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Vocabulary Word

Word: mercenary

Definition: motivated solely by money or gain; N.

Sentences Containing 'mercenary'

'As I have mentioned to Miss Trotwood, I am actuated by no mercenary considerations; few men are less so, I believe; but Mr. Jorkins has his opinions on these subjects, and I am bound to respect Mr. Jorkins's opinions.
'It would be better for yourself, and all of us, if you WERE mercenary, Mr. Copperfield--I mean, if you were more discreet and less influenced by all this youthful nonsense.
'When he was waiting to be the object of your munificence, so freely bestowed for my sake, and when I was unhappy in the mercenary shape I was made to wear, I thought it would have become him better to have worked his own way on.
A rather nefarious concept given the area is famously known as the land of martyrs and warriors and many specialised as mercenary fighters.
After escaping, he no longer follows the Seidan law and becomes a mercenary.
After the second Persian war, accordingly, the armies of Athens seem to have been generally composed of mercenary troops, consisting, indeed, partly of citizens, but partly, too, of foreigners; and all of them equally hired and paid at the expense of the state.
An external threat during this time arose in the form of the Guglers, marauding mercenary knights from France who were beaten back under the leadership of Berne in December 1375.
An Mercenary member of the team, he falls down a shaft when the pyramid shifts and injures his leg, he is taken by the aliens and is later seen cocooned to the wall and already dead from a chestburster.
Ancient vedic texts describe the area as being part of Kamboja kingdom, dominated by Hun warrior classes excelling at hand to hand combat, horsemanship and a mercenary attitude.
As the Hitman, Kenyon was a costumed mercenary assassin.
At a very young age he joined Zaporozhian Host as a mercenary.
At the end of the 1980s the South Africans did not want to continue to support a mercenary regime and France also wanted to get rid of the mercenaries.
But, when one of Egypt’s most celebrated generals, a Greek mercenary called Phanes, defects to the Persians, it triggers a savage war that will tax Barca's skills, and his humanity, to the limit.
Efforts were made to unify Bhonsle, Shinde, and Holkar; even the mercenary Pindaris were approached.
Ericson (Martin Kove), one of Murdoch's associates, is a skillful mercenary pilot who can fly fixed and rotary-winged aircraft equally well.
Fortunately for Saladin, al-Adil had his warships moved from Fustat and Alexandria to the Red Sea under the command of an Armenian mercenary Lu'lu.
Hajiyev, and six other Russian Guantanamo detainees, were repatriated to Russia, were they faced charges of illegal border crossing, being members of a criminal group and being a mercenary in an armed conflict. Repatriation.
He lived in Fiji with other beach combers, hiring himself out as a mercenary to different chiefs in the numerous inter-tribal wars in Fiji.
He shall be mercenary, and she shall be foolish.''
His attentions to Miss King were now the consequence of views solely and hatefully mercenary; and the mediocrity of her fortune proved no longer the moderation of his wishes, but his eagerness to grasp at anything.
However, they are guarded by a powerful mercenary army - the 'Brigades Morgenstern', owned and led by Nao's aunt, Ulla, who inherited billions from Nao's parents when they died on the "White Star".
I hurriedly made him a reply to the effect, that I hoped the error into which I had been betrayed by the desperate nature of my love, did not induce him to think me mercenary too?
I should be sorry to think our friend mercenary.''
In the Battle of Cynoscephalae during the Second Macedonian War three years later, Cretan mercenary archers fought for both the Romans and the Macedonians.
In the Burgundy Wars, the Swiss soldiers had gained a reputation of near invincibility, and their mercenary services became increasingly sought after by the great European political powers of the time.
In the late 15th century, the mercenary services became also an important economic factor.
It is of no surprise then that the British when they did take over the region decided to not allow the Gujjars to join the military or civil service citing them as unreliable, unfit and associated very strongly to the criminal and mercenary Thuggee gangs.
