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Vocabulary Word

Word: melee

Definition: fight

Sentences Containing 'melee'

"What started out as a peaceful, non-violent demonstration against the war and the Selective Service System, ended in a violent fist-swinging melee.
(Their commander, Lt.Col. Luck, died in action during this melee).
As Hunters, your objective is to kill the Vampires and prevent them from respawning (by using Pile V.H. melee weapon) or just survive until the time is over.
But Lorge's dragoons and the corps light cavalry units were across the river and quickly joined the melee.
Due to the proliferation of supernatural monsters such as vampires, silver-plated melee weapons and silver plated bullets have also risen in popularity.
During the action, his ship was badly damaged and boarded by sailors and marines from the French ship of the line . Cooke was killed in the ensuing melee, but his crew successfully drove off their opponents and ultimately forced the surrender of "Aigle".
During the expedition, she and her team accidentally start a 'coming of age' rite for the Predators ahead of schedule by removing the Predators' plasma cannons, thus leaving them with only melee weapons to use against the Aliens.
During the melee, a young man, Harold Ernest Curtin, was killed after being struck on the head with a police baton; the coroner's jury returned a verdict of manslaughter by an unknown police constable.
He is a primarily melee focused character with an action skill called "Buzz Axe Rampage", which boosts his melee damage and causes him to regain health whenever he kills an enemy.
His next attack, melee or ranged, will have increased damage and critical hit damage.
His skill trees allow him extend the amount of time his skill lasts by killing enemies, they can allow him to deal more melee damage to tougher targets, or can specialize him a different way, and get bonuses to sniping, or a tree for both.
However, during an extended melee throughout the hospital, Jesse is killed by Wolf, pinned to the wall with a shuriken.
However, this formation severely restricted their ability in melee combat.
It allows for PvP Melee Combat and Combat with NPC Monsters.
It has the ability to manifest many melee weapons from its limbs.
Like pirates, they have the option of a ranged weapon or melee weapon, as well as a balanced amount of HP and MP.
Players have a standard melee attack that is bound to their character.
Protesters tried to disrupt the Mass, and the ensuing melee injured dozens, with one policeman killed.
The badly wounded ship's quartermaster was also present, and he informed Cumby that Cooke had fallen in the melee.
The Blues are medics, virtually non-combative entities that cannot participate in a melee situation alone without sustaining severe casualties, but their ability to resurrect fallen minions makes them valuable; their additional abilities include "blinking," removing magical ooze, swimming and an immunity to magic attacks.
The police then resorted to firing blanks, injuring at least five people in the ensuing melee.
Thieves are usually capable of melee or ranged combat, and tend to be focused on dodging attacks rather than withstanding damage.
When a new rank is achieved, the player earns a token that can be used to instantly increase base stats, such as fire rate, recoil reduction, damage, critical hit damage, melee damage, health, etc. These base stat attributes carry over to every character.
Wolfhound has three main skills, unarmed combat, melee weapons and ranged attacks, and four main characteristics, Constitution, Strength, Dexterity and Speed.

More Vocab Words

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