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Vocabulary Word

Word: nepotism

Definition: favoritism (to a relative); CF. nephew

Sentences Containing 'nepotism'

Also, Li Linfu, viewing the official Pei Kuan (裴寬) as a potential threat to be chancellor as well, induced the general Pei Dunfu (裴敦復) into accusing Pei Kuan of nepotism, and Pei Kuan was demoted.
Although this may very well have been the result of nepotism, it is equally clear that she did have talent as an actress – a talent that she was now able to demonstrate.
Because of persistent complaints by the Modoc and their non-Indian neighbors, Jones' Indian Agency was investigated by the Office of Indian Affairs in 1874 and again in 1875, but few changes and no criminal charges were made as a result. It wasn't until the third investigation in 1878 that a system of nepotism and corruption was officially reported.
Directly after the 1998 elections there was an inner-party revolt. Wangcha Rajkumar, who had been elected to the Lok Sabha from the constituency Arunachal East in both 1996 and 1998 considered that Apang had resorted to nepotism when his son was appointed minister.
Four years later, before the selection for Helsinki Olympics, Jadhav alleged that nepotism among officials prevented him from getting selected for the Olympics.
His extensive modernizing of the French army ranged to recruitment, provisioning, troop payments, lodging, the creation of military hospitals, put in place a reformed bureaucracy more directly dependent on royal will, but effected through a hierarchy of nepotism and patronage.
Ironically, Ross was a frequent critic of nepotism, cronyism and under-performance in Irish companies, particularly the Smurfit family's influence within the Smurfit Group despite the family status as minority shareholders.
It has also been argued that opposition to stances considered anti-social, such as ethnic nepotism, are based on moral assumptions, not bioscientific assumptions, meaning that it is not vulnerable to being disproved by bioscientific advances.
Liu accused Kuo Yao-chi, then the Minister of Transportation and Communications of appointing Wu Cheng-chih, a friend who was recommended by her husband, to the secretary-general position of the China Aviation Development Foundation as a form of nepotism; Liu said that Weng did not have the proper aviation background.
Liu said that she did not practice nepotism and that she would seek to have action taken against Liu.
Shortly after his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney, Jensen was accused of nepotism after nominating his brother, Phillip Jensen, as Dean of Sydney and appointing his wife, Christine Jensen, to an official position in the Sydney diocese.
Such nepotism was not the most obvious problem with Agent Jones' management practices.
The Archibald is one of the few art prizes in which the artist's signature is covered up so as not to be seen by the judges during initial selection for the final. Given the small size of Australia's art community, this is intended to discourage nepotism on the part of judges (several of whom are artists and several of whom have no arts qualifications at all) simply selecting their friends' works rather than making selections based on merit.
The Bird family have been widely accused of corruption and nepotism.
The family's nepotism may also have become a disadvantage.
The letters, under the pseudonym 'Brutus', were thinly disguised as by leading London surgeons, 'accidentally' revealing their nepotism, venality and incompetence.
The nepotism involved in the selection of Politburo members meant that opposition to Mengistu was usually marginal anyway, making the entire council more of a mouthpiece for Mengistu's wishes than a legitimate government body.
This made the episode the most-watched episode of the season and the third-highest-rated episode of the season after "Ultimatum" and "Nepotism" in the 18–49 demo.
This policy has been criticized for example by the US newspaper "The New York Times", by Sarkozy's political opponents, including the Socialist Party leader Martine Aubry, and by experts of French law, including the ex-member of the Constitutional Council of France, Robert Badinter, who said that such action would be unconstitutional. Sarkozy was accused of nepotism for helping his son, Jean, try to become head of the public body running France's biggest business district EPAD.

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