Last Christmas you were afraid of his marrying me, because it would be imprudent; and now, because he is trying to get a girl with only ten thousand pounds, you want to find out that he is mercenary.''
Let it be, in justice, merely said of me, as of a gallant and eminent naval Hero, with whom I have no pretensions to cope, that what I have done, I did, in despite of mercenary and selfish objects, For England, home, and Beauty.
Meantime, Tamsin is a secret agent working for two separate clients: The Morrígan, who wants to build a case against Bo so that she can execute her; and as a mercenary for someone who wants to entrap Bo.
Merrick hires Burkinabé mercenary Albert Laurent to hunt them down, and explains that he needs the clones conscious in the compound, as otherwise their organs inevitably fail.
Miki is later kidnapped by the Japanese Mafia who had secretly bankrolled Project-T in the hopes of using Godzilla as a mercenary monster.
Not long after, Cleomenes, of whose influence with the mercenary troops Sosibius had at this time dexterously availed himself, shared the same fate.
Oh, what a detestable crew they are, these mercenary speculators!''
Originally a mercenary and leader of the international crime cartel known as the Black Dragon, Kano rises beyond the level of mere brutality and aggression by also being sly and cunning.
Pandulf married off John's sister to Ranulf Drengot, the Norman mercenary who had recently been widowered by the duke of Naples' sister.
Recruitment then emphasised mercenary agents, an approach especially successful in scientific and technical espionage—because private industry practiced lax internal security, unlike the US Government.
School Boy (Matthew Marsden) is a young British mercenary and ex-SBS sniper who turns out to be more personable than the rest of the group.
She has been vilified as a mercenary fortune-seeker and CIA lackey.
The "Reisläuferei", as the mercenary service was called, attracted many young adventurous Swiss who saw in it a way to escape the relative poverty of their homes.
The bride-to-be had been kidnapped, her lover killed, and Lucius becomes possessed with the ghost of his great grandfather, Gallus Tadius (Leader of the Red Scourge, a mercenary company).
The Brigand and Mercenary are the all-rounded characters, being slightly weaker than the Navvie and Thug, but having more specials and a faster speed.
The game follows Cloud Strife, a troubled mercenary who joins with an eco-terrorist group to stop the megacorporation Shinra from draining the life of the Planet to use as an energy source.
The Mercenary uses a gatling gun that works similarly to the Thug's shotgun but with a different pattern.
The rebels provided guides for the mercenary group sent to rescue the captured missionaries.
The term first appears in use in the Byzantine army in the late 6th-century "Strategikon" of emperor Maurice, where it is reserved for the commander of the elite "Optimatoi" mercenary corps.
The von Flüe had grown wealthy and politically powerful in mercenary service in France.
These included the Fifty-fourth, the Landgraf Regiment, and the Jaegers, made up of Hessian mercenary volunteers.
This is shown near the end of the film, when he angrily kills a Tatmadaw soldier by smashing his head with a rock to save a mercenary, an act that left him in shock.
``Pray, my dear aunt, what is the difference in matrimonial affairs, between the mercenary and the prudent motive?

More Vocab Words

::: derivative - unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.
::: incursion - temporary invasion; CF. excursion: short journey
::: elusive - evasive; not frank; baffling; hard to grasp, catch, or understand; V. elude: escape from; escape the understanding or grasp of; Ex. elude the hunter; Ex. His name eludes me.
::: pedant - scholar who overemphasizes book learning, trivial details of learning, or technicalities
::: nutrient - nourishing substance; ADJ: providing nourishment
::: imperil - put in danger
::: consensus - general agreement; opinion reached by a group
::: orifice - mouthlike opening; small opening (esp. to a cavern or passage of the body); CF. mouth
::: teetotalism - practice of abstaining totally from alcoholic drinks; N. teetotaler;; ADJ. teetotal; CF. T + total
::: agitate - stir up; disturb