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Vocabulary Word

Word: militia

Definition: army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers

Sentences Containing 'militia'

A soldier, he trained the first militia.
A well regulated standing army is superior to every militia.
According to Putin, they "trained South Ossetian militia under this plan."
Any regiment of militia would be liable to serve throughout the country.
As they drive away, Opie detonates the bombs, killing all of the militia.
Black Market Militia is the first album by the hip hop supergroup Black Market Militia.
By early 1751, over 250 Acadians had joined the French militia.
Clouet served in the militia during the War of 1812 as captain and then major.
Communist militia in Tarnów detained fourteen of them for several hours.
During that fall Brunson served as a major in the Davies County militia.
During the Creek War (1813), White served as a brigadier general in the Tennessee militia.
During this time he would also serve as a colonel in the militia.
Floyd would briefly be 2nd Lieutenant of the Jefferson County militia.
He also was a captain in the island's militia.
He became an attorney in 1810 and served in the militia during the War of 1812.
He conquered and subdued that militia, and, in the course of the war, his own militia necessarily became a well disciplined and well exercised standing army.
He joined the Point Coupee Militia Regiment of the Louisiana Militia as a captain on December 16, 1861.
He served as adjutant general of the Massachusetts Militia from 1834 to 1843.
He served in the cavalry unit of the local militia and served as a major during the Upper Canada Rebellion.
He served in the local militia, first as captain and then lieutenant.
He was a justice of the peace and lieutenant colonel in the county militia.
He was promoted to brigadier general in the Massachusetts Militia in 1813.
His former acquaintances had been numerous; but since he had been in the militia, it did not appear that he was on terms of particular friendship with any of them.
Hutaree was a Christian militia group based in Adrian, Michigan.
In 1660, he was appointed a Commissioner of Militia, serving subsequently as colonel of the Devon Militia.
In other countries, the militia has not only been exercised, but regimented.
In the closing days of the war, he joined a local militia unit.
It replaced the previous Militia Act of 1862.
It was brought about by the irresistible superiority which the militia of a barbarous has over that of a civilized nation; which the militia of a nation of shepherds has over that of a nation of husbandmen, artificers, and manufacturers.
It was only by hiring the militia of some of those nations to oppose to that of others, that the emperors were for some time able to defend themselves.
Joined the 1st California Infantry, with many of his militia company August 15, 1861.
Morris also became a colonel in the Indiana state militia.
Nevertheless, Rietberg had its own militia, its own currency and its own laws.
Sanders was a captain in the local militia.
Seven of the original ten companies had initially been organized under the state militia laws.
Some men, perhaps most joined the militia companies.
Such were the victories which the Greek militia gained over that of the Persian empire; and such, too, were those which, in later times, the Swiss militia gained over that of the Austrians and Burgundians.
That standing army was afterwards carried to Africa, where it found nothing but a militia to oppose it.
The "Fort Minor Militia EP" is an album for the Fort Minor's official fan club, "Fort Minor Militia".
The arms being taken from the Saints the mob now felt safe and were no longer militia.
The Baggara started to organize themselves as militia.
The Department of Militia and Defence contributed to the equipment of the unit.
The FBI was aided in its investigation by members of another militia group.
The militia in a department was usually at the disposal of the department commander.
The militia was reformed as well and integrated into the Army.
The principal purport of his letter was to inform them that Mr. Wickham had resolved on quitting the militia.
These tracks are sometimes referred to as "Fort Minor Militia EP".
They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc.
They are the standing army, and the militia, jailers, constables, posse comitatus, etc..
Unlike Nabih Berri of the Shiite Moslems and Walid Jumblat, the Druse leader, he had no militia.

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