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Vocabulary Word

Word: mnemonic

Definition: pertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid

Sentences Containing 'mnemonic'

a mnemonic for which is 'LARP': Left becomes Anterior, Right becomes Posterior.
Although the LMC only uses a limited set of mnemonics, the convenience of using a mnemonic for each instruction is made apparent from the assembly language version of the same program shown below - the programmer is no longer required to memorize a set of anonymous numeric codes and can now program with a set of more memorable mnemonic codes.
Because folk literature is oral, it tends to rely on some mnemonic devices and patterns of language and style.
Despite this, the instruction set and assembly syntax are quite similar to other Zilog processors: Load/store operations uses the same LD mnemonic (no MOV or MOVEs), typifying instructions such as DJNZ, are the same, and so on.
However if the password must be repeatedly changed, mnemonics are useless because the user would not remember which mnemonic to use.
If the LMC uses mnemonic codes and labels then these are converted into 3-digit numeric instructions when the program is assembled.
If the mnemonic is an instruction that involves a memory address ("either a branch instruction or loading/saving data") then a label is used to name the memory address.
In the past, the first two or three digits could be represented by a mnemonic exchange name, e.g., 869-1234 was formerly TOwnsend 9-1234, and before that (in some localities) might have been TOWnsend 1234 (only the capital letters and numbers being dialed) or it could have been TOwnsend 1234 (86-1234) In December 1930, New York City became the first city in the United States to adopt the two-letter, five-number format.
Its right hand side can be remembered by using the mnemonic "BAC − CAB", provided one keeps in mind which vectors are dotted together.
Letters were associated with the dial numbers to represent telephone exchange names in communities having more than 9,999 telephone lines, and additionally given a meaningful mnemonic to facilitate memorization of individual telephone numbers by incorporating their exchange names.
Some LMC simulators are programmed directly using 3-digit numeric instructions and some use 3-letter mnemonic codes and labels.
The alphabet was learned as a mnemonic using tree names.
The effects of organophosphate poisoning on muscarinic receptors are recalled using the mnemonic SLUDGEM (Salivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation, Gastrointestinal motility, Emesis, miosis) An additional mnemonic is MUDDLES: miosis, urination, diarrhea, diaphoresis, lacrimation, excitation, and salivation.
The mnemonic phrase is "sa ri gi ma pa dhi ni".
The nerves passing through the fissure can be remembered with the mnemonic, "Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult" - for Lacrimal, Frontal, Trochlear, Superior Division of Oculomotor, Abducens, Nasociliary and Inferior Division of Oculomotor nerve.
The structures of anterior compartment can be remembered using the mnemonic, "TEA DEPt" for Tibialis anterior, Extensor hallucis longus, Anterior tibial artery, Deep peroneal nerve, Extensor digitorum longus and Peroneus tertius.
The table below shows a typical numeric instruction set and the equivalent mnemonic codes.
Users are often advised to use mnemonic devices to remember complex passwords.
When Australia changed to all-numeric telephone numbers, a mnemonic to help people associate letters with numbers was the sentence, "All Big Fish Jump Like Mad Under Water eXcept Yabbies."

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