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Vocabulary Word

Word: multilingual

Definition: having many languages; fluent in several languages

Sentences Containing 'multilingual'

" A central concept of translation studies described by Bruno Osimo is Code-switching, key characteristic of multilingual individuals.
Although the Constitution did not envisage it, India is now a multilingual federation.
AmigaOS 2.1 introduced multi-lingual locale support through "locale.library" and for the first time AmigaOS was translated to different languages.
As part of its multilingual, multi-ethnic focus, it holds a large collection of local works in Taiwanese, Japanese, Mandarin and Classical Chinese.
At the heart of the campaign is a multi-lingual song produced by Frank Fitzpatrick.
Dead Sands is a Bahraini multi-lingual horror-comedy film currently under production and directed by Ameera Al Qaed and produced by Zeeshan Jawed Shah, Ameera Al Qaed, Ahmed Zayani, and Noor Al Ebrahim, starring various debuting actors.
Far fewer entomologists in England and France were multilingual than in Germany.
Features include full-text search, version history, server sync-up, email updates, audit trail/analytics, check-in/check-out, CRM integration, and multilingual user interface.
Finally, Linguapax delivers yearly the International Linguapax Award (Linguapax Prize) to linguists, researchers, professors or members of the civil society as a tribute to their outstanding work in the field of linguistic diversity and multilingual education.
Founded in 2005, Pat Liddy’s Walking Tours of Dublin, is now one of the city’s largest multilingual walking tour guiding companies with a group of professional dedicated guides.
General. While machine translation made available for mobile users (mobile translation) is a notable advance in multilingual communication eliminating the need for an intermediary translator/interpreter, translating foreign texts still poses a problem to the user as they cannot be expected to be able to type the foreign text they wish to translate and understand.
Guillermo Gómez Rivera (; September 12, 1936), is a Filipino multilingual author, historian, educator and linguistic scholar whose lifelong work has been devoted to the often controversial movement to preserve Spanish culture as an important element of the Filipino identity.
He coordinated the writing of the Romanian Technical Lexicon, a vast multilingual technical encyclopedia.
His parents were multilingual, and Yiddish, some Russian, and English were his first languages.
In the context of Nigeria, Bisong holds that people in the "periphery" use English pragmatically—they send their children to English-language schools precisely because they want them to grow up multilingual. Regarding Phillipson, Bisong maintains that "to interpret such actions as emanating from people who are victims of Centre linguistic imperialism is to bend sociolinguistic evidence to suit a preconceived thesis."
India is a highly multilingual nation, where many languages are spoken and also studied, both as part of linguistics and with the aim of aiding community development.
It features extensive gardens, multi-lingual guide pamphlets, and a large indoor orchid cultivation area.
Key practice areas include intelligence and law enforcement support for terrorist screening, watchlist development and operations; intelligence analysis; systems integration and software development; multilingual name search and pattern matching.
Linguapax emerged from a UNESCO experts meeting in 1987 which was followed up by a series of workshops and international meetings focused on the promotion of multilingual education.
Lopez, backed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, filed a lawsuit against the petition and recall process, claiming the English-only petitions violated the Voting Rights Act California began providing Spanish-language ballots statewide in 2002, and local jurisdictions also provide multilingual election materials.
Mathrubootham was awarded the Dr. Marfatia award by the Indian Psychiatrists Association for his research on alcohol addiction and the Pinnacle award for his multilingual sex education film "Puthira Punithama".
Moments of fiction is a 2011 multilingual Emarati film presented by M M Productions.
Most DVD releases of the film now use the multilingual French release.
Multilingual exit polls give a fuller and more accurate portrait of Asian American voters than polls conducted in English.
Multilingual sign language interpreters, who can also translate as well across principal languages (such as to and from SSL, to and from spoken English), are also available, albeit less frequently.
Newscoop is a free and open source multilingual content management system for news websites, formerly known as Campsite.
Nuuk Posse is multilingual, rapping in Kalaallisut, English, and Danish.
Orca's profiles allows to save and load multiple configurations and the users can quickly access to different profiles, making it far easier to access multilingual text and environments.
Produced for "Sagar Movietone", a Bombay-based company, by noted multilingual filmmaker Sarvotham Badhami and directed by Mahindra, the film had Carnatic musician Mathirimangalam Natesa Iyer in the lead.
Since the founding of the Kingdom of Belgium in 1830, the city of Brussels has transformed from being almost entirely Dutch-speaking into a multilingual city with French as the majority language and "lingua franca", a process that has been labelled the Frenchification of Brussels".
The French release was multilingual (French, English, Italian and German), while the American and Italian releases were entirely dubbed into English and Italian, respectively.
The group worked with different ethnic groups from September, 2005 to August, 2006 and produced two multi-lingual plays, Sati and Dakhgar, as directed by H.Tomba and H.Kanhailal respectively.
The library has a number of multilingual materials including those in Chinese, Tagalog, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French, and Persian.
The Passages to Canada Digital Archive presents a portrait of the life experience of the members of the Passages to Canada Speakers' Bureau through multilingual interviews and original artifacts (photos, letters and memorabilia) that recount their personal journeys to Canada.
The representatives of each delegation agree on uniting their forces in order to promote the ideals of Linguapax by the means of projects concerning the revitalization and documentation of threatened languages, the investigation on intercultural and multilingual education, the formation of teachers and the elaboration of teaching materials about non-dominating languages and cultures.
The Republic of Guinea is a multilingual country, with over 40 languages spoken.
These speech synthesis components remained largely unchanged in later OS releases and Commodore eventually removed speech synthesis support from AmigaOS 2.1 onward. Despite the American English limitation of the "narrator.device"'s phonemes, Francesco Devitt developed an unofficial version with multilingual speech synthesis.
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