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Vocabulary Word

Word: moribund

Definition: dying; at the point of death; CF. death

Sentences Containing 'moribund'

"Freezing", a 1994 exhibit of frozen animals in Sofia’s National Museum of Natural History (Bulgaria) pointed to the moribund state of museums in Bulgaria, grossly out-of-sync with the normal pace of events.
Although the mediators vowed to continue their diplomatic efforts and convened negotiating sessions after the unsuccessful June 6 meeting in Panama City, the Contadora process was moribund.
By the early 1950s, the independent American manufacturers were left moribund as the "Big Three" – General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler – battled intensely for sales in the economy, medium-price, and luxury market.
GameSpot contributors Christian Nutt and Justin Speer praised it even compared to the prequels: "Finally, a real upgrade to the original series on the SNES, after so many years on the moribund NES crippled the series.
However, Mr Justice Vinelott ruled the FR/TCL strategy of financial reconstruction to be 'wholly misconceived', as the WHLR company was moribund i.e. there were no longer any living directors, who could call a board meeting to validate the share and debenture transfers to the FR (and before that, to TCL and WestCo), or to elect a new Board. Mr Justice Vinelott however, ruled that the solution to this problem was for FR Holdings or GCC/WHLR (1964) Ltd to apply for a Transfer Order under the 1896 Light Railways Act. A Transfer Order is in effect a license to transfer the remaining assets and powers from one railway company to another, following the agreement of a sale and any such sale can only be made to the holders of the Transfer Order.
In May 1968, the radical youth movement, through their "atelier populaire", produced a great deal of poster-art protesting the moribund policies of president Charles de Gaulle.
Legend of the Baptism of the Moribund Pagan.
Legend of the Holy Ampulla. Hincmar, adroitly combined the discovery of these two vials with their unique, unearthly fragrance, the "Legend of the Baptism of the Moribund Pagan" and the historical memory that St Remigius had baptized Clovis into a new legend identifying one of these vials as the actual vial of Chrism used at the baptism of Clovis to create the new "Legend of the Holy Ampulla", (i.e., that the Chrism used by Remigius when he baptized Clovis was miraculously supplied by heaven itself) which Hincmar then used to strengthen his claim that his own archepiscopal see of Reims-—as the possessor of this heaven-sent Chrism—-should therefore be recognized as the divinely chosen site for all subsequent anointings of French kings.
Thanasis Costakis (, 1907–2009) was a Greek linguist and lexicographer best known for his work on the now-moribund Tsakonian language spoken in the eastern Peloponnese.
The late 50s was a relatively moribund period for the society, but it is in 1960 that the society starts to further expand (with more screenings) and becomes more ambitious (and starts to more clearly see its role in terms of a broader dialogue in film culture, and nascent film production).
There was an early legend associated with St Remigius known as the "Legend of the Baptism of the Moribund Pagan", according to which a dying pagan asked for baptism at the hands of St Remigius (Remi), but when it was found that there was no Oil of the Catechumens or sacred Chrism available for the proper administration of the baptismal ceremony, St Remigius ordered two empty vials be placed on an altar and as he prayed before them these two vials miraculously filled respectively with the necessary Oil of the Catechumens and Chrism.
These vials may have originally simply been bottles of unguents used to cover the scent of decay of St Remigius’s corpse during his funeral, but the memory of the two vials miraculously filled in the story of the Baptism of the Moribund Pagan and the unusual, seemingly otherworldly scents issuing from these two vials found buried with St Remigius combined to suggest to those present that these two vials were the miraculously-filled vials of the legend.
This is because the transfers of debentures to TCL/Westco could not be completed in law because of the moribund status of the company.

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