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Vocabulary Word

Word: millennium

Definition: thousand-year period (as in the New Testament); hoped-for period of happiness and prosperity

Sentences Containing 'millennium'

"Book of Prophecy: From Ancient Greece to the Millennium"
"NYE1999 - Sydney's Millennium" Opening Sequence To " 'Auld Lang Syne' ".
1758 to the end of the Second Millennium.
A millennium ago, Onaga, also known as The Dragon King, was the ruler of Outworld.
A new stone cross and bench nearby were erected to mark the Millennium.
A year later, it appears his next book of illustrations: III MILLENNIUM.
Around the start of the second millennium, part of the area was subject to the monastery, linked to St.
At some point in the 1st millennium BC, the inhabitants of Rhodes created the 'general average'.
At the beginning of the new millennium, he raised the national team to the top.
Bala Hisar site in this area was first occupied in the 2nd millennium BC.
Believers in talismans, for over a millennium Turks have clung to their shamanistic roots.
Both albums Millennium and "...Baby One More Time" have been certified Diamond Status.
During the 4th millennium BCE, these Funnelbeaker tribes expanded into Sweden up to Uppland.
He has been Kazakhstan's most successful gymnast of the new millennium.
Helperby has a new Millennium hall and a butcher's shop.
However the new millennium also saw a series of downfalls for the BBL.
In the mid-2nd millennium BC, the Terramare culture developed in the Po Valley.
In the year 1999, he said that there would be such changes at the dawn of the third millennium.
Increased enrollment at the turn of the millennium prompted the administration to expand.
It celebrated its 450th anniversary in the millennium year.
It expressed a Calvinist theology, and in it, the author estimated that 2016 would see the Millennium.
It portrayed medieval English villagers fearful of the turn of the new (second) millennium in the year 999 AD, and parodied contemporary fears at the turn of the third millennium (such as the Millennium Bug) in 1999.
Later occupation of the site in later third millennium appears to be domestic.
Lick It Up – A Millennium Tribute to Kiss
Little is known at this time aside from the site being active from circa 6th millennium BC to circa 4th millennium BC.
Millbank Millennium Pier is a modern River Thames pier structure.
Millennium Business Park, a government owned IT park, is situated here.
Millennium is a high alpha variety bred in the John I. Haas, Inc.
Moreover, the peaceful coexistence continued for over a millennium up until modern times.
Phase I of the Millennium Line was completed $50 million under budget.
Substitutes: Mount Hood, Hallertau, Crystal. Millennium.
The "Millennium Monument" is a tribute to the individual, corporate and foundation benefactors of Millennium Park.
The 3rd millennium dates of the oldest artifacts were revised to the mid 5th millennium BC (linear pottery period) in a 2008 press release.
The awards began in 2000 and the first ceremony was held in London at The Millennium Dome.
The first section of the Millennium Line opened in 2002, with Braid and Sapperton stations.
The late 1990s and early years of the new millennium were an exciting time of expansion for the College.
The MEU deployed during the turn of the millennium when it served as a contingency force, and also returned to the Balkans.
The middle centuries of the first millennium AD marked great changes in Ireland.
The Millennium line remains an integral part of Ashley’s business.
The Millennium Link is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken by British Waterways.
The mountain had been mined for nearly half a millennium towards the end of its golden era.
The new millennium finds The Northern Meeting a vibrant and enthusiastic society.
The pre-race favourite Dubai Millennium finished ninth.
The square is a tree-lined section of Millennium Park with a large lawn.
The turn of the millennium witnessed the growth of Internet based technologies which resulted in the dotcom boom.
There are remnants of a pagan shrine from 1st millennium BC located in the area, with ca.
Today, Millennium Park trails only Navy Pier as a Chicago tourist attraction.
Two Horgen culture sites from the 4th millennium BC have been found in the Canton.
Two seconds later, AMP Tower exploded mines each second until the millennium.
UHD's expansion and growth continued as a new millennium arrived.

More Vocab Words

::: garish - overbright in color; unpleasantly bright; gaudy
::: irrefutable - indisputable; incontrovertible; undeniable
::: wrinkle - small ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
::: reprieve - postponement or cancelation of a punishment; temporary stay; V: postpone or cancel the punishment of
::: hamper - obstruct; prevent the free movement of; N:
::: ascendancy - controlling influence; position of controlling influence; CF. in the ascendant
::: scruple - hesitate for ethical reasons; fret about; Ex. She did not scruple to read his diary; N: uneasy feeling arising from conscience; conscience
::: enhance - increase; make greater (as in value, reputation, or usefulness); improve
::: prefigure - be a sign of; foreshadow
::: conspire - take part in a conspiracy; (of events) work together; combine; Ex. Events conspired to produce great difficulties.