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Vocabulary Word

Word: nocturnal

Definition: done or active at night; Ex. nocturnal animals/raids; CF. nocturne

Sentences Containing 'nocturnal'

"P. longirostris" is nocturnal and occurs in clumps of vegetation in streams with flowing waters.
"What becomes, then, of these nocturnal whistles, and what of the very peculiar words of the dying woman?"
A nighthawk is a nocturnal bird of the subfamily Chordeilinae, within the nightjar family, Caprimulgidae.
After Nocturnal Projections disbanded in 1983, the brothers formed This Kind Of Punishment, and released three full-length albums and an EP.
As dawn arrives, they must go back to their homes to sleep, since they are nocturnal. However, Gus continues to visit Sam's tree home every night to play.
By shunning regulation house fierceness, Butler and crew offer gentle nocturnal sacrament."
Developmental. The earliest observable symptoms of Williams syndrome include low birth weight, failure to thrive, trouble breastfeeding, nocturnal irritability and gastroesophageal reflux.
Following recent taxonomic changes, several of the species in this genus are poorly known, but all are believed to be mainly nocturnal and feed on leaves, fruits, grasses, and other vegetation in the dense forest undergrowth.
H. brachyura is nocturnal. It forages at night and rests during the day.
He is known for his involvement with Nocturnal Projections and This Kind Of Punishment as well as his extensive solo and collaborative work.
Her reason told her that all the visions she beheld were but the children of her imagination, and the conviction was strengthened by the fact that in the morning no traces remained of the nocturnal phantoms, who disappeared with the coming of daylight.
In 1981 Peter and his brother Graeme Jefferies formed the post-punk band Nocturnal Projections.
In nocturnal or partly nocturnal primates — for example, owl monkeys — the periodicity of the moon may also come into play.
In places like Vietnam, where these nocturnal primates have commonly been found, most local villagers were not familiar with them when shown photos.
It is a nocturnal bird. It flies at night in order to prey for food.
It is a nocturnal snake, rarely seen during the day.
It is likely to be nocturnal, and spend most of its time in trees.
It is nocturnal and may be arboreal. The diet of Marmosa consists largely of insects and fruits but also lizards, bird eggs and small rodents.
It shelters under pieces of wood during the day, and is a nocturnal predatory species thought to mainly feed on semi-aquatic snails.
It was the same through which, twenty four years ago, he had been conducted by a silent and nocturnal guard; the houses, to day so smiling and animated, were on that night dark, mute, and closed.
Most Kangaroo rats are exclusively nocturnal. Even so, they tend to avoid being outside their burrows when the moon is full.
Pet owners also fail to provide proper care because they are often sleeping when the nocturnal pet is normally awake.
responded Peppino; and, advancing alone towards the sentry, he said a few words to him in a low tone; and then he, like the first, saluted the nocturnal visitors, making a sign that they might proceed.
Slow lorises are nocturnal strepsirrhine primates in the genus "Nycticebus" that live in the rainforests of South and Southeast Asia.
Some species are nocturnal. A few "Gracilinanus" species know how to play dead.
Tapirs are mainly active at night, though they are not exclusively nocturnal. They tend to eat soon after sunset or before sunrise, and they will often nap in the middle of the night.
The abundant and extremely fragrant flowers are about 70mm in diameter with long tubes only accessible to the proboscises of nocturnal hawkmoths.
The bandicoot is prime prey for many nocturnal cats, foxes, and owls found in Australia.
The crab-eating raccoon is solitary and nocturnal, primarily terrestrial but will spend a significant amount of time in trees.
The Dusky Musk Deer is nocturnal and most of their activities take place at night, dawn and dusk.
The Mexican hooknose snake is mostly nocturnal, and is a burrower.
The moths (mostly nocturnal) and butterflies (mostly diurnal) together make up the taxonomic order Lepidoptera.
The nocturnal visitor, ignorant of the fact that the count had removed the staples, might now think himself at home, and pursue his purpose with full security.
The species is hermaphroditic and its flowers are mainly nocturnal, opening at sunset (1900 h) and closing in the morning (1000 h).
The Times described this work as "a glistening whirl of nocturnal colours, a driving sense of purpose and onward movement."
The Volcano School refers to a group of non-native Hawaiian artists who painted dramatic nocturnal scenes of Hawaii’s erupting volcanoes.
Then, those large eyes, with that capacity for reflecting light, are common features of nocturnal things--witness the owl and the cat.
These assumptions were due to their nocturnal behavior and their high frequency of occurrence in animal markets throughout the region.
These nocturnal fish may disappear into an aquarium for months.
They are nocturnal birds and roost in trees, with large, shaded horizontal branches of tall, old trees preferred.
They are nocturnal but can be attracted by light.
They are nocturnal lizards, often preying on insects and similar creatures.
They are nocturnal, and can often be found foraging in roadside ditches in the late evening.
They are nocturnal, sleeping during the day curled up in the fork of a tree.
They are nonvenomous, nocturnal predators of small lizards.
This opossum inhabits forests; it is nocturnal and probably arboreal. Description.
Typical midshipman fishes, such as the plainfin midshipman (Porichthys notatus), are nocturnal and bury themselves in sand or mud in the intertidal zone during the day.
Very little is known about these nocturnal burrowing species.
What was this nocturnal expedition, and why should I go armed?
``Oh, yes,''she exclaimed,``I recognize the flavor of my nocturnal beverage which refreshed me so much, and seemed to ease my aching brain.

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