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Vocabulary Word

Word: monarchy

Definition: government under a single ruler

Sentences Containing 'monarchy'

After the restoration of the monarchy Slanning was knighted in 1661 and made a baronet in 1663.
An attempt to create an elective monarchy in the United States failed.
An elective monarchy is a monarchy ruled by an elected monarch, in contrast to a "hereditary monarchy" in which the office is automatically passed down as a family inheritance.
And that his father had passed on to him the task of maintaining the legitimacy of the monarchy.
Another name, the Kingdom of Makuria and Nobatia, perhaps implies a dual monarchy.
As it had long been the custom in Japanese monarchy, she adopted Yoshihito, her husband's eldest son by a concubine.
At the fall of the Russian monarchy, he looked for refuge with his family in his father's property in Crimea.
Čečejovce formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy till its disintegration in 1918.
Collapse of the Protectorate and Restoration of the Monarchy.
Constitutional monarchy in Prince Edward Island.
Execution of Charles I and the abolition of the Monarchy.
Faleomavaega is known for his vocal support of Bahrain's monarchy during the Bahraini uprising.
From the time of Henry III, the monarchy took particular interest in escheat as a source of revenue.
Great Britain is, I believe, the only monarchy in Europe where the oppression of purveyance has been entirely abolished.
He is a listed member of Republic, the campaign for abolishing the monarchy.
He knew the content defamed the monarchy but allowed their publication anyway".
He was raised to a baronetcy by Charles II following the Restoration of the Monarchy.
In 1895-96 the French abolished the Merina monarchy by force.
In 18th-century Europe, red was usually associated with the monarchy and with those in power.
In 1919, in an attempt to restore the monarchy, Lamego became the capital of the district for 24 days.
In a hereditary monarchy, election may occasionally be used to fill a vacant throne.
In Africa, the Mali Empire functioned as both a constitutional and elective monarchy.
In the earlier periods of the monarchy, the clergy of France appear to have been as much devoted to the pope as those of any other country.
It was destroyed in 1792 during the French Revolution, but was rebuilt in 1818, following the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy.
It was now explicitly stated that Norway, as well as Denmark, was an elective monarchy.
It was only in the Byzantine-modelled later Serbian Despotate that the monarchy was de facto transferred into a hereditary monarchy.
It was with the passage of the Australia Act in 1986, which repealed the Colonial Laws Validity Act, that the final vestiges of the British monarchy in Australia were removed, leaving a distinct Australian monarchy for the nation.
Jews were officially discriminated against from henceforth as the monarchy attempted to restrict Jewish commercial activities.
Libelous literature written by hack writers was aimed at the monarchy, and those associated with it and the Church.
Since then, Prekmurje was mostly under administration of the Habsburg Monarchy, with brief periods of Ottoman administration.
The Bill drew on the recommendations of the Fabian Society's Commission on the Future of the Monarchy, which reported in 2003.
The English monarchy was restored in May 1660, and Charles II assumed the throne.
The Free State of Schaumburg-Lippe was founded after the end of the monarchy in 1918.
The French invasion of Spain in 1808 led to the collapse of the Spanish Monarchy.
The Hungarian monarchy was formally abolished on February 1, 1946, and replaced by the Republic of Hungary.
The king of Albania was a vassal of the Sassanid empire, although the monarchy did not exercise much control.
The Monarchy of Australia is a form of government in which a hereditary monarch is the sovereign of Australia.
The progress from an absolute to a limited monarchy, from a limited monarchy to a democracy, is a progress toward a true respect for the individual.
Their perception to the Monarchy appears to have been variable, but generally unfavourable.
There are more such, perhaps, in England than in any other European monarchy.
They are both in their twenties, we are looking at that to preserve that constitutional monarchy within Tonga."
They charged the monarchy with being morally corrupt, incompetent, and impotent.
They found out about the end of monarchy after a phone call from their father.
They were to be found in almost all parts of the Danube Monarchy.
This continued until 1660, when a hereditary and absolute monarchy was instituted by Frederick III.
This produced, in turn, a backlash against the Monarchy's religious prerogative.
Though the monarchy of Norway was originally hereditary, it too became elective in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
Under the July Monarchy, she kept a very brilliant salon.
Wangchuk Monarchy is currently ruling the country.
``Oh, your great work on the monarchy of Italy!''

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