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Vocabulary Word

Word: murmur

Definition: low, indistinct, continuous sound; V. CF. mumble

Sentences Containing 'murmur'

A faint murmur arose about the house from the few people who were left there, and there was a saddling of a horse and riding away.
A frightened murmur was the only reply that reached my ears.
A general murmur of approbation showed that the narrator had faithfully detailed their misfortunes and sufferings.
A momentary suspension of the payment of debt is not immediately felt by the people, and occasions neither murmur nor complaint.
A murmur of approbation ran through the assembly; and at this moment, Albert, had nothing more transpired, your father's cause had been gained.
A murmur of voices had been audible on the outside, and, at the moment of our entrance, a clapping of hands: which latter noise, I was surprised to see, proceeded from the generally disconsolate Mrs. Gummidge.
A murmur, or rather storm, of indignation burst from all parts of the assembly.
A MVP murmur can be distinguished from a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy murmur by 1) the presence of a mid-systolic click which is virtually diagnostic of MVP, and 2) the fact that hand grip maneuver intensifies the murmur of MVP and diminishes the murmur of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
A sweet conversation in murmur now goes While dreamy old river just quietly flows.
Afflicted by a heart murmur since age 13, DiPreta was rejected for World War II military service as 4F.
An eddying murmur filled my ears, and a strange, dumb confusedness descended on my mind.
And at that I understood the smell of burning wood, the slumbrous murmur that was growing now into a gusty roar, the red glow, and the Morlocks' flight.
And they when they are changed, they murmur not; why shouldest thou?
Another hour goes by and through the open window the sound of the murmur of voices has given way to renewed clanking of metal chains, as the heavy travelling chaise once more starts on its way.
As if a train of powder laid from the outermost bound of Saint Antoine Quarter to the wine shop door, had been suddenly fired, a fast spreading murmur came rushing along.
As time passes they hear the sound of the Emperor's coach and the murmur of voices indicating it had been held up, but still the Man in Grey keeps his pistol to Constance's head, threatening to shoot her should they make any noise at all.
At this name a murmur of astonishment passed around the group of spectators of this scene.
But if we mind and fancy those things only, as good and bad, which wholly depend of our own wills, there is no more occasion why we should either murmur against the Gods, or be at enmity with any man.
But she asked him, in a rapid, urgent manner, to let her stay--to let her feel assured (I heard her murmur some broken words to this effect) that she was in his confidence that night.
Facial dysmorphies thought to be characteristic of the syndrome are also present early in development, as is heart murmur.
Hand grip maneuver increases total peripheral resistance (afterload) and therefore increases back pressure on the mitral valve resulting in a more intense murmur.
However, MVP patients with a murmur, not just an isolated click, have an increased mortality rate of 15-20%.
I felt, but I am sure I don't know why, that this was self-denying and devoted in Mrs. Micawber, and I uttered a murmur to that effect.
In contrast to most other heart murmurs, the murmur of mitral valve prolapse is accentuated by standing and valsalva maneuver (earlier systolic click and longer murmur) and diminished with squatting (later systolic click and shorter murmur).
It occasions always some murmur, and meets with some opposition.
My duty to Agnes, who loved me with a love, which, if I disquieted, I wronged most selfishly and poorly, and could never restore; my matured assurance that I, who had worked out my own destiny, and won what I had impetuously set my heart on, had no right to murmur, and must bear; comprised what I felt and what I had learned.
Never to disobey, never to arraign or murmur at aught that comes to you from His hand: never unwillingly to do or suffer aught that necessity lays upon you.
On January 8, 1960 (one week after Sullavan's death), "The New York Post" reporter Nancy Seely wrote: "The thunderous applause of a delighted audience—was it only a dim murmur over the years to Margaret Sullavan?
One man therefore doth co-operate after one sort, and another after another sort; but even he that doth murmur, and to his power doth resist and hinder; even he as much as any doth co-operate.
Or wilt thou say that it is through defect of thy natural constitution, that thou art constrained to murmur, to be base and wretched to flatter; now to accuse, and now to please, and pacify thy body: to be vainglorious, to be so giddy-headed., and unsettled in thy thoughts?
Out of the murmur of half audible talk, one caught a coherent sentence now and then such as`There; she's over the first reef all right!'
Riddler later shows up in "Infinite Crisis" #1, with a group of villains, which includes the Fisherman and Murmur, attacking the Gotham City Police Department.
The hand grip maneuver also diminishes the duration of the murmur and delays the timing of the mid-systolic click.
The hoarse messenger, uncomfortably seated on a form after taking that refection, had dropped into a doze, when a loud murmur and a rapid tide of people setting up the stairs that led to the court, carried him along with them.
The only other heart murmur that follows this pattern is the murmur of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
The outpouring of the stadium was a general murmur of the songs from Soda Stereo.
The stream began to murmur by the door, and the fragrance of growing herbs and flowers came softly on the vernal breeze.
The voice of the youthful servant became faint, but she seemed to me, from the action of her lips, again to murmur that it would be attended to immediate.
The wood behind seemed full of the stir and murmur of a great company!
The wood, too, was full of a slumbrous murmur that I did not understand.
There is no nook among the rocks, no brookside, no shade beneath the trees that is not haunted by some shepherd telling his woes to the breezes; wherever there is an echo it repeats the name of Leandra; the mountains ring with "Leandra," "Leandra" murmur the brooks, and Leandra keeps us all bewildered and bewitched, hoping without hope and fearing without knowing what we fear.
There was a murmur of commiseration as Charles Darnay crossed the room to a grated door where the gaoler awaited him, and many voices among which, the soft and compassionate voices of women were conspicuous gave him good wishes and encouragement.
There was a murmur of confidence and approval, and then the man who hungered, asked:``Is this rustic to be sent back soon?
These words were followed by a general murmur, and it was evident that several of the members were discussing the propriety of making the general repent of his rashness.''
This allows the mitral valve to prolapse earlier in systole, leading to an earlier systolic click (i.e. closer to S1), and a longer murmur.
Traddles and I both expressed, by a feeling murmur, that this great discovery was no doubt true of Mr. Micawber, and that it did him much credit.
Upon auscultation of an individual with mitral valve prolapse, a mid-systolic click, followed by a late systolic murmur heard best at the apex is common.
We made that small house ring with boisterous mirth and resound with the murmur of much sober talk, making amends then to Walden vale for the long silences.
Where the security of the magistrate, though supported by the principal people of the country, is endangered by every popular discontent; where a small tumult is capable of bringing about in a few hours a great revolution, the whole authority of government must be employed to suppress and punish every murmur and complaint against it.
With this, Number Twenty Eight retired, after a glance between him and Uriah; as if they were not altogether unknown to each other, through some medium of communication; and a murmur went round the group, as his door shut upon him, that he was a most respectable man, and a beautiful case.

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