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Vocabulary Word

Word: momentum

Definition: quantity of motion of a moving body; impetus; moving force

Sentences Containing 'momentum'

A 2008 work shows that more than half of the spin of the proton stems from the motion of its quarks, and the missing spin is produced by the quarks' spatial angular momentum.
A monograph on her work, 'Glenys Barton', was published by Momentum in 1997.
A resultant force applied over a longer time therefore produces a bigger change in linear momentum than the same force applied briefly: the change in momentum is equal to the product of the average force and duration.
A similar formula holds for the momentum operator formula_27, in systems where it has continuous spectrum.
Abyssal Throne is an EP by the Canadian technical death metal band Sympathy, released in 2005 on the Norwegian label Momentum Scandinavia.
After Lee takes office, he reforms the procedures of each department, gaining support from many businessmen and his momentum appears rises.
After the creation of the United States, the idea of Indian removal gained momentum.
Also, indirect exciton has an electric dipole momentum normal to coupled quantum well and thus a moving indirect exciton has an in-plane magnetic momentum perpendicular to its velocity.
Although after the May Coup d'État of 1926 the action was restarted, it never gained significant momentum and came to a complete halt between 1929 and 1933.
An independence campaign gained momentum after 1961, when the British agreed to permit additional self-government and eventual independence.
Another explanation is that as both vortices rotate at the same angular velocity and direction, the inner vortex has lost angular momentum.
As the revolt's initial momentum began to recede in mid-1926, bickering between opposition leaders, inside and outside of Syria, increased significantly.
Boltzmann’s paradigm was an ideal gas of "N" "identical" particles, of which "N""i" are in the "i"th microscopic condition (range) of position and momentum.
Burke had coached Howell at Momentum Ski Camps in Whistler Blackcomb.
Classically, the electromagnetic field surrounding them has a momentum density given by the Poynting vector, and it also has a total angular momentum, which is proportional to the product "q"e"q"m, and independent of the distance between them.
Footwork involves keeping balance, closing or furthering the distance, controlling spatial positioning, and/or creating additional momentum for strikes.
For example, to calculate the average momentum, one uses the momentum operator "in configuration space", formula_62.
For the special (but very common) case of incompressible flow, the momentum equations simplify significantly.
George Mason opened the game on an 11–2 run and quickly took the momentum.
Herapath postulated that the momentum of a particle in a gas is a measure of the absolute temperature of the gas.
His theory gains a little more momentum after he rescues Junko on a foggy afternoon.
I went into the tackle from the side and his momentum flicked him over, as if I'd clattered him.
Impulse has the same units (in the International System of Units, and dimensions as momentum.
In 1997, G.I.T. guitarist Jennifer Batten under the name of released Momentum – an instrumental hybrid of rock, fusion and exotic sounds.
In a manner analogous to non-relativistic annihilation and creation operators and their commutators, these algebras lead to the physical interpretation that formula_10 creates a fermion of momentum p and spin s, and formula_11 creates an antifermion of momentum q and spin "r".
In classical mechanics, impulse (symbolized by J or Imp) is the change in linear momentum of a body.
In quantum field theory and quantum chemistry the effect where the angular momentum associated to the circular motion of the photons induces an angular momentum in the electrons is called photomagneton.
In step 4 it restricts you to orbits where initial and final momentum are the same i.e. periodic orbits.
It works by suppressing fluctuations and turmoil in quantum foam that supposedly causes momentum and inertia (similar to the concept of Higgs Bosons).
Jacobs Field in Cleveland, Ohio With the momentum on their side, the Indians looked to finish off the defending champs.
Meanwhile, international research collaborations, presentations and publications continuously add momentum to global drug discovery efforts.
On the afternoon of March 15, the withdrawal of South Vietnamese forces began to pick up momentum.
Rob Sheffield called his performance "pure magic", while Miles McNutt said that his scenes were a "momentum killer".
Since the peanut trade is losing momentum, salt marshes are the main local resource.
The 2010-11 season carried the momentum of that success with 25 events across North America.
The campaign gathered momentum after the release of a film based on their lives called "The Krays" in 1990.
The correct relationship is proportional to the absolute temperature, not its square, the error arising from his identification of momentum, rather than energy, with temperature.
The decrease of angular momentum is transferred as kinetic energy to the outer vortex, resulting in separated flows of hot and cold gas.
The Dirac result is, however, easily recovered if the orbital momentum quantum number "l" is replaced by total angular momentum quantum number "j".
The EP was released by the Norwegian label Momentum Scandinavia.
The equations above represent conservation of mass, momentum, and energy.
The most elemental form of the Navier–Stokes equations is obtained when the conservation relation is applied to momentum.
Then we began to gather momentum, and presently were fairly under way and booming along.
Therefore, it was expected that the quark's wave function is the spherically symmetric s-wave with no spatial contribution to angular momentum.
This drive is intertwined with the male identity and consequently creates a momentum that once started is difficult to stop.
This equation is called the Cauchy momentum equation and describes the non-relativistic momentum conservation of "any" continuum that conserves mass.
This is often called the impulse-momentum theorem.
This work uses relativistic effects together with other QCD properties and explains how they boil down to an overall spatial angular momentum that is consistent with the experimental data.
To increase the momentum of the attack the Soviets now committed the 3rd Guards Tank Army and 4th Tank Army from the reserves.
Velocity formula_56, is calculated from momentum, and pressure formula_57, is calculated from the equation of state.

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