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Vocabulary Word

Word: notch

Definition: V-shaped cut in a surface; V.

Sentences Containing 'notch'

"In vitro" studies show that Notch can influence neurite development.
A key notch—located differently in DDR2 and DDR3 DIMMs—prevents accidentally interchanging them.
A second mechanism is "suppressive maintenance", which explains the role of Notch signaling in pancreas differentiation.
Also, Notch signaling is required during left-right asymmetry determination in vertebrates.
Although a notch filter to suppress the intermodulation products is used at the output of the intercarrier transmitter, the cost of the notch filter is not comparable to the cost of extra amplifiers and the output combiner.
As yet, the manner by which the glycosylation of notch affects function is not completely understood.
Evacuation was ordered for 26 households in the Pine Needle Notch mountain subdivision.
Further studies identified the role of Notch signaling in the segmentation clock.
He also helped New Hampshire acquire Franconia Notch and Crawford Notch as public lands, and established a river conservation group in Quebec.
He was involved in a back and forth over Twitter with Notch of Minecraft fame.[http://i.imgur.com/bVvND.png] Education.
Intermodulation products and notch filters.
It was originally thought that these CSL proteins suppressed Notch target transcription.
Many studies have indicated that Notch signaling has a major role in endocrine development.
Median line is sometimes marked by a groove from sternal notch to navel.
Modulators of the Notch signal, e.g., the Numb protein are able to antagonize Notch effects, resulting in the halting of cell cycle and differentiation of NPCs.
Not surprisingly, they are also priced a notch higher than other frame makers.
Notch 1, for example, has 36 of these repeats.
Notch and most of its ligands are transmembrane proteins, so the cells expressing the ligands typically must be adjacent to the notch expressing cell for signaling to occur.
Notch is present in all metazoans, and mammals possess four different notch receptors, referred to as NOTCH1, NOTCH2, NOTCH3, and NOTCH4.
Notch signaling and intestinal development.
Notch signaling in adult brain function.
Notch signaling in cardiovascular development.
Notch signaling in central nervous system development and function.
Notch signaling in endocrine development.
Notch signaling in neuron cell differentiation.
Notch signaling in pancreatic development.
Notch signaling is central to somitogenesis.
Notch signaling is required in the regulation of polarity.
Notch signaling may be used to control the sprouting pattern of blood vessels during angiogenesis.
Once the notch extracellular domain interacts with a ligand, an ADAM-family metalloprotease called TACE (Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Converting Enzyme), cleaves the notch protein just outside the membrane.
Other proteins also participate in the intracellular portion of the notch signaling cascade.
Overexpression of Notch signaling inhibits bone morphogenetic protein2-induced osteoblast differentiation.
Similar results are seen in experiments with presenilins1 and 2, which mediate the Notch intramembranous cleavage.
That is why notch filters are used in intercarrier system.
The addition of "O"-fucose by POFUT1 is absolutely necessary for notch function, and, without the enzyme to add "O"-fucose, all notch proteins fail to function properly.
The expression of elements of the Notch signaling pathway have been found in the developing pancreas, suggesting that Notch signaling is important in pancreatic development.
The following season wasn't as prolific, with Hinds managing to notch up only four goals in 26 appearances.
The Hop River's marshy source is just southeast of Bolton Notch, Connecticut.
The ligand plus the notch extracellular domain is then endocytosed by the ligand-expressing cell.
The Notch binding allows groups of cells to organize themselves, such that, if one cell expresses a given trait, this may be switched off in neighbouring cells by the intercellular notch signal. In this way, groups of cells influence one another to make large structures.
The notch cascade consists of notch and notch ligands, as well as intracellular proteins transmitting the notch signal to the cell's nucleus.
The Notch pathway is essential for maintaining NPCs in the developing brain.
The Notch protein spans the cell membrane, with part of it inside and part outside.
The notch receptor is a single-pass transmembrane receptor protein.
The Notch signaling pathway is a critical component of cardiovascular formation and morphogenesis in both development and disease.
The role of Notch signaling in the regulation of gut development has been indicated in several reports.
The Sterno-mastoids, when marked, are indicated by grooves running to the sternal notch.
These enzymes are responsible for something called a "fringe effect" on notch signaling.
This releases the extracellular portion of notch, which continues to interact with the ligand.
Thus, lateral inhibition mechanisms are key to Notch signaling.

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