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Vocabulary Word

Word: martinet

Definition: strict disciplinarian; person who demands total obedience to rules and orders; CF. Jean Martinet

Sentences Containing 'martinet'

At the close of his college career he visited the continental schools and spent some time in Paris, translating and editing Martinet's "Manual of Pathology".
Based upon the Miles Master II, the Martinet featured a strengthened airframe to handle the stresses of towing a target drogue.
Confusion over the colouration of the Mascarene Parrot has also been furthered by a plate by French engraver and naturalist Fran├žois-Nicolas Martinet in Buffon's 1779 "Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux", the first coloured illustration of this species.
He was the son of Mathieu Cappeau, a cooper, and Agathe Louise Martinet.
However, the fact that Martinet's image was copied and that no mounted specimen exists (though such a rare bird would probably have been preserved) makes Hahn's account dubious.
It shows the bird as brown with a purplish head, and the strength of these colours differs considerably between copies, a result of having been hand-coloured by many different artists who worked under Martinet in his workshop.
Surviving aircraft. A single Martinet survives; it is owned by the Museum of Berkshire Aviation in the United Kingdom.
The first prototype Martinet was first flown on 24 April 1942 by Chief Test Pilot F/Lt Thomas Rose from Woodley Aerodrome.
The M.37 Martinet Trainer was developed during the war but only two were ever produced.
The M.50 Queen Martinet was a radio-controlled target drone of which 69 were built and a further 17 produced through conversion of production Martinets.
The Miles M.25 Martinet was a target tug aircraft of the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm that was in service during the Second World War.
The veracity of Hahn's claim was questioned as early as 1876, and the illustration appears to be plagiarised from the plate by Fran├žois-Nicolas Martinet which was published at least 50 years earlier.
There were two other variants of the Martinet.

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