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Vocabulary Word

Word: merit

Definition: good quality deserving praise; merits: aspect of character or behavior deserving approval or disapproval; Ex. judge each plan on its own merits; V: deserve; earn

Sentences Containing 'merit'

A new Large Military Merit Medal was added on April 28, 1917.
Are not your name, your social position, and your merit sufficient?''
Beyer was a Presidential Scholar in 1968, and was a National Merit Scholarship winner.
By 1990 she had won the Portuguese Medal of Cultural Merit.
By this means, we may make a kind of merit of our very ignorance.
For his service during this time, he was awarded the Legion of Merit.
For his services in those assignments he was awarded the Legion of Merit.
For the Short Service Commission (SSC) officer-trainees, selection is through merit.
He also was awarded a Gold Star in lieu of a second Legion of Merit.
He became a member of the Order of Merit in 1935.
He finished in 3rd on the Order of Merit in 2010 and 5th in 2011.
He received the "Award of Merit" from the American Association for State and Local History in 1984.
He was later awarded the Legion of Merit for this work.
He was one of only four aces to win two awards of the Military Merit Cross.
He won the Bronze Military Merit Medal in this action.
I maintain that the position of a man like you has done more than my name, my social position, and my merit.''
I may claim the merit of having originated the suggestion that the will should be looked for in the box.
In 1948, Hesketh was awarded an American Legion of Merit (Degree of Officer).
In the Austro-Hungarian order of precedence, the Military Merit Medal ranked below orders, such as the Order of the Iron Crown, and the Military Merit Cross.
It is beautiful and very extensive, and has the excellent merit of having been made mainly by nature.
It outranked the lower grades of the Military Merit Cross and some orders.
Kinkel was an author of considerable merit.
Mark Walsh was the highest non-qualified player from the PDC Order of Merit.
My friend was an enthusiastic musician, being himself not only a very capable performer but a composer of no ordinary merit.
Next to the merit of infallibility which you appear to possess, I rank that of candidly acknowledging a fault.
Not all patent medicines were without merit.
Now, supposing I am deceived, supposing this man has not been unhappy enough to merit happiness.
On March 26, 1911, a Silver Military Merit Medal was founded.
One hundred seventy-one members of the 369th were awarded the Legion of Merit.
Our manufacturers have no doubt great merit with their country, but they cannot have more than those who defend it with their blood, nor deserve to be treated with more delicacy.
The Danger Zone: Ted and Stephen have fifteen minutes to earn five merit badges.
The government responded by saying that they recruit on merit.
The merit of their beauty is greatly enhanced by their scarcity.
The Military Merit Medal (, , ) was a military decoration of the Empire of Austria-Hungary.
The Military Merit Medal originally came in one class, a gilt bronze version.
The Military Merit Medal was awarded in peacetime for meritorious service and in wartime for outstanding acts (including bravery or military merit).
The Military Merit Medal was only awarded to officers and officials of similar rank.
The recidivistic nature of the offenses, not their seriousness per se, is what is adjudicated to merit the capital sentence.
The suit was dismissed in 2012 by Canadian federal courts as being without merit.
The top 24 players in the PDC Order of Merit qualified automatically.
Their agony formed part of their merit if they were not seen alive, they were despised when dead.''
To earn a merit badge, he must complete a task to the satisfaction of a Scoutmaster.
Yet, in saying this, I do but indirectly burnish a little brighter the noble merit of the poem and the poet.
you cannot examine them closely enough to decide upon their merit.
``For heaven's sake, Beauchamp,''returned Morcerf,``do not deprive me of the merit of introducing him everywhere.
``I neither want any thanks, nor merit any,''was the careless rejoinder.
``The scheme is well known,''said the inspector;``and the abbe's plan has not even the merit of originality.''
``There is no great merit due to me, for we were informed of it.''
``To yield readily easily to the persuasion of a friend is no merit with you.''
``What matter,''said Monte Cristo``if he has rendered the State services which merit this distinction?''

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