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Vocabulary Word

Word: mobile

Definition: movable; not fixed; N. mobility

Sentences Containing 'mobile'

A special edition for mobile phones was released by Codemasters Mobile.
Abbreviations: Mobile apps for learning Ojibwe.
At one point, it was the best selling mobile phone in America.
BSNL Mobile is a mobile phone service provider provided by the Indian public enterprise BSNL.
BullGuard Mobile Backup is for mobile users’ backup and data migration needs.
But the human being is mobile and dynamic, occupying both space and to time.
Campaign against Mobile and its defenses March and April.
CellOne was renamed BSNL Mobile in 2007.
Crushing plants may be either fixed or mobile.
Furthermore there were efforts to port the system to other mobile phones.
Gaz decides to rape Anita whilst filming it on his mobile.
gvSIG Mobile is known for: Features gvSIG Mobile.
He is a brand ambassador for Samsung Mobile.
He is also the promoter and manager of Mobile International Speedway.
Her friends starting calling for toy advice from Joanne...which mobile?
If necessary, Russia would deploy mobile airborne units.
In 2002, there were 10,000 mobile phones.
In 2011, the franchise was acquired by mobile game company DeNA.
It destroyed at its collapse a small mobile crane of Mostostal Zabrze.
It is a fully mobile system which can be towed and is air transportable.
It is the first Albanian mobile telecommunication company and 4th mobile operator in Albania.
It serves as an excellent plant for stabilising mobile sand dunes.
It started with 80% of the mobile market.
It was apparently being used as a mobile generator car before the civil war.
Likewise, they were at one time either mobile or sedentary.
Mobile application development, also known as mobile apps, has become a significant mobile content market since the release of the first iPhone from Apple in 2007.
Mobile games are applications that allow people to play a game on a mobile handset.
Mobile images are used as the wallpaper to a mobile phone, and are also available as screensavers.
mobile living quarters, and a radio network on the airfield.
Mobile music is any audio file that is played on a mobile phone.
Not all of YouTube's videos are available on the mobile version of the site.
Occupation of Mobile April 12, and duty there until June.
Originally the series was reserved for Mobile Instruction units.
She sets out on a journey that leads her to her birthplace, Mobile, Alabama.
Superscape was a publisher of mobile games.
T-Mobile is the first GSM mobile operator in Republic of Macedonia.
The company plans to develop mobile games for core gamers.
The ears are mobile and largely hairless.
The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Mobile, Alabama, USA.
The Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO) is the mobile equivalent to a PSTN Central Office.
The mobile version is also available as an app for the Android platform.
The museum maintains stationary and mobile exhibitions.
The South Koreans are the worlds Leaders in Mobile Content and 3-G mobile networks, then the Japanese, followed closely by the Europeans, are heavy users of their mobile phones and have been attaining custom mobile content for their devices for years.
The use of mobile content has grown accordingly.
The video was shot entirely on mobile phone cameras.
They have produced over 800 million mobile phones to date.
This made the mobile a truly first class recording unit from then on.
This prompted Telmex to form a subsidiary to provide mobile communications.
Violet even throws her mobile away so Sean can't contact her.
Zombie Reed-Richards is decapitated, but still mobile.

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