival until nutrient conditions improve.
Together they form a root basket, which when growing on trees, helps to trap leaf litter and dust, forming a nutrient-rich soil which holds water.
Well over 40 different species of flowering plants grow on this nutrient-poor, non-fertilised soil.
 The spermatophore is then absorbed and its nutrient (protein) contents are given to the female’s eggs as a food source.  For this reason, the male makes an indirect investment to his offspring, given that he offers them a food source,being beneficial to the female given that she risks less of her own well-being to bear her offspring.  Therefore, a male is considered more fit with a larger ejaculation, given that he allows his offspring to feed so that his own genes may be passed on efficiently.

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