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Vocabulary Word

Word: nuptial

Definition: of marriage or the wedding ceremony; N; nuptials; wedding ceremony

Sentences Containing 'nuptial'

Among those species that reproduce sexually, the queen may choose to fertilize eggs at will by using the sperm cells retained from the nuptial flight, which will create female worker ants instead of males.
And when they do marry, what is marriage to them but a very bargain; wherein is sought alliance, or portion, or reputation, with some desire (almost indifferent) of issue; and not the faithful nuptial union of man and wife, that was first instituted.
At breeding time, the male develops nuptial pads on the first three fingers.
Before the nuptial flight young queens visit the colony's fungal gardens and place a small piece of fungal mycelium in their infrabuccal cavities.
Breeding males have dark nuptial pads on their thumbs.
During their nuptial flight the queens mate with several males, who die shortly after.
Females mate multiply and receive spermatophores containing sperm, nutrients and alkaloid compounds from numerous males as nuptial gifts.
In one of the aristocratic mansions built by Puget in the Rue du Grand Cours opposite the Medusa fountain, a second marriage feast was being celebrated, almost at the same hour with the nuptial repast given by Dantes.
is a Food Network (Canada) television series featuring the nuptial cuisine of diverse cultures.
It is a group performance, staged as a social event during festivals and nuptial ceremonies.
Not the white bull Jupiter swimming away with ravished Europa clinging to his graceful horns; his lovely, leering eyes sideways intent upon the maid; with smooth bewitching fleetness, rippling straight for the nuptial bower in Crete; not Jove, not that great majesty Supreme!
Others, like those in the genus Crematogaster, undergo mating in a nuptial flight.
Paul, in marrying Susan, made her sign a pre-nuptial agreement that required him to pay her nothing upon divorce.
Since spermatophores contain nuptial gifts of pyrrolizidine alkaloid (PA) and nutrients, multiple mating helps the female increase the fitness of her offspring.
The Croyland Chronicle records that Richard agreed to a pre-nuptial contract in the following terms: "the marriage of the Duke of Gloucester with Anne before-named was to take place, and he was to have such and so much of the earl's lands as should be agreed upon between them through the mediation of arbitrators; while all the rest were to remain in the possession of the Duke of Clarence".
The normal aim is to cause bleeding during post-nuptial intercourse, which in some cultures is considered proof of virginity.
These include cuckoldry, nuptial gifts, sperm competition, infanticide, physical beauty, mating by subterfuge, species isolation mechanisms, male parental care, ambiparental care, mate location, polygamy, and mechanisms that can only be called bizarre, including homosexual rape in certain male animals, cementing of females' vaginal pores by males in some lepidopteran insects, and insect penises specialized to remove any sperm packets from females which may have been deposited by previous suitors.
They mate with an average of three to four males, each of whom provides her with a nuptial gift, a spermatophore containing sperm, nutrients, and alkaloids.
They see distinct differences in the ways in which men and women make a sincere gift of themselves through the 'nuptial meaning of the body', and see these gifts as shedding light on the mysteries of God and their own vocation, mission and dignity.
Upon the divorce proceedings, the pre-nuptial agreement was declared void, since it was made under duress.
Various rumors were afloat to the effect that the owners of the Pharaon had promised to attend the nuptial feast; but all seemed unanimous in doubting that an act of such rare and exceeding condescension could possibly be intended.
We have differences correlated not only with one sex, but with that short period when the reproductive system is active, as in the nuptial plumage of many birds, and in the hooked jaws of the male salmon.

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