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Vocabulary Word

Word: mock

Definition: ridicule; deride; imitate often in derision

Sentences Containing 'mock'

"heavy boffer weapons" – These mock weapons are similar to standard boffer weapons, but they are reinforced on the core pipe with strapping tape.
A foam weapon, (also known as a boffer, padded weapon, or latex weapon), is a padded mock weapon used for simulated handheld combat.
A mock-up, "Inspiration", currently stands at the entrance to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.
A series of mock documentary shows, including Deep Probe which investigates issues such as alien abductions and mock animal documentaries.
Adjacent to Brayton's southern border is "Disaster City"®, a mock city that serves as a training facility for emergency responders.
After being broken at 5–5, Djoković turned and gave them a mock gesture of thanks, which only incited them further.
After that game, Young and Mock alternated playing time, with Young's running ability complementing Mock's drop-back passing.
As only one GLONASS satellite was ready in time for the launch instead of the expected three, it was decided to launch it along with two mock-ups.
As the name implied, "Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker was the host of a sort of mock talk show.
Brayton is the largest firefighting training facility in the United States that also contains a mock city for conducting training operations for emergency responders.
But so long as you do not show it him, you should not mock, but rather feel your own incapacity.
By far, the best looking of all the mock weapon technologies, these weapons are often airbrush painted with slick latex finish.
Dunston Hall Hotel is a mock Elizabethan grade II listed building in the English village of Dunston, in the county of Norfolk, United Kingdom.
Fielding's sixteenth play, "The Mock Doctor: or The Dumb Lady Cur'd", replaced "The Covent Garden Tragedy" as the companion play to "The Old Debauchees".
He feared us so much and with reason that he caused himself to be represented as dead, and had a grand mock funeral.
He tells her that it is a girl's duty not to rudely reject or mock one as timid and luckless as he is.
He was then led to a mock trial which only lasted for half an hour, where the prior issued sentence was revealed.
However, Mock was benched halfway through the season (in the game against Oklahoma) in favor of Young.
In 2001, Montclair High School came in 2nd place in the National High School Mock Trial Championships held in Omaha, Nebraska and was the New Jersey High School Mock Trial Championships in 2006.
In the United States there are four major kinds of foam mock weapons in use in medieval combat sports, battle gaming, and LARPs.
In this theatrical display, which was conceived by the Zhamdrung, a mock throwing of a relic to the Mo chu river is dramatized.
Indeed, contemporary artists often use such modes to mock socioeconomic elites.
It was adapted by Henry Fielding as "The Mock Doctor".
Its mock trial team won the 2010 Jacksonville Bar Association mock trial competition.
Knorr was married to Audrey Mock in 1953.
Later, Ovid wrote the "Ars Amatoria," which describes in a mock-didactic form how to seduce women.
Mock orange typically means "Philadelphus", a mostly Holarctic genus of shrubs, particularly the species "Philadelphus coronarius" which is widely cultivated as an ornamental. Mock orange may also refer to:
Mock trial. The Bishop Walsh Mock Trial team is coached by Tony Orndoff.
Most of the time, the user uses it intentionally to mock proper English.
On September 1, 1697 Schey had in fact organised a mock battle on the IJ, which had made a great impression on the Tsar .
Some presentation mock-ups were created by programmer Singleton; all still available screenshots—if any—are from these faked mock-ups.
The cocky players mock him and destroy a stone statue of his deceased master.
The fanciful turrets feature mock-medieval features such as merlons and crenels.
The play ran for six nights and was later paired with "The Mock Doctor".
The school's Mock Trial team represented Alameda County at the California State Championships in 2007, and competed as the wildcard in 2009.
The sun is alone, except in thick weather, when there sometimes appear to be two, but one is a mock sun.
Theakston also played himself in the mock-interview series "Rock Profile" in which he interviews "celebrities" impersonated by Matt Lucas and David Walliams.
Then he too starts laughing, as he said it to mock his son.
There are also accounts of the Colosseum’s floor being flooded to hold mock naval battles for the public to watch.
There they were used to stage mock naval battles ("naumachiae"), and operated the mechanism that deployed the canvas canopy of the Colosseum.
There, Paul witnesses a mock gunfight at Old Tucson, a reconstructed Western frontier town that is often used as a movie set.
These mock weapons are starting to be used in United States LARP games.
This dance form is actually the staging of a mock-fight between Goddess Durga and Mahishasura, the mighty demon-king.
This mock-documentary style, in turn, influenced many other television dramas.
This mock-up would permit the demonstration of new technologies being used in the "Indiana"-class warships.
This type of mock weapon is primarily used by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) in their youth combat program.
This type of mock weapon, although it has padding, is not suitable for unarmored high impact fighting.
When Harvey is accused of suppressing evidence, Louis is asked to stand-in for prosecutor Travis Tanner in the mock trial. He uses the mock trial to confront Jessica about Harvey's better treatment.
When they reached him master and man mounted once more, and without going back to bid farewell to the mock or imitation Arcadia, and more in humiliation than contentment, they continued their journey.
Why, he was a poor creature to be taken by that delicate mock-modesty, and that hanging head!'

More Vocab Words

::: copious - plentiful
::: bravado - swagger; assumed air of defiance; false show of bravery
::: humid - damp; N. humidity
::: melancholy - gloomy; morose; blue; N. ADJ. melancholic; CF. melancholia
::: revulsion - sudden strong feeling of disgust; sudden violent change of feeling; negative reaction; Ex. revulsion from the scenes of torture
::: indignity - treatment or situation that causes shame or loss of dignity, respect; offensive or insulting treatment; humiliating or degrading treatment; Ex. I suffered the indignity of having to say that in front of them.
::: veer - change in direction; swerve
::: cursory - casual; hastily done with little attention to detail
::: ciliated - having minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
::: ornithologist - scientific student of birds; N. ornithology: scientific study of birds