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Vocabulary Word

Word: monotony

Definition: sameness leading to boredom; monotonousness; ADJ. monotonous; CF. monotone

Sentences Containing 'monotony'

And Mr. LaChiusa's Charlotte, like Mr. Sondheim's Bobby, is a wistful, disengaged soul who is surrounded by people who advise her on how to live...The problem, as the show goes on, is that there's an inevitable monotony to Charlotte's interior life."
At first, she seemed to wonder at the gentle compassion with which the Doctor spoke to her, and at his wish that she should have her mother with her, to relieve the dull monotony of her life.
But there is no redeeming feature in the Manchegan landscape; it has all the sameness of the desert without its dignity; the few towns and villages that break its monotony are mean and commonplace, there is nothing venerable about them, they have not even the picturesqueness of poverty; indeed, Don Quixote's own village, Argamasilla, has a sort of oppressive respectability in the prim regularity of its streets and houses; everything is ignoble; the very windmills are the ugliest and shabbiest of the windmill kind.
Even the National Housing Association's trade journal, "Housing Betterment" (February 1918), sang its praises: "Illustrative of the charm of grouped dwellings as one means of retaining uniformity without danger of monotony where a measure of standardization is necessary is a recent residential development known as Linden Court at St.
He spoke a distinguished French, simple and literary, as it would be written and he was capable of drawing out his commentary for several hours on if it was necessary, without monotony or repetition.
In the monotony of my life, and in my constant apprehension of the re-opening of the school, it was such an insupportable affliction!
In this area the tamarugo forests of the Pampa del Tamarugal break the barren monotony of the landscape.
Like "Subdivisions," from the album "Signals", "Middletown Dreams" explores suburban monotony and the average person's attempts to temporarily escape it.
Now and then I hazarded some remark to break the monotony of the journey, but the colonel answered only in monosyllables, and the conversation soon flagged.
Rarely does community flourish", while the American Lewis Mumford, wrote in the "New Yorker" in 1953 that "monotony and suburbanism" were the result of the "unimaginative" design of Britain's post-war New Towns.
The monotony of their lives is interrupted by the arrival of Igor(Damjan Kecojević), who has lived in Huddersfield since the beginning of the nineties, and this is the first time he's come to visit since.
The narrative is ordered chronologically but it accelerates throughout the novel, so that the first five chapters relate only the first of Castorp’s seven years at the sanatorium in great detail; the remaining six years, marked by monotony and routine, are described in the last two chapters.
The nutrients helped to fend starvation off; new ways of consuming tapioca with other produce were regularly invented in order to stave off the monotony.
The question of selecting the best possible man for a particular vocation for Münsterberg comes down to making the process very scientific, trying to create tests that limit the subjectivity that is possible through more traditional techniques of introspection, and instead using measurements of ones personality, intelligence and other inherent personality traits to try to find the best possible job for every individual. Münsterberg also explored under what psychological conditions that an employer can secure the most and highest quality output of work from every employee by looking at the effects of changing the work space environment, what can possibly effect workers production, problems of monotony in factory and other vocations that involve tedious repeated tasks and how to avoid these situation, studied attention and fatigue in the workplace, and the Physical and social influences on the working power.
The video involved Kiedis and Navarro kissing towards the end as a way of breaking the monotony of cumbersome video recording.
This album marks Davies' first explorations of the trials of rock-star life and the monotony of touring (these themes would reappear in future releases like "The Kinks Present A Soap Opera", "Think Visual" and the 1987 live album "").
Throughout the book, they discuss the philosophy of time, and debate whether "interest and novelty dispel or shorten the content of time, while monotony and emptiness hinder its passage".

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