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Vocabulary Word

Word: mundane

Definition: worldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; of the ordinary; Ex. mundane existence; CF. world

Sentences Containing 'mundane'

"For Shaykh Ahmad, then, the Shi`ite learned man is not simply a mundane thinker dependent on nothing more than the divine text and his intellectual tools for its interpretation.
"The Guardian" gave it a 4 out of 5 stars while lauding Amerie as "one of the greatest singers in pop music" and that "Because I Love It" was a "spectacular work" because "catches the fleeting thrills and momentary rushes of intensity that permeate otherwise mundane days, and stretches those feelings out across four-minute songs without ever letting up."
Although some regard the usage as a symbol of fandom's elitism, along with the related term mundane for non-fans, others regard it as a reaction to the disapproval of science fiction and the fans of it by non-readers/non-fans.
Although these outlying buildings were devoted to more mundane purposes than the temple itself, they still had religious significance; even granaries might be used for specific ceremonies.
And heaved and heaved, still unrestingly heaved the black sea, as if its vast tides were a conscience; and the great mundane soul were in anguish and remorse for the long sin and suffering it had bred.
Anyone with Internet access could observe the often mundane events of Ringley's life.
Barakat suggests in her novel that while men are constantly talking a politics and the war, women typically talk more mundane matters.
Chico makes jokes at 1 hour photo labs, cheese slices in the packets, (is anyone here from) Hastings, cell phones, e-mails, computers, shoes and other mundane everyday occurrences.
Clothes were made for the "Bird Flu" project with Carri Mundane who with M.I.A., Steve Loveridge, and Sugu Arulpragasam, moved to Tamil Nadu during the shoot.
Coming into prominence as a writer during the 1870s, Huysmans quickly established himself among a rising group of writers, the so-called Naturalist school, of whom Émile Zola was the acknowledged head…With Là-bas (1891), a novel which reflected the aesthetics of the spiritualist revival and the contemporary interest in the occult, Huysmans formulated for the first time an aesthetic theory which sought to synthesize the mundane and the transcendent: "spiritual Naturalism".
He responded poetically to even mundane events.
He was such a creature as civilized, domestic people in the temperate zone only see in their dreams, and that but dimly; but the like of whom now and then glide among the unchanging Asiatic communities, especially the Oriental isles to the east of the continent--those insulated, immemorial, unalterable countries, which even in these modern days still preserve much of the ghostly aboriginalness of earth's primal generations, when the memory of the first man was a distinct recollection, and all men his descendants, unknowing whence he came, eyed each other as real phantoms, and asked of the sun and the moon why they were created and to what end; when though, according to Genesis, the angels indeed consorted with the daughters of men, the devils also, add the uncanonical Rabbins, indulged in mundane amours.
However, Shō Nei was originally from Urasoe, so a more mundane explanation may be the truer one.
In the mundane world, everyone wears a mask in his life.
In the opening chapter, Hans is symbolically transported away from the familiar life and mundane obligations he has known, in what he later learns to call "the flatlands", to the rarefied mountain air and introspective little world of the sanatorium.
It became imperative to promote themselves by appearing everywhere, being photographed for newsreels, by paparazzi, or photographed in whatever form possible, even in banal, mundane and false "every day" situations, so that the economic miracle of the time could be reflected more and more in the open-eyed dreams of ordinary people.
It can be taken as a straightforward satire on nuclear weapons and the Cold War or a commentary on how commonplace and mundane technology has become in our lives.
It differs from the phenomenology of the sacred (which has been studied by Mircea Eliade, Rudolf Otto and Pavel Florensky) insofar as it focuses on historical examples of hierotopic projects, that is, projects establishing a medium of communication between the mundane and the sacred.
It revolves around the mundane lives of Robin and Wendy Mayfield who live on an anonymous estate in Stevenage.
Many contemporary performers, including Richard Osterlind, Banachek, Max Maven, and Derren Brown, attribute their results to mundane skills, such as the ability to read body language or to manipulate the subject subliminally through psychological suggestion.
On a more mundane level, certain officers also feared that Álvarez would force them out after he had solidified his power base within the officer corps.
On arrival back in the United States, she resumed her more mundane coastal collier duties.
Other fines were for more mundane offenses like swearing on the course, criticizing officials, and signing autographs while playing.
Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen has crossed swords with the establishment before - and lost. From the depths of a mundane desk job in Rome counting paperclips, to which he has been exiled through political fallout from the Aldo Moro kidnapping and murder, he is unexpectedly transferred to Perugia.
Scores in such attributes may be added as dice every time a character makes a roll using the linked mundane attribute, but Mega-Attributes are much more powerful.
Spatial icons are understood to play a mediating role between the mundane and the sacred.
The game deals with how the players' meta-human characters (called "novas") fit into a mundane world when they most definitely are "not" mundane, as well as how the mundane populace react to the sudden emergence of novas.
The image on the inside of the gatefold sleeve is of a powerplant electricity substation (appropriately, as 'kraftwerk' means "power station" in German), photographed by Düsseldorf conceptualist artists Bernd and Hilla Becher, known for their photographic "Typologies" series that celebrated the industrial and urban environment – and by extension, the society that built it – by showing multiple variations of ordinarily mundane building types.
The photorealist style is tight and precise, with a mechanical look, and an emphasis on mundane everyday imagery; whereas, the hyperrealist style tends to be more literal as to detail and its emphasis, rather than avoidance of, photographic anomalies, including digital fractalization, image degradation and subtractive vs additive color creation, i.e. CMYK versus RGB color wheels.
The verses detail her experiences with several mundane aspects of her daily life but then the chorus provides an uglier, darker contrast with Bonham screaming the lyrics, leading up to the climactic lines "I'm freezing, I'm starving, I'm bleeding to death, everything's fine!
This song is prized locally for the beauty and wit of the lyrics, which turn a mundane event into an act of heroism.
To have been Belshazzar, King of Babylon; and to have been Belshazzar, not haughtily but courteously, therein certainly must have been some touch of mundane grandeur.
Usually the last panel of the strip cut away to "reality", where the "geek" version of the character engaged in mundane activity (usually teaching English) that he had elevated in his dream to a more noble pursuit.
When you return to this mundane sphere from your visionary world, you would seem to leave a Neapolitan spring for a Lapland winter to quit paradise for earth heaven for hell!
With a penchant for elevating the seemingly mundane to the monumental, Clay often focused—literally and figuratively—on "those places we pass each day and take little notice of".
With the creation of the first Yugoslavia, his focus shifted to more mundane topics such as musical instruments or chapels.

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