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Vocabulary Word

Word: motley

Definition: multi-colored (as of a garment worn by a jester); mixed; heterogeneous; CF. jester: one who jests (as a paid fool at medieval courts)

Sentences Containing 'motley'

A 68-yard rush by Motley for a touchdown gave the Browns a 14–0 lead in the third quarter despite slippery conditions that limited passing and made running difficult. The 49ers came back in the fourth quarter with a 73-yard touchdown drive that ended with throw by Albert to Paul Salata for the score.
A murder occurs under embarrassing circumstances, and Leonidas forms a motley crew of assistants together in order to track down clues, chase around the town, and solve the mystery.
According to Ripley Rodriguez Maddox Motley, "Each house contains space for assistant principal, guidance counselor, teacher work areas, general classrooms, science labs, and resource spaces in addition to two to three specialized career/technical subjects.
Although there was no unity among the motley political groups that constituted Bennett's opposition, a consensus emerged that his handling of the economic crisis was insufficient and inappropriate, even from Conservative quarters.
Besides, no one will trouble himself to verify whether you have followed them or whether you have not, being no way concerned in it; especially as, if I mistake not, this book of yours has no need of any one of those things you say it wants, for it is, from beginning to end, an attack upon the books of chivalry, of which Aristotle never dreamt, nor St. Basil said a word, nor Cicero had any knowledge; nor do the niceties of truth nor the observations of astrology come within the range of its fanciful vagaries; nor have geometrical measurements or refutations of the arguments used in rhetoric anything to do with it; nor does it mean to preach to anybody, mixing up things human and divine, a sort of motley in which no Christian understanding should dress itself.
Dub Jones ran for two one-yard touchdowns, while Motley scored on a short rush in the second quarter.
For though the harpooneers, with the great body of the crew, were a far more barbaric, heathenish, and motley set than any of the tame merchant-ship companies which my previous experiences had made me acquainted with, still I ascribed this--and rightly ascribed it--to the fierce uniqueness of the very nature of that wild Scandinavian vocation in which I had so abandonedly embarked.
Fullback Marion Motley was the AAFC's all-time leading rusher.
He joins a motley squadron of Brits, Australians, and New Zealanders, along with other men from commonwealth nations.
In the summer of 2011 Neil hosted a series of benefits called "Rockin' The Red Carpet" that benefitted MUSIC for RELIEF as part of his tour with Motley Cruë, Poison and the New York Dolls.
It was also marred by racism: it was initially unclear whether the Browns' black players, Motley, Willis and Gillom, would be allowed to play.
King's Fork was founded in 2003, and was designed by the architectural firm of Ripley Rodriguez Maddox Motley.
Marion Motley ran it in for a touchdown from there.
Marion Motley suffered a rib injury, Edgar Jones hurt his thigh, and Bill Boedeker had a knee injury, although all three were expected to play in the following week's game against the New York Yankees.
Marion Motley, the regular starting fullback, played sparingly because of an injury.
Motley accounted for 118 the Browns' 296 rushing yards.
Motley also scored a pair of touchdowns in the game, and the Browns won 35–2.
Motley and Lou Rymkus were also named to first- and second-team all-AAFC lists.
Motley credits Buehr with being one of his finest teachers and one who encouraged his style.
Motley led in rushing yards, Graham led in passing yards, Groza had the most field goals and Speedie led in receptions and receiving yards.
Motley scored another touchdown eight minutes later at the end of a 63-yard drive.
One of his noted pupils at the Art Institute was Archibald Motley, Jr. the famous African American "Harlem" Renaissance painters.
Ranker's Ultimate lists have been cited in sources such as Forbes, Motley Fool, and VentureBeat.
Rowers in the eight boat have nicknamed their team the "Motley Crew".
The magazine "Different Worlds", issue 37, featured a "Ringworld" adventure, "Louis Wu His Motley Crew."
The story is mainly about the sorceress Gudrun, who rules the Jarl's people through fear; the power struggle between her and her son, her very reflection and one weakness; and the small, motley band of outlaws who join him in the fight to restore the land to its rightful leader.
Then, in some of Warthrop's father's old journals, he finds a reference to a place on Motley Hill, in Dedham, that might be connected to the Anthropophagi's arrival. Will Henry finds a key among the old papers as well, and puts it in his pocket to show to Warthrop later.
This confusion of terms is perpetuated by some articles (AARP, Motley Fool) and specifically noted by others (Vanguard).
Two of them were on trap runs by Marion Motley, who returned from a series of injuries and ended the game with 139 yards of rushing, the second-highest total of his career.
Warthrop and Will Henry leave that night for Dedham, where they find the Motley Hill Sanatorium.
With no funds for furnishing, the "congregation sat on a motley array of chairs, discarded benches, etc., brought in from heaven only remembers where!"

More Vocab Words

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::: enclave - territory enclosed within an alien land
::: counterpart - thing that completes another; things very much alike; thing that has the same purpose in a different system
::: pervert - corrupt; turn from right to wrong; misuse; Ex. perverted sexual desire/scientific knowledge; N: person whose sexual behavior is not natural
::: drudgery - hard unpleasant work; menial work
::: monochrome - painting in only one color; ADJ.
::: garbled - mixed up; jumbled; distorted; V. garble: mix up or distort (a message) to such an extent as to make misleading or unintelligible
::: scourge - lash; whip (formerly used for punishment); source of severe punishment; V: whip; afflict
::: prosperity - good fortune and financial success; physical well-being
::: fiasco - total failure; CF. bottle