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Vocabulary Word

Word: marginal

Definition: of a margin; barely within a limit; Ex. marginal effect/writing ability

Sentences Containing 'marginal'

(This is the basic principle of the long run marginal cost (LRMC) pricing, see also Long run).
A small area surrounding the Whataburger received high-end F3 to marginal F4 winds.
Although price is lower and output is higher, marginal cost is also higher.
Although the mine is still viewed as a marginal performer due to its low ore grade, De Beers has identified avenues for development that would keep the mine operating into the future.
And in the academic world, growing attention for popular and marginal cultures threatens the absolute values on which intellectuals have built their autonomy.
As a result, Stirling has often been a marginal seat, swinging between the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party of Australia.
Avenida Marginal (Portuguese meaning the Marginal Avenue in which it runs Marginal, Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC or ALUPEK: "Avenida Marjinal", also in the São Vicente Crioulo) is an avenue running from Avenida 9 de Setembro to northeastern Mindelo.
Chintalapudi is a residential and business place for medium, small and marginal farm owners and farm hands.
For much of the early 1900s, it was a marginal seat.
From the 1980s onwards direct mailing was seen as a successful way to market, particularly in marginal seats.
He lost preselection for the highly marginal CLP seat of Jingili, and was forced to contest the less marginal seat of Casuarina, which he went on to lose to incumbent MLA Nick Dondas.
His photographs often focus on marginal areas of the urban social context.
In a simple case of a single product, price is set at that quantity demanded where marginal cost exactly equals marginal revenue.
In colloquial speech "shall" and "ought" are scarce, "must" is marginal for obligation and "may" is rare.
In spite of "Turtle Soup"'s positive reception from the music press, its commercial success was marginal and the band soon began to disintegrate.
In statistics, a marginal likelihood function, or integrated likelihood, is a likelihood function in which some parameter variables have been marginalized.
In the diagram below, to determine optimal pricing for joint products produced in variable proportions, you find the intersection point of marginal revenue (product A) with the joint marginal cost curve.
In the flowers of Saponaria officinalis Dr. Masters has observed instances of both marginal and free central placentation.
Investment, in its turn, depends upon consumption, and consumption depends upon the marginal propensity to consume (savings rate) across all income categories.
It felt that such an instance would involve a marginal case of contempt that might not merit the initiation of contempt proceedings in the first place.
It is distinguishable from all other "Daphnis" species by the violet-toned dark chocolate brown marginal band on the forewing underside.
It was a Conservative-Liberal marginal seat for the first three decades of its existence, before being won by the Labour Party in 1918.
It was a marginal seat in the 1930s and 1940s, however since 1953, it has become increasingly safe for the Australian Labor Party.
Its leaves grow to 3 m long and 100 mm wide, dark green and with marginal prickles.
On a margin of 0.8 percent it was the Labor government's most marginal seat.
Politically, the district is a marginal one.
Public acceptance of the album was marginal, mostly due to the sub-standard mix that heavily diminished the album's power and originality.
Quantity supplied of product B is increased to the point that marginal revenue becomes zero (i.e.: the point where the marginal revenue curve intersects the horizontal axis).
That made it the most marginal seat in Britain.
The Coral Sea is a marginal sea off the northeast coast of Australia, and classified as an interim Australian bioregion.
The effective marginal tax rate (EMTR) is the combined effect on a person's earnings of income tax and the withdrawal of means testing of state welfare benefits.
The floating and marginal vegetation associated with these water bodies tends to be sparse and restricted, and consists of a scattered swamp and poor acid fen fringe.
The frequent fuel replenishments required for the Abrams' fuel-hungry turbine also make simultaneous ordnance replenishment a marginal burden.
The hind wings can be bright pink with a marginal black band.
The hindwing upperside has a marginal band intermediate in intensity and definition between those of "Temnora murina" and "Temnora nitida".
The idea that the Bible was "self-interpreting" involved copious marginal references, especially comparing one scriptural statement with another.
The magazine won acclaim for its exclusive report indicating that 1986 Kentucky Derby winner Ferdinand had been slaughtered by his owners overseas after a marginal stud career.
The marginal area between these two patches is paler and yellow suffused with orange.
The marginal spines are mobile and are disproportionally longer in smaller individuals than they are in larger ones.
The net effect however is generally a higher effective marginal rate of tax than that suggested by income tax tables.
The orange marginal band is also present on the undersides of the wings and it is preceded by a white transversal band.
The techniques that he had developed for those marginal Latin American currencies were overnight the only systematic research which could be used to deal with all of the major currencies of the world.
There he found everything arranged in due order, the accusation, examination, Morrel's petition, M. de Villefort's marginal notes.
They are mainly a community of small and marginal farmers, with a small minority employed as agricultural labourers.
They have been excluded from the phonemic inventory of Neo-Mandaic due to their marginal status.
To complicate things further, both products, because they are produced jointly, share a common marginal cost curve.
Unlike some marginal seats on the east coast, such as Eden-Monaro, Stirling has not often been seen as a barometer for winning government.
Up until 2013, it was held since its creation by the Australian Labor Party, but has grown increasingly marginal in recent years.
When setting prices in a situation as complex as this, microeconomic marginal analysis is helpful.
Writing θ for the model parameters, the marginal likelihood for the model "M" is It is in this context that the term "model evidence" is normally used.
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