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Vocabulary Word

Word: minion

Definition: servile dependent; obsequious follower

Sentences Containing 'minion'

'My love,' said Mr. Micawber, much affected, 'you will forgive, and our old and tried friend Copperfield will, I am sure, forgive, the momentary laceration of a wounded spirit, made sensitive by a recent collision with the Minion of Power--in other words, with a ribald Turncock attached to the water-works--and will pity, not condemn, its excesses.'
Before its release, major game retailers like GameStop and GAME offered collectible Minion figurines, one of each kind for those who pre-ordered the "Overlord II" or the Nintendo spin-offs.
Characters new to the series include the Overlord's three mistresses: Kelda, a strong willed village girl and the only childhood friend to the Overlord; Juno, a seductive and spoiled Empire maiden; and Queen Fay, leader of the Elves of Everlight before being corrupted by the Overlord. Two new minion masters are also introduced: Mortis, who watches over the minion hives and has the ability to resurrect fallen minion heroes; the hooded keeper of Battle Rock, who organizes events in the Overlord's personal arena (though this may be the same minion that stood before the dungeon in the first Overlord).
Gnarl, the aged Minion advisor from the previous games, is the main recurring character in "Overlord II".
I had no occasion of bribing, flattering, or pimping, to procure the favour of any great man, or of his minion; I wanted no fence against fraud or oppression: here was neither physician to destroy my body, nor lawyer to ruin my fortune; no informer to watch my words and actions, or forge accusations against me for hire: here were no gibers, censurers, backbiters, pickpockets, highwaymen, housebreakers, attorneys, bawds, buffoons, gamesters, politicians, wits, splenetics, tedious talkers, controvertists, ravishers, murderers, robbers, virtuosos; no leaders, or followers, of party and faction; no encouragers to vice, by seducement or examples; no dungeon, axes, gibbets, whipping-posts, or pillories; no cheating shopkeepers or mechanics; no pride, vanity, or affectation; no fops, bullies, drunkards, strolling whores, or poxes; no ranting, lewd, expensive wives; no stupid, proud pedants; no importunate, overbearing, quarrelsome, noisy, roaring, empty, conceited, swearing companions; no scoundrels raised from the dust upon the merit of their vices, or nobility thrown into it on account of their virtues; no lords, fiddlers, judges, or dancing-masters.
In 1536 he joined as an adventurer in Hore’s voyage to North America; he sailed with Oliver Daubeney, ‘Mr. Joy, afterwards gentleman of the king’s chapel,’ and others in the Minion from Gravesend, towards the end of April.
In non-game media and some of the games, she is just a minion of Shao Kahn.
Not wanting Glory to learn this fact, Ben stabs the minion with his own knife.
Other Characters returning from "Overlord" include Forge Master Giblet, the minion minstrel Quaver, and the human Rose, mistress of the previous Overlord and the Mother of the current one.
Rather than adding more base minion types (which would make controls more difficult and blur the lines between the minions), the four races are now stronger, more destructive and funnier than before."
The Browns are the first sect that the Overlord has at his disposal, and frequently the most useful in any direct combat; they are more robust and can take much more damage than any other minion group, though they are susceptible to fire and poison and they drown in water higher than the Overlord's knee.
The Overlord also has the ability to occasionally take direct control over the current strongest minion to lead the rest through the use of the "Possession Stone".
The Overlord and his minions reside in a dark tower in a dimension known as the "Netherworld", where the Overlord builds up his minion forces by harvesting life-force from fallen creatures that, when gathered, can be brought back into the real world as a minion by summoning them through Minion Gates scattered across the landscape and through the Overlord himself in the less common Netherworld Gates.
The series ended after only 4 issues and left readers with the cliffhanger of Metlar's escape from captivity and Sandra Shore's transformation into an undead minion of D'Compose.
The workable humor of the series was said to stem from the gameplay itself that "the gameplay, environments, missions, minion antics, voice acting and script all worked well together", which would apparently not work if "against really straight gameplay or bland environments."
There were changes to the gameplay in order to suit the game’s personality such as the Neatherworld replacing the Dark Tower, being "much more alive with minion culture" and expanding the strategy elements being "important expanded what the minions can do.
This later became involved in an online mini-game entitled "Whack-A-Seal", a game in the same style whac-a-mole where a minion would club baby seals that popped up from holes in the ice.
This linked in with the game’s humour, particularly the minion’s personality and charm, with "GameSpy" complimenting "the maniacal Gremlin-esque voices and actions of the minions, making them at once both intimidating and strangely endearing", with the added feature of naming and resurrecting certain minions that resulted in "a surprising attachment."
Waad has no more title to the name than his companions on the Minion, and infinitely less than the sixteen Englishmen who accompanied Sebastian Cabot, not to mention the possibility that were English sailors among Columbus’s crews.
While the Overlord himself can also fight in combat with various weapons and armor types that gradually become available and the ability to cast spells to either help minions or hinder opponents, the majority of tasks are performed by the minion hordes.
With up to four kinds, each minion type is suited for different purposes such as browns for fighting and blues for healing fallen minions.

More Vocab Words

::: glib - fluent (with insincerity or superficiality); facile; slick
::: redolent - odorous; fragrant; suggestive (of an odor); Ex. redolent of onions/mystery
::: mulct - defraud a person of something; swindle; Ex. mulct the boy of his legacy
::: exiguous - small in amount; minute
::: monograph - scholarly article
::: significant - expressing a meaning; important; Ex. significant smile; N. significance: importance; meaning; V. signify: denote; mean; signal; make known; matter; be significant
::: infinitesimal - very small
::: brazen - insolent; without shame; bold; Ex. brazen lie; V: face with bold self-assurance or with unshamed confidence
::: address - direct a speech to; speak to; deal with or discuss; direct one's efforts or attention to; make with a destination; N: formal speech
::: motility - ability to move spontaneously; ADJ. motile: moving spontaneously