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Vocabulary Word

Word: menace

Definition: threat; V: threaten

Sentences Containing 'menace'

"Tennis the Menace" features guest appearances from Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and sisters Venus and Serena Williams.
"Tennis the Menace" has received generally positive reviews from critics, being praised for its guest stars.
"Tennis the Menace" is the twelfth episode of the twelfth season of the American animated sitcom "The Simpsons".
"Tennis the Menace" was directed by Jen Kamerman and written by Ian Maxtone-Graham, who also directed the Williams sisters' performance.
"Tennis the Menace" was written by Ian Maxtone-Graham and directed by Jen Kamerman as part of the twelfth season of "The Simpsons" (2000–2001).
/ Now you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace.
A "Dennis the Menace" story by Wiseman and Toole was reprinted in the Art Spiegelman and Françoise Mouly collection, "The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics" (Abrams, 2009).
A 1917 report remarked, "Phalen Creek and the banks of this stream are ideal for park purposes, while in their present state they constitute a menace to the health of the residents and to the community at large."
After Wiseman worked in advertising, he became an assistant to Hank Ketcham on "Dennis the Menace".
Al Wiseman was the Ghost Cartoonist for "Dennis the Menace".
Around eight million American homes tuned in to watch "Tennis the Menace" during its original airing, and in 2009 it was released on DVD along with the rest of the episodes of the twelfth season.
Baxendale dreamed him up claiming he was a mixture of Hiawatha and Dennis the Menace and gave him into the editing team.
But Young sallied, and landed a number of good punches of his own, as Foreman's eyes became puffy and his punches lost their menace.
Chakravarthy unable to tolerate his son's growing menace also sets off to Hong Kong for a vacation.
Critics have given "Tennis the Menace" generally positive reviews.
David Jones career started with indie game "Menace" which he released in 1988.
During the battle, Galt sacrifices himself to protect Anele, indicating an alteration in The Humbled's stance towards the menace of his Earthpower.
From about 881, he himself ruled Capua, technically a vassal of Prince Guaimar I of Salerno. He and Guaimar fought an indecisive war while the latter was preoccupied with the Saracen menace Athanasius was ignoring.
Harper and her team fight against overwhelming odds to stop this ravenous zombie menace where it began—before it spreads out to devour the earth.
He also had spells with Clydebank, Pollok, KR Reykjavik of Iceland and with Des Moines Menace in America before his return to St Mirren.
He had his own feature, "Punky", in the "Dennis the Menace" comic books.
He was taken ill in 1970, and his strips were taken over by other artists, including David Sutherland on "Dennis the Menace" and John Dallas on "Beryl the Peril".
He wrote primarily in the genres of aviation, detective, adventure and weird menace.
His most famous creation, "Dennis the Menace", first appeared in "The Beano" issue 452, dated 17 March 1951.
In 2004, Kraus played with the Memphis Express in the USL Premier Development League in 2004, and played again in the PDL with Des Moines Menace in 2005.
In 2011 Rex teamed up with Kris Menace to release "POW!".
In that earnest look might be read a deep reproach, as well as a terrible menace.
Is it not experience, which renders a dog apprehensive of pain, when you menace him, or lift up the whip to beat him?
It was used on "Tennis the Menace" primarily to test the technique.
Moshoeshoe continued to menace the Free State border.
Mosse saw nationalism, which often includes racism, as the chief menace of modern times.
On August 18, 2009, "Tennis the Menace" was released on DVD as part of the box set "The Simpsons – The Complete Twelfth Season".
On July 7, 2011, a 30-minute, exclusive TV special was announced titled Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace by Michael Price about a Jedi Academy field trip.
Part 2 of "The Yoda Chronicles", entitled "Menace of the Sith", aired on September 4, 2013.
Rasher had earlier made his first appearance in "The Beano" in issue 1920 (5 May 1979) in the "Dennis the Menace and Gnasher" strip.
Rasher is a comic strip in the UK comic "The Beano", featuring Dennis the Menace's pet pig Rasher.
Strike force Gain police, who have accused Marcus of being an active member of dlasthr, arrested him and charged him with robbery and demand money in company with menace.
The animators of "The Simpsons" experimented with digital ink and paint on "Tennis the Menace", making it the second episode of the series to be animated using the process.
The first few sets based on the original trilogy were released in 1999, coinciding with the release of "The Phantom Menace".
The most serious menace faced by the Navy came from the attacks on merchant shipping mounted by German U-boats.
The opening of "Tennis the Menace" is what Maxtone-Graham describes as a "screw you" beginning, as the viewer has "no idea that the twist is going to be tennis".
The video "I Need A Doctor" was shot with Allen Hughes, the director behind "Menace II Society" and "The Book of Eli".
The writers had a number of alternate endings to "Tennis the Menace" before deciding on the one eventually used.
They warned the latter might menace the oligarchy and threaten a military coup; they preferred an inefficient army to an authoritarian state.
This oath was no longer a vain menace; for the fastest sailer in the Mediterranean would have been unable to overtake the little tartan, that with every stitch of canvas set was flying before the wind to Leghorn.
Tierney has continued to publish weird verse, with the volume "Savage Menace and Other Poems of Horror" (2010) collecting all his verse subsequent to "Collected Poems".
Tree attracted attention as a feminine menace on the screen as the hairdresser-spy, Hilda Kleinhauer, in the Warner Bros.
Wiseman and writer Fred Toole worked on the "Dennis the Menace" comic book from 1953 into the 1960s.
With his disengaged hand he made a menace of striking me, and then looked at me from head to foot.
With the Atlantic free of the U-boat menace, "Burrows" was needed in the Pacific.

More Vocab Words

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::: doggerel - poor verse
::: rococo - ornate; highly decorated; N. CF. 18th century
::: rigor - severity; Ex. rigors of the Russian winter
::: naivet - \'e(naivety) quality of being unsophisticated; simplicity; artlessness; gullibility; ADJ. naive(na\"ive): ingenuous; lacking worldliness; simple; credulous
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::: barefaced - shameless and noticeable; blatant; bold; unconcealed; having no covering on the face; Ex. barefaced lie
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