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Vocabulary Word

Word: momentous

Definition: very important; N. moment; CF. momentary

Sentences Containing 'momentous'

Elsewhere's" series finale featured momentous changes for several main characters, including the departure of Dr. Morrison and the death of Dr. Auschlander, as well as the return of Donald Westphall to an active leadership role at St.
I try in vain to recall how I felt about it, and what its circumstances were; but it is not momentous in my recollection.
I would not have dwelt so long upon a circumstance that, perhaps, at first sight, may appear not very momentous, if I had not thought it necessary to justify my character, in point of cleanliness, to the world; which, I am told, some of my maligners have been pleased, upon this and other occasions, to call in question.
Kirkman proclaimed that Dale's death was a momentous occasion, ultimately marking a turning point for future development of "The Walking Dead".
Looking over the side, they saw the before lifeless head throbbing and heaving just below the surface of the sea, as if that moment seized with some momentous idea; whereas it was only the poor Indian unconsciously revealing by those struggles the perilous depth to which he had sunk.
Now these three mates--Starbuck, Stubb, and Flask, were momentous men.
On this view of the meaning of embryological resemblances, and indeed on any view, it is incredible that an animal should have undergone such momentous and abrupt transformations as those above indicated, and yet should not bear even a trace in its embryonic condition of any sudden modification, every detail in its structure being developed by insensibly fine steps.
One way and another, it has begotten events so remarkable in themselves, and so continuously momentous in their sequential issues, that whaling may well be regarded as that Egyptian mother, who bore offspring themselves pregnant from her womb.
That odd sort of wayward mood I am speaking of, comes over a man only in some time of extreme tribulation; it comes in the very midst of his earnestness, so that what just before might have seemed to him a thing most momentous, now seems but a part of the general joke.
The famous controversy was replaced by a more momentous struggle soon to involve the colony.
The present ethnogeography of Sierra Leone is largely a reflection of this momentous two decades.
The present is one of those momentous stages in the life of man.
The reason why I did not publish this book till the end of the last sessions of parliament was, because I did not care to interfere with more momentous affairs; but leave it to the consideration of that august body during this recess, against the next sessions, when I shall exhibit another complaint against a growing abuse, for which I doubt not but to receive their approbation and the thanks of all honest men.
The results of the civil war were momentous.
This announcement, which implied or appeared to imply, the approval of all the persons concerned in this momentous affair, had been preceded by a scene to which our readers must be admitted.
This momentous pocket-book was a timely reminder to him of another transaction.
Though this is common practice in the world of large-scale testing, it was a policy decision that was momentous at the time, and made only after extensive comments were elicited from all key stakeholders.

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