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Vocabulary Word

Word: monochromatic

Definition: having only one color

Sentences Containing 'monochromatic'

"High Efficiency Monochromatic GaAs Solar Cells," Proc.
17 is the minimum number of vertices on a graph such that, if the edges are coloured with 3 different colours, there is bound to be a monochromatic triangle.
4A allows fast and accurate computation of transmittance and radiance, owing to the use of a comprehensive database (atlases) of monochromatic optical thicknesses for up to 43 atmospheric molecular species.
A video was recorded for the song "Monochromatic Stains".
But his monochromatic tonalities would last only until 1912, when both color and form would boldly combine to produce such works as Dancer in a café (Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo New York).
CIS scanning consists of a moving set of red, green and blue LEDs strobed for illumination and a connected monochromatic photodiode array under a rod lens array for light collection.
Damask weaves are commonly produced in monochromatic (single-colour) weaves in silk, linen or synthetic fibres such as rayon and feature patterns of flowers, fruit, and other designs.
Dr. Olsen’s efforts resulted in GaAs cells that were greater than 21% efficient when coupled to simulated solar illumination.[] GaAs cells were also developed for coupling to a monochromatic beam of photons with a wavelength of 850 nm.
It was done in a monochromatic format and bears visual and thematic resemblance to the film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".
Margaret And The Dragon"." "Gartner's fascination with Victorian curios is very much in evidence in these near-monochromatic canvases, and as her references get more subtle, the parallels with John Tenniel's illustrations for Alice In Wonderland become more apparent."
One approach can have three players compete, while another would allow two players to alternately select any of the three colors to paint an edge of the graph, until a player loses by completing a monochromatic triangle.
Paintings in his "Bloodline" series are often monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits from the 1950s and 1960s.
Patti later revealed they had opted to use the Unity engine for their next project, citing the development of their custom engine for "Limbo" as a "double product, doing both engine and game", and that their "Limbo" engine is limited to monochromatic visuals.
Several versions of the album feature a bonus track entitled "I, Deception" as well as the "Monochromatic Stains" video clip but it is known that the limited edition digipak contains them.The Japanese version of the album features the bonus track, "The Poison Well".
Since 1995, he has participated in numerous painting exhibitions, and his art has evolved from an abstract Arabic calligraphy to a Sufi style, all the way to a dense and monochromatic black vision.
Subsequently, German and English scientists established in the late 19th century that color perception is best described in terms of a different set of primary colors – red, green and blue (RGB) modeled through the additive, rather than subtractive, mixture of three monochromatic lights, also known as spectral colors.
The color perceived is similar to that obtained by a monochromatic blue of wavelength 474–476 nm mixed with white light, "i.e.", an unsaturated blue light.
The irradiance of a monochromatic light wave in matter is given in terms of its electric field by where "E" is the complex amplitude of the wave's electric field, "n" is the refractive index of the medium, formula_2 is the speed of light in vacuum, and ϵ0 is the vacuum permittivity.
The SRM number was originally, and still is, defined by "Beer color intensity on a sample free of turbidity and having the spectral characteristics of an average beer is 10 times the absorbance of the beer measured in a 1/2 inch cell with monochromatic light at 430 nanometers."
The two players must avoid to color a monochromatic tetrahedron (a three-dimensional pyramid with four triangular faces).
There is a popular misconception that underpainting should be monochromatic, perhaps in gray-scales.
These cells converted 850 nm light to electrical power with an efficiency of 53% - the highest efficiency reported at the time produced for a cell irradiated with a monochromatic beam.[] For this research, Dr. Olsen was named WSU Distinguished Professor in Material Science in 1992.[].
Underpaintings are often monochromatic and help to define colour values for later painting.

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