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Vocabulary Word

Word: maternal

Definition: motherly; N. maternity: motherhood

Sentences Containing 'maternal'

A maternal great-great-great-great-grandson was Michael Corcoran.
Advanced maternal age increases the risk of a child being born with some disorders such as Down syndrome.
At a young age, he moved in with his maternal uncle, Bishop Udo of Hildesheim.
Because of this intensive maternal care, a female can raise at most only 8 larvae during the high summer.
Berenson's maternal grandmother was the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and her maternal grandfather was Count Wilhelm de Wendt de Kerlor, a theosophist and psychic medium.
Cornutus along with his mother, maternal uncle Gaius Plancius Varus and his maternal relatives were among the last known descendants of the Herodian Dynasty.
De Ville's mother and maternal grandmother were English.
Hahn's maternal grandparents served as missionaries in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s.
He arrived in Gwalior with his maternal grandsons Haddu Khan and Hassu Khan.
He said that his maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were full-blooded Karankawa.
He was a maternal grandson of politician Hans Riddervold.
He was introduced to golf by his maternal grandmother, who managed a golf course in Missouri.
He would be the eldest maternal uncle of the family as well.
Her maternal grandmother was Trinidadian.
Her maternal grandparents were King Antiochus IV of Commagene and Queen Julia Iotapa.
Her maternal grandparents were Maximian and Eutropia.
Her maternal uncle is Dogri folk music singer Prakash Sharma.
His early childhood was spent in Warri, in the care of his maternal grandmother.
His maternal aunt was Saint Cinnia of Druim Dubhain (Feast Day 1 February).
His maternal grandfather was John James Rowley, a Briton by birth and a home child.
His maternal grandfather was Peter Chardon Brooks, the wealthiest man in Boston at the time of his death.
His maternal grandfather, Frank P. Haven, was a managing editor of the Los Angeles Times.
His maternal grandmother was a firm believer that the end of the world was near.
His maternal grandparents were Andrew Barclay and Mary Elizabeth Morton.
His maternal grandparents were composer Carmine Coppola and Italia Coppola (née Pennino).
His maternal grandparents were Eugene J. Rault (1894–1977) and the former Eva Martin.
His maternal grandparents were Prince Frederick of the Netherlands and Princess Louise of Prussia.
His maternal second cousin was Saint Enda of Aran (Feast Day 21 March).
His maternal uncle, Kidambi Krishnaswamy, was a drama artist and a singer.
His parents separated when he was 6 and he lived with his maternal grandparents in the city's north end.
In addition to this, maternal and newborn deaths are estimated to cost the world $15 billion in lost productivity annually, with maternal health proven to support a country's economic growth and cut poverty.
Its efficacy for reducing maternal deaths due to obstetrical hemorrhage is being researched.
Maternal blood loss is limited by contraction of the uterus following birth of the placenta.
Maternal death and disability is a human rights issue.
Mitochondrial DNA and direct maternal lineages.
Otto's maternal grandfather may be Otto of Hammerstein, who may have been the first count of Zutphen.
Paul was raised by his maternal grandmother whilst Andrea went to university.
Roemer's maternal grandfather, Ross McDade, married a sister of the maternal grandmother of James C. Gardner, a former mayor of Shreveport.
She was close to her maternal grandmother, Anne Henriette of Bavaria.
She was named for her maternal grandmother Reba Brassfield.
She was the mother of well-known actress, Nargis and maternal grandmother of Sanjay Dutt.
Since she was only seventeen, a minor, her family chose her maternal grandparents as guardians.
The 1973 Maternal and Child Health Law legalized abortion.
The Anantara Maternal Healthcare and Pre-school Education Centres.
Therefore it is likely that Carlus was fighting alongside his maternal relatives.
They lost their right to education and religious practice in their maternal languages.
This eldest female member would be his maternal grandmother, own mother, mother's sister, his own sister or a sister through his maternal lineage.
This service assisted government in delivering maternal and child care services in these 30 villages.
Tigernach's maternal uncle was Cairpre Daim Argat, King of Airgíalla who died in 514.
``It is not for herself that she is so, but for her son, and what you regard as a vice becomes almost a virtue when looked at in the light of maternal love.''

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