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Vocabulary Word

Word: maxim

Definition: proverb; truth pithily stated

Sentences Containing 'maxim'

"It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
82 on the "Maxim" Hot 100 Women of 2002.
A maxim is a ground rule or subjective principle of action; in that sense, a maxim is a thought that can motivate individuals.
Act 3 is set at a theme party in Hanna's ballroom, which she has decorated as Maxim's, complete with Maxim's grisettes (can-can dancers).
Act 3 of the French version is set in the actual Maxim's.
Act 3 of the German version is as described here, where Hanna sets up a version of Maxim's at her home.
Al-Abbas summed up his theory of reciprocity with the maxim: " Being is actualised by generosity" (al-wujud yanfa ilu bi'l-jud).
All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
An accomplished portrait artist, he is remembered for his portraits of his distant cousin Theodore Roosevelt, Oliver Belmont, Hudson Maxim, Henry Shoemaker, and others.
Bishop Maxim (Ruberovsky) returned from prison in 1935 to the city of Zhytomyr, to where by 1937 almost all priests from Soviet Volhynia were sent (total of about 200).
But he applied that maxim to our marriage, my dear; and that was so far prematurely entered into, in consequence, that I never recovered the expense.'
By 2009, Halpern was a full-time writer for "Maxim" magazine's online publication.
Club's motto "Power in Motion" had been proposed by Maxim Gorky, the famous Russian/Soviet author who once was an active member of the Dynamo sports society.
Danilo is furious and tells the story of a Princess who cheated on her Prince ('Es waren zwei Königskinder') and then storms off to seek the distractions at Maxim's.
Danilo is not at the party, so Zeta sends Njegus, the embassy secretary, to fetch him from Maxim's.
From the observation of several parallel instances, philosophers form a maxim that the connexion between all causes and effects is equally necessary, and that its seeming uncertainty in some instances proceeds from the secret opposition of contrary causes.
Graduated from Maxim Gorky Literature Institute (1939).
He may have found it morally unbearable to be in the same city with bishop Maxim (mentioned above) in the opposing camp, especially after Maxim was arrested.
He was Maxim de Winter in "Rebecca" in a live performance for the Broadway Television Theatre in 1952.
In 1916, Maxim Gorki wrote that Shirvanzade's works "were known and read not only in the Caucasus but also in England, in the Scandinavian Peninsula, and Italy."
In 1995 at the Russian Nationals, she met Maxim Marinin who had switched to pair skating in 1993 but was without a partner at the time.
In 2009, Gunns appeared on the cover of US "Maxim"'s Swimsuit Issue.
In the Hassall version, the action of Act 3 differs greatly from the original libretto: The Act takes place at Maxim's.
In the observation or neglect of this maxim, consists what is called the equality or inequality of taxation.
It being a general maxim, that no objects have any discoverable connexion together, and that all the inferences, which we can draw from one to another, are founded merely on our experience of their constant and regular conjunction; it is evident, that we ought not to make an exception to this maxim in favour of human testimony, whose connexion with any event seems, in itself, as little necessary as any other.
It is based on Maxim Gorky's 1910 play "Vassa Zheleznova".
It is the maxim of every prudent master of a family, never to attempt to make at home what it will cost him more to make than to buy.
Its temple was inscribed with the maxim "Gnothi Seauton" ("Know thyself.") Chapters.
Literary and poetic translation was Anna Gerasimova's major field during her studies in the Maxim Gorky Literature Institute.
Many integrated circuit manufacturers make RTCs, including Epson, Intersil, IDT, Maxim, NXP Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics.
Maxim "Max" Snegirev (, born 12 June 1987 in Moscow) is a Russian racing driver.
Maxim Bazylev (Romanov; also known as Adolf; 17 October 1980 ().
Michael Polanyi in his account of tacit knowledge stressed the importance of the maxim in focusing both explicit and implicit modes of understanding.
Miss Berry certainly put her unique touch upon her school, centering around the maxim that "prayer changes things".
Several schools and two "polyclinics" were established, and an Armenian Dramatic Theatre was founded in 1932 and named after Maxim Gorky.
She has graced the covers of the "Evening Standard", "The Sunday Times", "Zoot Magazine", "Maxim", "2oa", and "Fantastic Mag".
Some cars had Maxim machine guns instead of the Vickers gun.
Speaking later to "Maxim Magazine Online", Lampanelli remarked, "I was a real journalist for "Rolling Stone", "Spy", "Hit Parader".
The Alinsky maxim "Never do for the people what they can do for themselves" aptly expresses this approach to community organizing.
The maxim, by which we commonly conduct ourselves in our reasonings, is, that the objects, of which we have no experience, resembles those, of which we have; that what we have found to be most usual is always most probable; and that where there is an opposition of arguments, we ought to give the preference to such as are founded on the greatest number of past observations.
The province of Holland, accordingly, is said to follow this maxim at present.
The revolt was based in Maxim Gorky's apartment—bombs were made in the study and food for the revolutionaries in the kitchen.
The theme of "Da geh’ ich zu Maxim" was ironically cited by Shostakovich in the first movement of his Symphony No.
The title of Mun's book, England's Treasure in Foreign Trade, became a fundamental maxim in the political economy, not of England only, but of all other commercial countries.
This would lead him to reading novels and literature of George Hanna, Salama Moussa, Mohammed Mandour and Maxim Gorki.
Villefort's first impression was favorable; but he had been so often warned to mistrust first impulses, that he applied the maxim to the impression, forgetting the difference between the two words.
Waldenström's influence can be partially summed up in the maxim often associated with his movement: "where does it stand written?"
Well-known music from the score includes the "Vilja Song", "Da geh' ich zu Maxim" ("You'll Find Me at Maxim's"), and the "Merry Widow Waltz".
When Danilo arrives, having found the real Maxim's empty, he tells Hanna to give up Camille for the sake of the country.
With partner Maxim Marinin, she is the 2006 Olympic Champion, two-time World Champion, and five-time European Champion.

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