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Vocabulary Word

Word: marshal

Definition: put in order; guide ceremoniously to the correct place; Ex. marshal the children into the museum; N: military officer; official

Sentences Containing 'marshal'

"The Marshal in Revelation" has been in development since "Swingers" was released.
A fire marshal patrols the centre, and there is an emergency helipad at Gateway.
A Provost Marshal may also be in charge of the execution of punishments.
After the death of Kuno von Hattenstein, Konrad became Grand Marshal and Komtur of Königsberg.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder had his headquarters in Algiers, Algeria.
Air Vice Marshal Sturley Simpson had his headquarters in Gibraltar Middle East Command.
Air Vice-Marshal Sir Hugh Lloyd also had his headquarters in Algiers.
During the Peninsular War, both he and his commanding officer, Marshal Marmont, were wounded by shrapnel at the Battle of Salamanca.
Field Marshal Lord Allenby remained on, until 1925, as British High Commissioner.
Field Marshal Niiles Bielke has entered also in Europe's military history.
Give him no special treatment," the Field Marshal is reported to have said.
He acted as an aide to Field Marshal Montgomery.
He became a deputy U.S. marshal and once took custody of swindler Oscar Hartzell.
He faced a French army under Marshal Claude-Louis-Hector de Villars.
He fought with Field Marshal von Thüngen on the Rhine and in Alsace.
He is among only two Indian Army officers to hold the highest rank of Field Marshal (the other being Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw).
He is later asked by Jax to research a former U.S. Marshal investigating Tara.
He started off his FAA career as a field agent and Federal Air Marshal, then served as a Team Leader in the Air Marshal program.
He then became the private secretary of a field marshal who required assistance in writing his memoirs.
He too, is killed by the marshal. Price panics.
He was not present in Vichy on 10 July 1940 when Marshal Pétain was voted full powers.
He was the son of Field Marshal Pyotr Zadunaisky from the Rumyantsev comital family.
In 1675, the French army under Marshal François de Créquy occupied the city.
In 1810, Napoleon I ordered his remains interred in the Panthéon alongside Marshal Jean Lannes.
In many cases the provost marshal is in charge of discipline.
Its first commandant was Air Vice-Marshal Cecil Weir.
Made a peer at the Restoration, I served through the first campaign under the orders of Marshal Bourmont.
Mose is badly beaten and jailed by the marshal, Poole (Russo).
On 15 May 1993, Field Marshal Cariappa died in Bangalore, aged 94.
On 25 February, Marshal Rokossovsky's Central Front also joined the battle.
On his death, his name was on the list of officers being considered for the position of Marshal of France.
On his death, his name was on the list of officers being considered to fill the position of Marshal of France.
Plans include inviting guests to be Grand Marshal, Honorary Grand Marshal, or any of the prized people in attendance over the Portugal Day weekend.
Said Marshal Rokossovsky: "Instead of encircling the enemy, we only pushed them out of the bulge.
She was the daughter of Field Marshal Lieutenant Weber.
Styre reports back to his Marshal via a video link.
That marshal could not be found, and he had the only key.
The care of his stables was committed to the lord constable and the lord marshal.
The Doctor informs the Marshal that not only has Styre's mission failed, but that the invasion plans are in human hands.
The grand marshal was Quaker State Official Steve Reindl.
The left wing (I and II Corps) was under the command of Marshal Ney, and the right wing (III and IV Corps) was under Marshal Grouchy.
The marshal and the guilty men nevertheless come to a series of deadly confrontations.
The marshal captures Adams and takes him to Laura's home, where they tend to his gunshot wound.
The president of Peru, marshal Ramón Castilla, appointed him in 1851 as General Consul in Belgium.
The Soviet intervention, codenamed "Operation Whirlwind", was launched by Marshal Ivan Konev.
The town's marshal, Jered Maddox, rides into Sabbath and is not alone.
This event led to his election as town marshal on April 10, 1905.
You see, Marshal, we have nothing to fear from the Hungarian army.
`I will do it, captain; but perhaps I shall not be admitted to the grand marshal's presence as easily as you expect?'''
``He entered the marshal's apartment while I was there.''

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