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Vocabulary Word

Word: monochrome

Definition: painting in only one color; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'monochrome'

A common frame buffer was the Sun-2 Prime Monochrome Video.
A typical configuration of a monochrome 2/120 with 4 Mb of memory, 71 Mb SCSI disk and 20 Mb 1/4" SCSI tape cost $29,300 (1986 US price list).
Beginning first with monochrome in three tones, as explained in a former chapter, they might then take for figure work ivory black and Venetian red.
But in monochrome painting from the cast it is of very little service.
Cost restrictions at Doubleday caused the illustrations within each book to alternate between full-color and monochrome; this limitation also affected Scarry's work for a compilation of Jean de La Fontaine's fables.
He was the author of "A practical essay on the art of Colouring and Painting Landscapes", with illustrations, published in 1807, and "A practical Illustration of Gilpin's Day", with thirty colour plates, based on monochrome studies representing different times of day by William Gilpin, in 1824.
Human vision at this level becomes monochrome and the place then seems dull and depressing.
It was a year in which Luis Royo shows a clear evolution towards a more intimate style, monochrome and daring illustration.
Keep your early work both in monochrome and color#quite solid#, but as thin as you can, reserving thicker paint for those occasions when you wish to put a touch that shall not be influenced by what you are painting into.
Mariani entirely frescoed the vault with Christian heroines, the presbytery with "Christ" and "Christ teaches children between the crowds in the hall of the temple", the wall above the organ with "Moses and the burning bush", "Jacob's Dream", the choir with "Saint Cecilia in the midst of a choir of angels", painted in monochrome on a design by Minardi.
Now proceed carefully to draw your lights with bread or rubber, and your shadows with charcoal, in much the same manner as you did in the monochrome exercises already described.
Older hand scanners were monochrome, and produced light from an array of green LEDs to illuminate the image; later ones scan in monochrome or colour, as desired.
On June 28, 2005, the iPod Photo was merged into the monochrome iPod line.
Tessai's final works either use very brilliant colors, or else were monochrome ink with dense, rough brushwork and occasional slight jarring touches of bright pigments.
The 30 GB model was dropped, and the 20 GB monochrome iPod received a color screen.
The monochrome approach, coupled with film grain filter, focusing techniques and lighting, were compared to both "film noir" and dreamlike tableaus of silent films, allowing the visual elements of the game to carry much of the story's weight.
The top 1 MB of physical memory address space was reserved for the monochrome frame buffer.
The VMEbus CPU board was based on the same design as the Multibus CPU but also included 2Mb or 4Mb of memory, the Sun-2 monochrome frame buffer, and 10 Mbit/s Thick Ethernet on board. Sun provided 1 Mb Multibus memory boards and 1 MB and 4 MB VMEbus memory boards but only supported configurations with a maximum of 4 MB RAM.
These tiles are mainly decorated with floral and plant motifs (stylized flowers, palm leaves and asymmetrical leaves on bottom hatch and checkered) belong to two series : one polychrome characterized by a greater richness of tones ranging from light gold to light, dark or ocher yellow, and from brick-red to brown lacquer, the other monochrome is a beautiful luster that goes from smoked gold to green gold.
This board provided an 1152x900 monochrome display with TTL or ECL video signals, and keyboard and mouse ports.
Two songs ("You're Not the Only One..." and "Monochrome") received extensive airplay on Triple J; however, the album failed to chart as well as its predecessor, only reaching #20 on the National Album charts.
Various puzzles and games were possible with the Think-a-Dot, such as flipping the colours of all cells in the minimum number of moves, or reaching a given state from a monochrome state or vice-versa.
When you begin studying from the life, proceed in the same way with monochrome studies painted into a middle tone.

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