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Vocabulary Word

Word: monastic

Definition: related to monks or monasteries; removed from worldly concerns

Sentences Containing 'monastic'

A "Vihara" is a monastic residence, refuge and center of practice."
According to Adams there are only three archaeological sites that are certainly monastic.
After residing in a monastic community for several years, Fr.
Against his father's wishes he devoted himself at an early age to the monastic life.
Armies of King Jogaila and Grand Duke Vytautas invaded Prussia ruled by the monastic state in summer of 1414.
As of 2007, the monastic community numbered 28.
At the age of seventeen, he intended to join a monastic order, with a view to sacred learning.
Both representations of the Buddha and Shakyamuni have both shoulders covered by their monastic gown, indicating that the statues used as models were from the Gandhara school of art, rather than Mathura.
Chicksands Priory is a former monastic house at Chicksands in Bedfordshire.
Falling ill with tuberculosis, during his convalescence he began to fell drawn to a monastic way of life.
Grande-Sauve Abbey had a monastic life governed by the Rule of St.
He studied under teachers of the lesser known, and more strictly monastic, Obaku School of Zen and contributed to a reformation of Sōtō monastic codes.
He was excommunicated in 1522, after preaching in Vienna a sermon denouncing his monastic vows.
If, after six months, the disciple has upheld the precepts well, he may ask the monastic for formal taking of the precepts.
In 1738 the church was completely rebuilt, as were the monastic buildings in 1774-81.
In Central Asia, several Buddhist monastic groups were historically prevalent.
It is one of four surviving monastic barns built by the Abbey.
It is unclear whether Theodore had been previously baptized before taking up monastic vows.
Izla. Abraham the Great had started a monastic reform movement which Babai and other disciples carried through.
List of monastic houses in Herefordshire
List of monastic houses in the West Midlands (county)
Monastic life flourished, including in the famous Kiev Monastery of the Caves, through the efforts of St.
Prior to and up to this time, there had also been many believers who had taken monastic vows in secret and met with secret monastic communities that existed in Soviet cities.
Sasaki, better known under his monastic name Sokei-an, spent a few years wandering the west coast of the US.
Self-abasement might have a religious aspect for those seeking humility before God, perhaps in the context of monastic or cenobitic lifestyle.
She worked as journalist in the public relation fields and as photographer until her monastic ordination.
St Benedict's model for the monastic life was the family, with the abbot as father and all the monks as brothers.
The Abbess and founder, Ayya Tathaaloka, entered monastic life at age 19.
The Alen family of Norfolk obtained possession of a range of monastic property in Kildare after the dissolution of the monasteries.
The Buddha is represented wearing the monastic robe, the "antaravasaka", the "uttarasanga", and the overcoat "sanghati".
The disciple will then take refuge in the Triple Gem, and the monastic will then ensure the disciple is prepared to take on all (as opposed to only some) of the precepts.
The disciple, having paid his respects to the six directions and having the relevant permissions, may now ask a monastic to help him receive the precepts.
The finest era of the style was brought to an end by the disruption to monastic centres and aristocratic life by Viking raids in the late eighth century.
The following is a list of monastic houses in Berkshire, England.
The following is a list of monastic houses in Herefordshire, England.
The following is a list of monastic houses in Somerset, England.
The following is a list of monastic houses in the West Midlands, England.
The monastic and disciple then engage in a dialog, with the monastic asking questions and the disciple answering.
The monastic asks the disciple if he has paid respects to the six directions and if he has the relevant permissions.
The monastic buildings of the Cistercians were to be constructed, as closely as was possible, in the likeness of the mother house at Cîteaux.
The monastic buildings were extended, and in 1859 a new Romanesque church was built; of particular note is the monument to Cardinal Hergenröther (died 1890), who is buried there.
The monastic explains the benefits of the precepts as well as the negative consequences of breaking them, and asks if the disciple is prepared to accept them and remain dedicated to the Triple Gem.
The monks returned in the same year to resume monastic life and to reopen the school.
The site consists of a ruined church, carved stones, a well and monastic cell.
The three friends left Libanius and sought a retreat in the monastic school of Carterius and Diodorus, to which Basil was already attached.
These are probably the first two layers of monastic clothing the "antaravasaka" and the "uttarasanga".
These monasteries closely adhere to the vinaya, the austere traditional Buddhist monastic code.
This List of monastic houses in Bristol includes abbeys, priories, friaries and other monastic religious houses in Bristol.
To the South-West was a square building housing the monastic kitchens.
When Chrysostom himself had been converted to the monastic life of Basil of Caesarea, he likewise converted Maximus and Theodore.

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