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Vocabulary Word

Word: meditation

Definition: reflection; thought; V. meditate

Sentences Containing 'meditation'

"Only the minds born of meditation are free from karmic impressions."
16–23) is a confident meditation on God's justice.
A labyrinth for walking meditation is a more recent addition.
A Meditation Room where Swami Vivekananda stayed in 1897 will be preserved with utmost sanctity.
According to Acem's psychology of meditation, meditation may help the individual to overcome some of the limitations set by his or her personality, leading to a freer frame of mind and a higher degree of receptivity and sensitivity.
Acem Meditation is a meditation technique developed in Norway since 1966 by Acem School of Meditation and now taught in many countries.
After continuing some time in profound meditation, the young man suddenly exclaimed,``I have found what you were in search of!''
Among these he rummaged and read, with intervals of note-taking and of meditation, until we were past Reading.
Are Holen learned deep meditation from Mahesh Yogi in 1962 and in January 1966 founded the Academic Meditation Society, precursor to the Acem School of Meditation, at the University of Oslo.
As counterpoint to her hatha yoga, Cooper practices vippasana meditation as taught by SN Goenka.
Bodymind is a compound of body and mind and may be used differently in different meditation traditions.
Chindi and Karsog are nice places for meditation.
Creation of Buddhist art is usually done as a meditation as well as creating an object as aid to meditation.
Davis later became a venture capitalist and lecturer on meditation and self-awareness.
During a book tour in 1965 he was invited to teach meditation at a gathering in Rochester, New York.
During his visits to Dakshineswar, Gangadhar received instructions on meditation from Sri Ramakrishna.
Ernest Bloch dedicated his Meditation and Processional to Milton Preves.
For instance, a tense person may repeat the meditation sound too forcefully, while an evasive person may tend to be more passive in his meditation.
He passed most of his time in learning and meditation.
He recorded Meditation at that time in Los Angeles, California.
However contracted, that definition is the result of expanded meditation.
I will go with you gladly soon, but I am just concluding a serious meditation.
If I should soon bring this meditation to an end, would another so sweet occasion be likely to offer?
In a study of performance under stress, marksmen who had learned Acem Meditation improved their results in competition marksmanship, compared to a control group that did not learn meditation, indicating that Acem Meditation reduces the level of stress in tense and demanding situations.
In a study on the effect of meditation on immune cells, Erik Solberg found that long term practice of meditation may influence absolute lymphocyte counts at rest. Runners practising meditation had lower lymphocyte counts at rest before the race.
In addition, the use of a form of meditation allows him to recover from otherwise-mortal wounds.
In his personal life, Waldinger is a student of aikido, yoga, and meditation.
In recent years, an increasing amount of research has been carried out on the psychological and physiological effects of meditation techniques in general and of Acem Meditation in particular.
It conducts daily yoga sessions in mornings along with evening programs of chanting and meditation.
Meditation can be done here comfortably seated.
Monte Cristo smiled as he nodded to Albert, then remained a moment absorbed in deep meditation.
Presently he resides in rishikesh and teaches meditation
Relaxation is presented as a basic effect of Acem Meditation.
Sandalwood is one of the most calming incense ingredients and lends itself well to meditation.
Sarah Powers incorporated Buddhist psychology and meditation in her teaching of Yin Yoga.
Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School.
She instructed people in Indian dance, hatha yoga, mantra, and meditation.
So began Smith's experimentation with meditation and association with the Vedanta Society of the Ramakrishna order.
Swami Janakananda Saraswati is a tantric yoga and meditation teacher and a writer, who has had a significant influence in the dissemination of yoga and meditation in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
The afterword, "At The Edge Of History", includes a meditation on Emptiness as the ground of Being in which all entities are ontologically healed.
The campaign against Transcendental Meditation (TM) was premised on the grounds that transcendental meditation represented itself as a non-religious activity and was promoted as the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI).
The Meditation Room where Vivekananda Stayed.
The most important thing was my transcendental meditation.
The place has remained the meditation ground of Lord Shiva and other Gods.
The Sambhogakaya is that aspect of the Buddha, or the Dharma, that one meets in visions and in deep meditation.
The tradition emphasizes its founders tantric meditation and Phowa practices.
The way the meditator repeats the meditation sound is thought to be of paramount importance.
This room, full of sacred memories, is now maintained as a meditation room.
What subject of meditation could present itself to the banker, so fortunately become bankrupt?
Yes, as every one knows, meditation and water are wedded for ever.

More Vocab Words

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::: withhold - refuse to give; hold back; Ex. withholding tax
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