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Vocabulary Word

Word: maverick

Definition: rebel; nonconformist (in a group)

Sentences Containing 'maverick'

"Beautiful Stranger" is a song by American singer Madonna and was released on May 29, 1999 by Maverick Records.
"Real TV") is a reality Newscast show hosted by Maverick Relova and Ariel Villasanta that airs every Friday evenings on TV5.
'The State of Play' was "very" well received in the UK with five star reviews in a host of national magazines including 'Acoustic' and 'Maverick'; as well as a covermount feature in June 2010's edition of R2 Magazine.
1st 250 National Jason McIntyre (Marron Excavation Anderson Maverick KTM): "The weekend started not so good, the kart balance wasn't exactly there Over the weekend we got back onto the pace.
According to Richard Burger, a former editor at Global Times, in the wake of the arrest of Ai Weiwei, the Chinese staff of the Global Times were ordered by Hu to conduct an "astroturfing" campaign against Ai Weiwei in favour of the Chinese government's criticism of Ai as a "maverick".
Aderca's unconventional style, like those of Ion Călugăru, Ion Vinea or Maniu, was associated by some with the trademark style of Urmuz, a maverick figure of the 1920s Romanian avant-garde scene.
Although Aderca repeatedly stated his admiration for the maverick poet Al.
Although far more right-wing than Salazar himself, and something of a dangerous political maverick, he was finally appointed full minister of war in 1944, because of his skill in ensuring that the army remained an effective prop for the dictatorship.
Another use of surplus stock was the Fender Custom (aka Fender Maverick).
Artist Ataklan has also benefited under the musical training of Ras Shorty I ans has gone on to become a maverick of the Rapso tradition.
As of January 2010, the team is: Eggbert, Bear, Bunny, Chuckles, Daisy, Diamond, Graphix, Madge, Maverick, Melody, Missy, Roadrunner, Rocker, Romeo, Scratch, Sky, Smiler, Specs, Stuntman and Twinkle . This is identical to the "Pirate FM Love Crew" in Cornwall.
Branch met Justincase before her debut on Maverick Records, becoming friends over the Internet before meeting in Las Vegas for a music convention in 2000.
Conceptual photographer Michel Tcherevkoff built his long career with a maverick's style and an artist's eye.
Dean Maverick real name "Pete Harper" was the singer in (beat band)The Attraction of ( Romford Harold Hill Dagenham ).
Doc is killed when Nitro, a maverick inmate and bomb expert, plants a bomb in Meehan's locker.
Facilities and aircraft. Maverick County Memorial International Airport has one asphalt paved runway designated 13/31 which measures 5,506 by 100 feet (1,678 x 30 m).
Hanly was considered a party maverick and he pushed his own agenda, rather than his party's platform, once in office.
He has won tournaments on the Hooters Tour, Tight Lies Tour, Golden Bear Tour, Teardrop Tour, Ironman Tour, Mid-Atlantic Tour and Maverick Tour.
Hemlock is mentioned in the 1986 US action film "Top Gun", in the bar-scene towards the end of the film, where Charlie finds Maverick drinking and asks jokingly if it's hemlock.
In "Mega Man X7" he provided the voice of Red, a rival Maverick hunter.
In 1998, Murray faced Representative Linda Smith, a staunch conservative and maverick who was one of nine House Republicans to vote against confirming House Speaker Newt Gingrich in early 1997, opposed gay rights and viewed homosexuality as a "morally unfit inclination."
In 2001, Branch signed a recording deal with Maverick Records, where she began working with John Shanks to produce her first album and major-label debut.
In 2008, it was voted one of the six must have applications for Windows Mobile by Read Write Web and also received the Mobile Maverick Award from Laptop Magazine.
In 2009 the Sydney Film Festival launched the Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award for work described as fringe, maverick, or innovative.
In April 2009 'Maverick' Magazine described "Golden" as ""Quite inspirational...a bit of a masterpiece"".
In the early eighties Stevo Pearce gained a reputation for being a maverick.
In the House, Coburn earned a reputation as a political maverick due to his frequent battles with House Speaker Newt Gingrich.
Justincase was signed to Maverick Records in late 2001 with the help of Branch.
Lawrence's bold and dramatic accomplishments at both airlines earned him the reputation as not only a maverick of the transportation industry but as one of the last legendary Titans of aviation.
Many ground attack fighters were armed with AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles purchased from the United States.
Maverick County Memorial International Airport
