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Vocabulary Word

Word: mural

Definition: wall painting

Sentences Containing 'mural'

"The Word of Life" mural was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Howard V. Phalin of Winnetka, Illinois.
A large mural painted on the wall of the drawing room was destroyed when the west wing roof collapsed in the 1980s.
A large Pewabic pottery mural can be seen inside the Millender Center People Mover Station.
Above the door to the postmaster's office in the southeast of the building is "Rural Highway", a mural by Marianne Appel depicting a contemporary farm scene.
After leaving Meridian Playground, the ride went to an intersection repair done with a mural of a giant ladybug.
Although mural painting does not enjoy the popularity today as it once did, Lazo still feels that Mexican muralism is important and relevant.
Below the mural, the word "Stella Maris" are written, words used as a sign of hope since the fifth century in liturgical literature.
Bemelmans' "Central Park", a mural on the walls of the Carlyle Hotel's Bemelmans Bar in New York City, is his only artwork on display to the public.
Born in Sofia, she graduated in Mural Painting from Academy of Fine Arts “N. Pavlovich”, Sofia in 1971.
During the first quarter of the twentieth century, she was renowned as a pathbreaker in mural decoration, a field that had been exclusively practiced by men.
Even today a ceiling mural depicting Nadathur Ammal in conversation with his disciples can be seen behind the sanctum of Lord Varadaraja.
He commissioned the artist Rex Whistler to undertake a decorative mural scheme for the family seat at Plas Newydd.
He painted his first mural in 1947 in a maternity clinic, depicting the exploitation of marginalized workers in Mexico City.
He painted one mural called “Historia de Mexico” in Poza Rica.
Her face dominates an outdoor mural titled "Mifflin County Movie History" and is located on Monument Square in Downtown Lewistown.
Her face, along with the faces of Joe and the Burton twins, were put on a mural at the centre of town.
Her most important works of this type are a ceramic mural at the Cuban Ministry of Internal Affairs (1953) and the facade of the Habana Hilton hotel in 1957.
His early career was as a mural painter.
In 1953, he painted his first solo mural at the XEPR station, called “Historia del Petróleo” (History of Petroleum).
In 1980 a historical mural was dedicated in the west balcony.
In 1995, she created another mural for the Museo de Antropologia called Venerable abuelo maiz.
In 1998, RC Willey's South Salt Lake location became the site of a "Whaling Wall" mural by the famous marine artist Wyland.
In addition to working with Rivera, Lazo has done a number of her own mural projects over her career.
In the bothy there is a mural depicting the east elevation of the Stoer lighthouse: the mural probably dates from the 1800s, certainly predating the sale of the bothy in the 1960s.
Inside is a mural commissioned by the Treasury Department.
Inside the station is a mural entitled “The Three Workers” by artist Jason Schell.
Jackson Pollock's Mural was given to the University by Peggy Guggenheim in 1953.
Justin's behaviour spirals out of control and he vandalises a mural painted by Nancy's boyfriend, Foz for those who died in the fire.
Lazo herself appears in this mural as a young guerilla fighter in a bright red blouse.
Most of the paintings, the bronze wall mural, and the bronze statues and busts, worth over S$1.5 million, which were commissioned by the museum, were paid for by the Lee Foundation.
Rivera called her his “right hand” and “the best of his students.” From then until his death in 1957, she worked with him on a number of murals, which led her career to be mostly in mural painting.
The "Watermelon House" is an unofficial neighborhood landmark that features a watermelon mural painted on the side of a 19th-century residence.
The expansion of the stadium in the late 1990s partially obscured the view of the mural from the playing field.
The first public work by Spoor was a painted mural in the children's museum at the Grace Cultural Center.
The interior features a 1939 mural by Amy Jones titled "Recording the Victory" and depicting a Revolutionary War scene.
The Mural Arts Program, a Philadelphia-based art program that creates outdoor murals, is currently based in the Thomas Eakins house.
The mural remained on the wall until the mid-2000s when it was painted over by the property owner.
The mural was painted in 2012 by Dwight Kirkland of Blackleaf Studio, Mifflintown, PA.
The mural, which depicts southwestern U.S. history from prehistoric times, is 2,754 feet (840 m) making it the longest mural in the United States.
The northern and western facades of the parking garage depict a 3,000 m² photorealistic mural of Himalayan peaks.
The only intact mural by Siqueiros in the United States, "Portrait of Mexico Today" was gifted anonymously to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in 1999.
The result, a 32 × 25 ft traditional fresco mural on permanent display at the San Francisco International Airport.
The Sinn Féin shop and office are situated on Falls Road, the gable wall of which is adorned with a mural of hunger striker Bobby Sands.
The stadium is known for its view of "Touchdown Jesus", a nickname given to the large mural entitled "The Word of Life" by Millard Sheets of the resurrected Jesus.
There is also a mural of Whitesnake singer David Coverdale.
This mural is often used by Sinn Féin politicians as a backdrop when giving television interviews.
To show his gratitude, Siqueiros painted a mural on a wall in Murphy's Pacific Palisades home.
Violet Oakley (June 10, 1874 – February 25, 1961) was the first American woman to receive a public mural commission.
When finished the main mural was the largest of its kind in the United States.
When Jessica left town in December 2007, she took one final look at the mural.

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