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Vocabulary Word

Word: nautical

Definition: pertaining to ships or navigation

Sentences Containing 'nautical'

"Hawere" has a top speed of 27 knots, cruise speed of 18 knots and a range of 375 nautical miles.
"Nautical Wheelers"(Jimmy Buffett) 3:48 8.
'You don't mean to say that there is any affinity between nautical matters and ecclesiastical matters?'
A recent surge of research has been conducted to create these surfaces in order to benefit the biological, nautical, mechanical, and medical fields.
Also known as Bud Frye Field, it is located two nautical miles (4 km) southeast of the central business district of Madison.
Between 1944 and 1948 he undertook nautical studies in Cádiz, and he wrote his first poems.
Dantes listened with admiring attention to all he said; some of his remarks corresponded with what he already knew, or applied to the sort of knowledge his nautical life had enabled him to acquire.
During nautical night the sun is lower than 12° below the horizon, so nautical polar night is limited to latitudes above 78° 34', which is exactly 12° within the polar circle, or 11.5° from the pole.
During the "nautical polar night" period there is no trace of natural light, except for around midday.
During the same period - visibility 1/2 - 1 nautical mile, with rough seas, wave heights of 2.5 - 4 m. Final 6 hours of the forecast period -wind northwest at 17 - 21 knots, visibility greater than 3 nautical miles" Lake Ontario: "First 18 hours of forecast period -wind north 17 - 21 knots, visibility greater than 3 nautical miles, final 6 hours of forecast period - wind north at 10 knots or less, with fog reducing visibility to less than 1/2 nautical mile."
Each room has an individual theme, such as the 'Nautical Room' (which features model ships and a water bed).
He produced thousands of nautical charts, mapping a remarkable number of seas and oceans for the first time, and contributing significantly to the safety of shipping.
He went to school at Pangbourne College, which was founded in 1917 as the Pangbourne Nautical College.
In front is a leather rack, in which to keep your speaking trumpet, pipe, telescope, and other nautical conveniences.
In the days of tall-ship sailing, the nautical term "monkey" was used to refer to anything of small size on the ship.
It happens when there is no "civil twilight" and only "nautical twilight" occurs at the solar culmination.
It happens when there is no "nautical twilight" and only "astronomical twilight" occurs at the solar culmination.
It has a 19th-century nautical setting, where the main characters are constantly at war with the French, who are mostly alligators.
It is an important reference to nautical history in general as well as to life at sea - another world with its own myths and deities, its own rules and codes.
It is located eight nautical miles (15 km) north of the central business district of Eagle Pass, Texas.
It is located one nautical mile (2 km) southwest of the central business district of Marshall, Arkansas.
It is Moldova’s only port accessible to seagoing vessels, situated at km 133.8 (nautical mile 72.2) of the River Danube in the South of Moldova.
It is one of the few secondary schools in the United States to offer extensive programs in nautical science and oceanology.
It turned into a popular destination for sport fishing, and among popular nautical sports, jet skiing, sailing, windsurfing, diving and dolphin watching.
It was founded in 1872 with the goal of developing nautical sports and high level sailors.
Mount Thundergut () is a rock peak 3 nautical miles (6 km) northeast of St.
Nautical twilight happens when the sun is between six and twelve degrees below the horizon.
Owned by the Sussex County Council, it is located two nautical miles (4 km) southeast of the central business district of Georgetown.
Owned by the United States Army, it is located 8 nautical miles (15 km) southwest of the city of Ozark.
Renirie Rocks () is an elliptical rock outcrop 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) long at the west side of the terminus of Gressitt Glacier, 10 nautical miles (18 km) northwest of Morozumi Range.
Ridge Island () is a ridge-shaped island, 6 nautical miles (11 km) long and 1.5 nautical miles (2.8 km) wide lying 3 nautical miles (6 km) east of Pourquoi Pas Island in the center of Bourgeois Fjord, off the west coast of Graham Land.
Sampitres has a range of 3490 nautical miles which means that it is capable of trans-Atlantic travel.
Siorapaluk, with approximately 80 residents, is just 730 nautical miles (1,360 km) from the North Pole.
Tape recorder capstans have a function similar to nautical capstans, which however have no pinch rollers, the line simply being wound around them.
The airport is located seven nautical miles (13 km) southwest of the central business district of Lufkin, Texas.
The airport is located six nautical miles (11 km) north of the central business district of Rome, Georgia.
The length of the line usually corresponds to the equivalent of a few nautical miles on the display.
The mountains are 12 nautical miles (22 km) long and rise to 2130 m in Doll Peak.
The NASA Anvil Rule for a Shuttle launch stated that an anvil cloud could not appear within a distance of 10 nautical miles.
The nautical themes and the layered, regal, simple, ship forms portray a unique architectural style.
The nunatak is 10 nautical miles (18 km) east-northeast of Wilhoite Nunataks.
The official detective was attired in a pea-jacket and cravat, which gave him a decidedly nautical appearance, and he carried a black canvas bag in his hand.
The pit sword (also known as a rodmeter) is a blade of metal or plastic that extends into the water beneath the hull of a nautical vessel.
The Song wanted a stronger defensive position, and the Song fleet "roped itself together in a solid mass[,]" in an attempt to create a nautical skirmish line.
The Wallaroo Heritage and Nautical Museum has information about the ships that sailed to the area as well as 'George The Giant Squid'.
This phrase is referenced in school's songs, and is a tribute to Tabor's nautical background.
This was the fourth time in my nautical life that I had done the same thing.
Thus the Genoese, subtle as he was, was duped by Edmond, in whose favor his mild demeanor, his nautical skill, and his admirable dissimulation, pleaded.
Ultimate Lady has a range of 3000 nautical miles.
With his other sons Christian and Ernest, he established an observatory at 54 Columbia Street in Brooklyn where he manufactured nautical and astronomical instruments.

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