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Vocabulary Word

Word: meditation

Definition: reflection; thought; V. meditate

Sentences Containing 'meditation'

He seemed scarcely to hear her, and was walking up and down the room in earnest meditation, his brow contracted, his air gloomy.
I will go with you gladly soon, but I am just concluding a serious meditation.
If I should soon bring this meditation to an end, would another so sweet occasion be likely to offer?
After continuing some time in profound meditation, the young man suddenly exclaimed,``I have found what you were in search of!''
During these hours of profound meditation, which to him had seemed only minutes, he had formed a fearful resolution, and bound himself to its fulfilment by a solemn oath.
Monte Cristo smiled as he nodded to Albert, then remained a moment absorbed in deep meditation.
At the end of a quarter of an hour a faltering footstep was heard, and Villefort appeared at the door of the apartment whered'Avrigny and Morrel had been staying, one absorbed in meditation, the other in grief.
What subject of meditation could present itself to the banker, so fortunately become bankrupt?
Let it be thy perpetual meditation, how many physicians who once looked so grim, and so theatrically shrunk their brows upon their patients, are dead and gone themselves.
Let these be the objects of thy ordinary meditation: to consider, what manner of men both for soul and body we ought to be, whensoever death shall surprise us: the shortness of this our mortal life: the immense vastness of the time that hath been before, and will he after us: the frailty of every worldly material object: all these things to consider, and behold clearly in themselves, all disguisement of external outside being removed and taken away.
Among these he rummaged and read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until we were past Reading.
Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever.
However contracted, that definition is the result of expanded meditation.
Not only that, but the subtle insanity of Ahab respecting Moby Dick was noways more significantly manifested than in his superlative sense and shrewdness in foreseeing that, for the present, the hunt should in some way be stripped of that strange imaginative impiousness which naturally invested it; that the full terror of the voyage must be kept withdrawn into the obscure background (for few men's courage is proof against protracted meditation unrelieved by action); that when they stood their long night watches, his officers and men must have some nearer things to think of than Moby Dick.

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