Maverick County Memorial International Airport is a county-owned public use airport in Maverick County, Texas, United States.
Maverick then went on to describe Tinderbox as ""Poised to ignite the acoustic folk world..."".
Official Selection - Maverick Narrative Competition at the 17th Cinequest Film Festival (U.S).
She guest starred on various series such as "Stage 7", "The Restless Gun", the "Lone Ranger", "Maverick", "Perry Mason", as Francie Keene in the "" episode "Railroaded", and many other programs.
Stylistically, Baußnern stands out as a maverick to his contemporaries, remaining a composer who defies classification.
Surf's Up the video game follows the basic story of Cody Maverick in the movie.
Texas-based FUNimation, along with British company Maverick, has distributed titles from the studio with this label, including "Redwall", "Pecola", "Tales from the Cryptkeeper", "Timothy Goes to School" and the Disney Channel TV special "The Santa Claus Brothers".
The combination of laser-guided bombs from F-111F's and F-15E's, together with Maverick missiles using imaging infrared thermal sensors fired by A-10's and F-16's were devastating, as were laser-guided bombs from British Tornadoes and Buccaneers, and AS-30L laser-guided missiles fired from French Air Force Jaguars.
The East Boston Tunnel opened on December 30, 1904, serving streetcars which ran from Court Street downtown to Maverick portal in East Boston.
The number of underwing rails for rockets was increased from 8 to 10, and adaptions were made to allow for the deployment of new munitions such as BL755 cluster bombs and AGM-65 Maverick missiles.
The remaining precision munitions consisted of specialized air-to-surface missiles such as the Maverick and the Hellfire, as well as cruise missiles, anti-radar missiles, and assorted small numbers of special weapons.
Their debut album on Maverick Records, "Wasting Time", was released in July 2000 and "Destination Unknown" in 2001.
These players included Luke Russell (Burnie), Maverick Weller (Burnie), Taylor Hine (Calder), Josh Toy (Calder), Matt Shaw (Dandenong), Piers Flanagan (Geelong), Hayden Jolly (Glenelg), Alex Keath (Murray), Jack Hutchins (Sandringham), Tom Nicholls (Sandringham), Brandon Matera (South Fremantle), Trent McKenzie (Western Jets).
This edition added a subtitle of sorts, "The Education of an American Maverick, and the Heroes Who Inspired Him", as well as a new afterward from McCain in which he discussed developments of the year since original publication, including the early stages of the Iraq War.
This led to television appearances in: "Stars Over Hollywood", "Gruen Guild Playhouse", four episodes of "Broadway Television Theatre", "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars", "Corky and White Shadow", the H.J. Heinz Company's "Studio 57", "Screen Directors Playhouse", two episodes of "Climax!", "Tales of Wells Fargo", "The Martha Raye Show", "Playhouse 90", "Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse", "Johnny Ringo", two episodes of "Bonanza", three episodes of "Maverick" (in which he portrayed assorted homicidal villains), and "77 Sunset Strip".
Thus, in the films produced under the auspices of MUFS − and a production fund they set up called Unifed − can be glimpsed images of 1960s Melbourne, particularly Carlton, that are rarely available elsewhere (outside the work of a maverick migrant filmmaker like Giorgio Mangiamele or a singular figure like Nigel Buesst).
Use of the A-10 was more limited than before, due to the aircraft's relative lack of a precision weapon capability the AGM-65 Maverick air-to-ground tactical missile.
UTA played its home games at multiple stadiums throughout their history with the most recent being Maverick Stadium, in Arlington, Texas.
W.H. Lilly took over as chief engineer and Robert Turk as construction supervisor to finish out the project. Hugman got into trouble after barely a year, when friction developed with the Mayor, Maury Maverick, who earlier, as Congressman, had been a key supporter of the River Walk.

More Vocab Words

::: wince - move back suddenly; shrink back; flinch; Ex. She winced as she touched the cold body.
::: conveyance - vehicle; transfer; act of conveying; Ex. public conveyance
::: consistency - absence of contradictions; uniformity; degree of thickness or firmness; Ex. consistency of thick cream; CF. viscous
::: misanthrope - one who hates mankind; misanthropist
::: anthology - book of literary selections by various authors; CF. omnibus
::: hoary - white with age
::: apprehensive - fearful; discerning
::: bogus - counterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
::: anthropoid - manlike; resembling a human being; N.
::: embed - (imbed) enclose; place in something; fix firmly in a surrounding mass