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Vocabulary Word

Word: marred

Definition: damaged; disfigured; V. mar: spoil; disfigure

Sentences Containing 'marred'

A 2–1 victory over York City on 15 September was marred by an incident involving Steve Howard. With Luton awarded a penalty, the striker took it, but it was promptly saved.
A series of demonstrations outside the Embassy during December 2008 and January 2009, held in protest at Israel's 'Cast Lead' operation in Gaza, were marred by violence and ended in a number of arrests and at least one court sentence for those taking part in the violence.
A successful Australian tour followed in December, though it was marred by an incident in Brisbane when disappointed fans almost rioted after Harry cancelled a performance, due to illness.
A value, though marred in the matter of statistics by inaccuracies; for the catfish is a plenty good enough fish for anybody, and there are no panthers that are`impervious to man.'
Additionally the 2006 event was marred by the death of New Zealand driver Mark Porter in a Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series support race on the Friday of the meeting.
Allegations of corrupt judging also marred the event finals in men's still rings.
Amnesty International states; "Prosper Avril, who had been head of security under former President Jean Claude Duvalier, led Haiti following a military coup in 1988 until March 1990, a period marred by serious human rights violations."
But his role as the Foreign Minister in the exiled government was marred with controversy along with Tajuddin's . President of Bangladesh.
But in either case, the needle never again, of itself, recovers the original virtue thus marred or lost; and if the binnacle compasses be affected, the same fate reaches all the others that may be in the ship; even were the lowermost one inserted into the kelson.
Despite a few notable endorsements, Biden failed to garner significant support in opinion polls, and was marred by controversial comments made while campaigning.
Even this is marred, due to former associates of Vanessa's (who also want the drug money) crashing the wedding with her in tow.
Gosselin's edition is valuable for its notes and discussions, but its accuracy was somewhat marred by his partiality for Fénelon.
Haim's presence on set was marred by his inability to stay drug-free and perform at his peak.
He refused to wear ordinary football boots when playing, preferring walking brogues instead, declaring that boots marred his great sprinting speed.
He was President until March 1990, in a period which according to Amnesty International was "marred by serious human rights violations".
His final two years as governor were marred with jurisdictional issues from the crown, and following the threat of impeachment, he resigned as governor in the spring of 1698, being succeeded by his nephew, Samuel Cranston.
His final year was marred by job action in Ottawa that led Ontario schools to threaten to boycott the tournament if a team from Bell High School was allowed to participate.
His reputation grew even greater during the 2002–03 season, but again, his performances were marred by injury.
In a season marred by injuries for the Seahawks, particularly at wide receiver, Carlson proved to be a reliable target throughout the season, and led the team in receptions (55) and receiving yards (627) for the 2008 season, a feat not accomplished in franchise history by a rookie since Hall of Fame WR Steve Largent.
It was also marred by racism: it was initially unclear whether the Browns' black players, Motley, Willis and Gillom, would be allowed to play.
It was billed as 3-DEVO, and featured Wall of Voodoo as an opening act. However, this performance was marred by technical mishaps.
Ken Tucker of "Entertainment Weekly" gave the episode a C+, saying how "the episode is marred by a dreary earnestness and a smothering flood of character backstories."
Mahovlich spent time in hospital with a nervous breakdown, and the season was marred by contract disputes and tension with the high-strung coach, Punch Imlach.
Many believed that this election was marred by fraud because of the nationwide power outages, The public outrage over the presidential results prompted Newsweek to feature her and her rival on the cover with the question: "Was the Election Fair?"
Many housewives lower the window shades that the wall paper may not lose its brilliancy, that the beautiful hues of velvet, satin, and plush tapestry may not be marred by loss in brilliancy and sheen.
Marković won by a single vote, and the assembly was marred with controversies.
Not to be deterred, John Lane Densham kept travelling round the world on behalf of the firm, often taking his family with him, but marred by health problems.
Perfect Drift's Derby was marred by being checked by War Emblem and forced to alter course to the outside.
Razinsky's visit was marred by a brawl between the Russian and Argentine sides and both squads were told not to return for the 2013 Maccabiah Games.
Savage though he was, and hideously marred about the face--at least to my taste--his countenance yet had a something in it which was by no means disagreeable.
The atmosphere at the Games was marred, however, when a bomb exploded during the celebration in Centennial Olympic Park.
The beauty that is the particular province of line drawing is the beauty of contors, and this is marred by heavy light and shade.
The campaign was reportedly marred by widespread election fraud, notably power blackouts after the first five days.
The last years of Ilie's career were marred by persistent injuries, including chronic osteitis pubis, which hampered his play.
The previous elaborate "burners" on the outside of cars were now marred with simplistic marker tags which often soaked through the paint.
The privatization plan has met subsequent criticisms from different industry and public sectors, who argue that the plan was marred with government corruption.
The road race stages in the Netherlands were both marred by repeated crashes, which led to some unexpected big time gaps before the transfer to Italy.
The southern portion of the wall has been obliterated by impacts, and this area is now overlain by the craters Milne M and Milne N. Although the interior floor is relatively flat, it has been marred by many impacts in the surface.
The subsequent two seasons of his career were, however, marred by injuries, and Babych had to retire as a player on 2 March 2012.
Their fifty year marriage is outwardly loving, but inwardly marred by darker emotions.
Their July 28, 1981, maiden festival was a success marred by the fire bombing of their Picadero Theatre a week later (an unsolved mystery to this day).
There was a long-running campaign, with some minor celebrity support, to have the twins released from prison, but successive Home Secretaries vetoed the idea, largely on the grounds that the Krays' prison records were both marred by violence towards other inmates.
This derby was marred by an unacceptable tackle by Kevin Muscat on Adrian Zahra, which earned the Victory captain his second straight red card, and a subsequent eight-match ban, ending not only his season, but his A-League career.
This tournament was marred by a schism between the Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association and the Pakistan Cricket Board. The IWCC did not recognise the Pakistan Cricket Board as the governing body of women's cricket in Pakistan and court cases were brought in Pakistan.
Though marred by violence, it was an organizing triumph, one that became a model for future union strikes.
Today, Japanese and some Chinese scholars discredit the intentionally damaged stele theory based on the study of the stele itself and the pre–Sakō and pre-lime-marred rubbings.
Too much pressure results in a finished product that is undulating, marred and stressed, while too little pressure causes work to progress very slowly.
When suggestions were made that Giuliani's confirmation hearings would be marred by details of his past affairs and scandals, he turned down the offer and instead recommended his friend and former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.
While this would seem like the find of a lifetime, Takashi's excitement is marred by the discovery of Shohei Muku's mutilated remains.
``Do you see,''said Caderousse,``all my happiness is marred by one thought?''

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