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Vocabulary Word

Word: metamorphosis

Definition: change of form; Ex. metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly; V. metamorphose: change by metamorphosis

Sentences Containing 'metamorphosis'

A charwoman also appears in Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" (1915).
After listening attentively to Griffin’s analysis of Kafka’s "The Metamorphosis", all the other students file out of the classroom, but Shalinsky lingers to compliment his teacher.
After passing through a number of larval stages this settles on the sea bed and undergoes metamorphosis into a polyp.
After several months of growth and development, these sprout limbs and undergo metamorphosis into tiny toads.
Again, with respect to the singular fact that many terrestrial and fresh-water animals do not undergo any metamorphosis, while marine members of the same groups pass through various transformations, Fritz Muller has suggested that the process of slowly modifying and adapting an animal to live on the land or in fresh water, instead of in the sea, would be greatly simplified by its not passing through any larval stage; for it is not probable that places well adapted for both the larval and mature stages, under such new and greatly changed habits of life, would commonly be found unoccupied or ill-occupied by other organisms.
Ants go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa (sometimes cocoon, called metamorphosis depending on the species) and adult. The larvae have no legs but are capable of some minor movement, such as bending their head toward a food source when fed.
combustion, crystallization, centrifugation, diffraction, diffusion, dispersion, distillation, electrolysis, electrophoresis, emulsification, evaporation, hydrolysis, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, oxidation, phosphorescence, pyrolysis, reduction, reflection, refraction, scattering, sedimentation, sublimation, birth, cell division, fermentation, fertilization, germination, growth, geotropism, heliotropism, hybridization, metamorphosis, photosynthesis, transpiration
Dreadstar's original adventure, the "Metamorphosis Odyssey", ran in the first nine issues of Marvel Comics' "Epic Illustrated" (Spring 1980-October 1981).
He unifies his subject matter through the theme of metamorphosis.
Her first solo album, "Metamorphosis", was described by Greg Cahill in "Strings" as "visceral, hypnotic, and often compelling."
Here they develop until they undergo metamorphosis into juvenile starfish.
In some whole groups of animals and in certain members of other groups this is the case, and the embryo does not at any period differ widely from the adult: thus Owen has remarked in regard to cuttle-fish, "there is no metamorphosis; the cephalopodic character is manifested long before the parts of the embryo are completed."
In the haemocoel the larvae undergo complete cellular reorganization (i.e. metamorphosis), transforming into cysticercoid larvae in approximately 7-10 days.
In the second stage, answering to the chrysalis stage of butterflies, they have six pairs of beautifully constructed natatory legs, a pair of magnificent compound eyes, and extremely complex antennae; but they have a closed and imperfect mouth, and cannot feed: their function at this stage is, to search out by their well-developed organs of sense, and to reach by their active powers of swimming, a proper place on which to become attached and to undergo their final metamorphosis.
Interlude...Int er lude...Swint er Slude...Swint or Slude...Swint or Slude?...there ya go... the metamorphosis of the word interlude.
It was found that at certain concentrations, which were well above any normally found in the field, growth was increased and metamorphosis accelerated, but at others, there was no significant difference between the experimental tadpoles and controls.
Larger juveniles at metamorphosis always outgrow smaller ones that have been reared in more crowded ponds.
Lubbock, above twenty times, and each time undergoes a certain amount of change; and in this case we see the act of metamorphosis performed in a primary and gradual manner.
Observing the metamorphosis of a butterfly in approx.
Old trees which die from fire or drought, undergo some metamorphosis in their wood due to the crystallization of the resin inside the heart wood.
The adult might also become fitted for sites or habits, in which organs of locomotion or of the senses, etc., would be useless; and in this case the metamorphosis would be retrograde.
The alkaloid is stored during the larval stages and retained through metamorphosis, protecting both larvae and adults from predators.
The belief in the essential identity of the process of alternate generation and of ordinary metamorphosis has been greatly strengthened by Wagner's discovery of the larva or maggot of a fly, namely the Cecidomyia, producing asexually other larvae, and these others, which finally are developed into mature males and females, propagating their kind in the ordinary manner by eggs.
The eponymous micro-novel "Nebulon", based on the Arthurian legend, is one of many cultural references in the book: the other stories reference a wide range of cultural symbols, featuring, among other things, the imaginary symposium of Balkan and Mediterranean nations, an account involving the metamorphosis of a virgin fisherman in Tunisia, a memoir of the author's own love for the British rock band Pink Floyd, and recollections from her childhood.
The girls looked with horror upon this shameful metamorphosis, the man of the world shaking off his covering and appearing as a galley slave.
This number can be expanded to as many as four (juvenile dirt-dragons as larva, "adult" graboids as pupa, Shriekers as subimago, and Ass-blasters as imago) or reduced to as few as two (Dirt-Dragons as larva and Ass-blasters as adults; similar to the sharp lexical division of amphibian metamorphosis into tadpole and frog/newt).
When an animal, as it approaches maturity, becomes less perfectly organised than might be expected from its early stages and known relationships, it is said to undergo a RETROGRADE DEVELOPMENT or METAMORPHOSIS.
When ingested by beetles, these larvae use their hooks and secretory glands to penetrate the gut of the beetle and enter the haemocoel where they undergo complete metamorphosis into cysticercoid larvae, replete with an adult scolex, ready for establishment in the final host. Cytology.
When the larvae have reached a suitable site for settlement, the metamorphosis to the asymmetric body shape takes place.
When they are ready to undergo metamorphosis, the larvae settle on the sea bed, possibly attracted to a particular location by pheromones released by other species.
With respect to the final cause of the young in such groups not passing through any metamorphosis, we can see that this would follow from the following contingencies: namely, from the young having to provide at a very early age for their own wants, and from their following the same habits of life with their parents; for in this case it would be indispensable for their existence that they should be modified in the same manner as their parents.

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