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Vocabulary Word

Word: methodical

Definition: systematic; N. method: systematic method of procedure

Sentences Containing 'methodical'

After 12 April Haig decided that the advantage gained by the Third and First armies since the attack of 9 April had run its course and that further attacks must resume a methodical character.
As the attackers tried to capture the and dig in near the German second line, of the counter-attack divisions would advance from the into the battle zone, in an immediate counter-attack, () if this failed the counter-attack divisions would take their time to prepare a methodical attack, if the lost ground was essential to the retention of the main position.
By using a system of methodical observations, scientists can use the phylogenetic relationships of species to predict the number of interactions they exhibit in more than one-third of the networks, and the identity of the species with which they interact in about half of the networks.
General Falkenhausen, commander of the Sixth Army arranged his infantry in the Arras area according to Lossberg and Hoen's preference for a rigid defence of the front-line, supported by methodical counter-attacks by the "relief" divisions on the second or third day.
German historical linguist Eduard Adolf Maetzner published his 1,700 page "Englische Grammatik" between 1860 and 1865; an English translation, "An English grammar: methodical, analytical and historical" appeared in 1874.
Haddu Khan's son, Rehmat Ali Khan (1852–1922) was a widely acclaimed singer who liberated the Gwalior style from the methodical form it followed to the emotional style that he preferred.
Having abundance of time for his usual methodical toilette, Mr. Lorry presented himself at the breakfast hour in his usual white linen, and with his usual neat leg.
I can see no more reason to doubt that this would be the result, than that man should be able to improve the fleetness of his greyhounds by careful and methodical selection, or by that kind of unconscious selection which follows from each man trying to keep the best dogs without any thought of modifying the breed.
If a swift counter-attack was not possible, there was to be a delay to organised a methodical counter-attack, after ample artillery preparation.
In "Tank and Infantry Operations Without Methodical Artillery Preparation" of 30 October 1917, each corps was told to keep the instructions secret to ensure surprise, that tank sections should attack specific areas, that objectives should be reserved for an echelon of tanks each, that an advanced tank should keep German heads down, while the main body and infantry crossed German trenches, that the main body of tanks should stay on the British side of the German line being attacked, that tanks would be allotted according to the number of German positions in the area and work in threes to cover of front.
In contrast, Aderca's final biographical study, the ESPLA-rejected "Goethe şi lumea sa" ("Goethe and His World"), was based on a methodical research that was ostensibly inspired by Scientific Socialism, and that, as Aderca himself claimed, offered insight into the conflicting sides of Goethe's life: his literary genius in contrast with his supposedly subservient position to German aristocracy.
In his orderly studio, the artist worked in a methodical fashion in complete silence and found that even the noise of a mouse was sufficient to break his concentration.
In Nixon’s July 8, 1970, Indian message, he decried termination, proclaiming, “self-determination among Indian people can and must be encouraged without the threat of eventual termination.” While this was a step toward substantial reform, the administration was hindered by its bureaucratic mentality, unable to change its methodical approach of dealing with Indian rights.
It is not to be supposed that species in a state of nature ever change so quickly as domestic animals under the guidance of methodical selection.
Kazdan is aggressive, destructive and highly methodical. He is physically strong, but immature.
Lossberg considered that spontaneous withdrawals would disrupt the counter-attack reserves as they deployed and further deprive battalion and division commanders of the ability to conduct an organised defence, which the dispersal of infantry over a wider area had already made difficult. Lossberg and others had severe doubts as to the ability of relief divisions to arrive on the battlefield in time to conduct an immediate counter-attack from behind the battle zone and wanted the Somme practice of fighting in the front line to be retained and authority devolved no further than the battalion, so as to maintain organizational coherence, in anticipation of a methodical counter-attack after by the relief divisions.
Methodical and ruthless, Chaor is the perfect leader for the UnderWorlders.
Now, madame,''said Debray, delivering up his accounts in the methodical manner of a stockbroker,``there are still 80,000 francs, the interest of this money, in my hands.''
Reeve claims not to be a methodical writer.
The battle lasted nearly half an hour, and then the phantoms fled; Dona Rodriguez gathered up her skirts, and bemoaning her fate went out without saying a word to Don Quixote, and he, sorely pinched, puzzled, and dejected, remained alone, and there we will leave him, wondering who could have been the perverse enchanter who had reduced him to such a state; but that shall be told in due season, for Sancho claims our attention, and the methodical arrangement of the story demands it.
The man who first selected a pigeon with a slightly larger tail, never dreamed what the descendants of that pigeon would become through long-continued, partly unconscious and partly methodical, selection.
The maxims of common life were arranged in some methodical order, and connected together by a few common principles, in the same manner as they had attempted to arrange and connect the phenomena of nature.
The methodical destruction of the old ammo was supposed to occur with a series of small, controlled explosions, but a chain of events led to the entire stockpile going up at once.
The Ottoman Grand Vizier A'ali Pasha personally assumed control of the Ottoman forces and launched a methodical campaign to retake the rural districts, which was combined with promises of political concessions, notably by the introduction of an Organic Law, which gave the Cretan Christians equal (in practice, because of their superior numbers, majority) control of local administration.
The regiment was to be available to launch counter-attacks while the British were consolidating; the remainder of each division was to be withheld for a (methodical counter-attack) on the next day or the one after.
The review in the "Times Literary Supplement" issue of 4 April 1929 was for once markedly unenthusiastic about a Christie Book: "It is a great pity that Mrs Christie should in this, as in a previous book, have deserted the methodical procedure of inquiry into a single and circumscribed crime for the romance of universal conspiracy and international rogues.
There was a circumstance which at first sight seemed to entangle his delirious but still methodical scheme.
They might continue in this manner, for a long time, merely to multiply the number of those maxims of prudence and morality, without even attempting to arrange them in any very distinct or methodical order, much less to connect them together by one or more general principles, from which they were all deducible, like effects from their natural causes.
Third Army Headquarters also gave its corps permission to delegate command of tanks to divisions for the Second Battle of the Scarpe (23–24 April), discretion over local matters being increasingly left to divisional commanders, with corps retaining control over matters affecting the conduct of the battle in general. British methodical attacks.
Though not initially important players in the operation, Freamon proved a quietly capable and methodical investigator with a knack for noticing tiny but important details, and Prez turned out to be a natural at following paper trails and his persistence when dealing with seemingly unbreakable codes paid off eventually.
Very orderly and methodical he looked, with a hand on each knee, and a loud watch ticking a sonorous sermon under his flapped waist coat, as though it pitted its gravity and longevity against the levity and evanescence of the brisk fire.
When the first tendency to point was once displayed, methodical selection and the inherited effects of compulsory training in each successive generation would soon complete the work; and unconscious selection is still in progress, as each man tries to procure, without intending to improve the breed, dogs which stand and hunt best.
``That's business,''said Mr. Lorry, resuming on the shortest notice his methodical manners;``and if business is to be done, I had better do it.''

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