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Vocabulary Word

Word: motif

Definition: theme; recurrent thematic element in a musical or literary work; single or repeated pattern; figure

Sentences Containing 'motif'

A black, green, or purple question mark serves as his visual motif.
A major motif is the growth and evolution of the individual from "archetype to archetype" through trials.
Another significant motif of the plot was the depiction of the wartime expulsion of Germans, a sensitive subject that was rarely dealt with openly at the time.
As his name implies, he dresses in a ninja motif.
Coronavirus 3' stem-loop II-like motif (s2m)
Fluorophore molecules could be either utilized alone, or serve as a fluorescent motif of a functional system.
For example, the motif of a little detective who wears suit and (bow) tie was also used by Osamu Tezuka, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, and Fujiko Fujio.)
For example, The motif of little detective who wears suit and tie(bow tie) is used by Osamu Tezuka, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Fujiko Fujio.)
He did not however employ a traditional noir motif of using a voiceover to expose the characters inner feelings.
He hypothesized that to evoke a certain taste, a molecule must contain some structural motif (called a "sapophore") that produces that taste.
However, the song has gone from single to being an iTunes exclusive (bonus track), because the song didn't fit with the album's motif.
In addition these receptors also contain a serine rich region and a third more poorly conserved motif termed box 3.
In bacteria it is found in association with HNH, a non-specific nuclease motif.
Instances of the motif are hypothesized to function as non-coding RNAs.
It contains a Ras exchange motif, a diacylglycerol-binding domain, and two calcium-binding EF hands.
It features a central projecting bay with stepped gable and battlement-like motif.
Joanne Bertin (born 1953) is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories that feature dragons as a recurring motif.
Kadare's thoughts on the legend, which stem from many of his books, are that the legend is pre-Christian, hence the rise from the dead motif.
LARP-1 appears to bind mRNA in vitro via both the La motif and the LARP1 domain.
Motif 1 is heard on a broader scale in the bass notes (dotted whole notes) in measures 1-16, hitting the notes of the motif in inversion and transposition on the down-beats of measures 1, 15, and 16 (G-C-B).
Originally named "E Yinyuan" (惡姻緣, "A Cursed Marital Fate"), the novel has the Buddhist doctrine of karma and vipaka as its basic motif.
Peer meets three amorous dairymaids who are waiting to be courted by trolls (a folklore motif from Gudbrandsdalen).
RNAs conforming to this motif have been found only in "Pyrobaculum", a genus of archaea.
Snakes (also known as serpents) are an important motif in Chinese mythology.
that resulted in the release of stationery and journals with the “Wonderland” motif.
The "Pyrobac"-1 RNA motif is a conserved RNA structure discovered by bioinformatics.
The cantata opens with a sighing motif on trumpets, after which the strings play an expansive, flowing melody in C major.
The cell may be distinguished from the figure or motif: the 1958 "Encyclopédie Fasquelle" defines a cell as, "the smallest indivisible unit," but distinguishes the cell from the motif, which may be divisible into more than one cell.
The chair of the architectural committee was John Galen Howard, the university's chief architect, and his influence is evident in the stadium's neoclassical motif.
The class difference between the couple highlights a major motif of the novel which is the unfair dominance of intellectuals over the working class.
The Coronavirus 3' stem-loop II-like motif (also known as s2m) is a secondary structure motif identified in the 3'untranslated region (3'UTR) of astrovirus, coronavirus and equine rhinovirus genomes.
The DDE motif is said to coordinate divalent metal ions, most often magnesium and manganese, which are important in the catalytic reaction.
The Dunmore Pineapple is perhaps the most spectacular architectural use of the motif.
The first conserved region shares homology with La proteins (called the La motif, see SSB) whereas the second conserved region (called the LARP1 motif) is restricted to LARP proteins.
The hexagram does appear occasionally in Jewish contexts since antiquity, apparently as a decorative motif.
The motif also featured prominently in interior decoration, fabrics and furniture.
The motif for the ball that year was Inca, and Crosby dressed for the occasion, covering himself in red ocher and wearing nothing but a loincloth and a necklace of dead pigeons.
The motif is influenced by classical Roman funerary art, particularly the stone memorials.
The N-terminal domain shows structural similarity to the DNA-binding alpha-helix bundle motif.
The recapitulation of the principal themes leads to a brief coda, based upon the motif of the initial theme.
The red brick and concrete motif of this construction was continued in all of the numerous later additions to the school.
The SP1 transcription factor contains a zinc finger protein motif, by which it binds directly to DNA and enhances gene transcription.
The two films of Hui’s that focus on these issues are "The Way We Are" (2008) and "Night and Fog" (2009), while maintaining a motif of displacement.
There is no manifesto, although there are many threads and a strong motif of looking at life today and trying to act inside it."
They hypothesized that to be sweet, a compound must contain one each of two classes of structural motif, a "glucophore" and an "auxogluc".
Three mature gourds or melons are another seasonal motif.
Tn5 and most other transposases contain a DDE motif, which is the active site that catalyzes the movement of the transposon.
With the hornet as its motif, the squadron's motto is ""Swift Valiant"".
Yagi portrayed a partial referee, dressing in an American Flag motif shirt and wearing oversized sunglasses that he required to see.
α-hydroxyketones, or acyloins, are an important synthetic motif present in many natural products.

More Vocab Words

::: impair - injure; hurt; damage
::: pathological - pertaining to disease; N. pathology: study of disease
::: pretension - pretentiousness; claim (without foundation); Ex. I make no pretensions to skill as an artist.
::: stygian - unpleasantly dark; gloomy; hellish; deathly; CF. Styx: the chief river in the subterranean land of the dead
::: gentry - people of standing(rank or position); people of good family or high social position; class of people just below nobility
::: gracious - kind in a generous way (to someone less important)
::: expound - explain
::: spasmodic - fitful; periodic; of or like a spasm; N. spasm: sudden involuntary muscular contraction; sudden burst of energy or emotion
::: sedulous - diligent; assiduous; paying attention; N. sedulity
::: willful - wilful; intentional; headstrong