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Vocabulary Word

Word: manifesto

Definition: public declaration of principles; statement of policy

Sentences Containing 'manifesto'

- The FAM Manifesto" - a text outlining the philosophy of open source music.
1990s onwards - Engagement with the anti-globalization movement and The Ecosocialist Manifesto.
According to Lydia Akinola of Christian Manifesto, Akinola described "The House You're Building" by Assad as "an articulate and artistic affair."
Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused in the 2011 Norway attacks, frequently praised writings of Fjordman, citing him extensively in his manifesto.
Annadurai was the first to announce subsidizing of the price of rice in the election manifesto.
As a journalist he works for several newspapers and magazines, such as "il manifesto", "Il Messaggero" and "L'Europeo".
Chiclana felt encouraged when Saavedra resigned, and started to request signatures for a manifesto about the will of the people.
Had the record been released as a Roxy Music album, it would have been the first album since "Manifesto" on which original drummer Paul Thompson performed.
He has also performed on several Meat Beat Manifesto albums.
He is the author of The Manifesto For The Over Communicated World.
He published his manifesto, whereby he set himself forth as the deliverer of the isles of the sea and vicar-general of all Oceanica.
He recently supported the manifesto of Spinelli Group.
He was also a founder of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and helped write its Regina Manifesto in 1933.
His third "manifesto", published in Germany in 2009 intejects cultural, artistic and political values to the pure act of sonification via the use of technology.
In 1926, the Chamber issued a manifesto entitled "Ours First, Yours Later", urging the people to patronize locally-made products.
in 1973 he was one of the signers of the "Humanist Manifesto II".
In the Sabbath Manifesto, they encourage people to follow the rituals of our ancestors from sunset to sunset, one day a week.
It may be extremely difficult for some people to observe the Sabbath Manifesto.
It would also be the sole track from "Nevermore" to be featured on "Manifesto of Nevermore", the band's 2009 greatest hits compilation.
Jean Metzinger and Albert Gleizes wrote with reference to non-Euclidean geometry in their 1912 manifesto, "Du "Cubisme"".
Kalman was one of the 33 signers of the First Things First 2000 manifesto.
Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto in February 1848, with little attention.
Morsello took advantage of the low profile he had in the mainstream to play a prank on the Italian communist newspaper "Il Manifesto".
On 14 August 1914, he published the Manifesto to the Polish Nation.
Once the election was under way however the Unionists did issue a manifesto urging their supporters to give their unstinting support to the Liberal candidate.
Prince Nicholas issued a manifesto on 5 November announcing the establishment of a representative assembly with free elections.
Remembering Bagha Jatin who "personified the best of mankind", Roy worked "for the ideal of establishing a social order in which the best in man could be manifest." In 1947, he elaborated his theses into a manifesto, "New Humanism", expected to be as important as the "Communist Manifesto" by Marx a century earlier.
Roxy Music reunited during 1978 to record a new album, "Manifesto", but with a reshuffled cast. Jobson was not present, and was reportedly not contacted for the reunion.
Schwaber and Sutherland are initial signers of the Agile Manifesto.
Seeing itself as a direct successor to "Contemporanul", it first advertised itself as a "social magazine", it became a voice for modernism in 1924, when it published a manifesto virulenly attacking the cultural establishment ("Manifest activist către tinerime" - "Activist Manifesto to the Youth").
She then publicized a "Delirionist Manifesto", which was notably read by Romanian American writer Andrei Codrescu.
Souffles was established by a small group of self-professed 'linguistic guerrillas' as "a manifesto for a new aesthetics in the Maghreb".
Sovereignty-association (French: "Souveraineté-Association") is the combination of two concepts: It was first presented in Lévesque's political manifesto, "Option Québec".
The manifesto declared that "The National Front rejects the whole concept of multiracialism.
The manifesto lauded, "...those states which have declared the intention to resist enforced integration by any lawful means."
The manifesto of Azad Hind Government was frequently put on the Radio Himala, which inspired love of freedom among all and sundry.
The novel "Nausea" is, in some ways, a manifesto of atheistic existentialism.
The painting was reproduced in "Du «Cubisme»", written by Albert Gleizes and Jean Metzinger the same year: the first and only manifesto on Cubism.
The Sabbath Manifesto partnered with VolunteerMatch to launch the "Unplug Giveback Campaign" where volunteer enthusiasts are able to look for nonprofit organizations and become connected.
The Sabbath Manifesto was created to slow down the fast-paced society in which we currently live in.
The two parties had their own policies and emphases, but produced a joint manifesto for the 1983 and 1987 general elections.
There is also a typing error on the Manifesto CDs so that "Bleed for Me" is entitled "Bleed for".
There is no manifesto, although there are many threads and a strong motif of looking at life today and trying to act inside it."
They even published a manifesto with details on the specific characteristics of what to wear, how to act, and what music to use.
This principle generated the most comments out of the 10 on the home page of the Sabbath Manifesto.
Three quarters of the Liberal Democrat's manifesto pledges went into the Programme for Government.
Three singles were spun off from "Manifesto", including the major UK hits "Angel Eyes" (UK No. 4), and "Dance Away" (UK No. 2).
Together with Marx, Engels wrote "The Communist Manifesto".
When "First to Know" was released in 2012 the comparisons continued, with music magazine Manifesto comparing them to Little Comets.
Zatlers himself was not a member of any political party, but had signed the manifesto of the People's Party when the party was founded in 1998.

More Vocab Words

::: scuffle - struggle confusedly; move off in a confused hurry; N. CF. scuffling twins ?
::: braggart - boaster; bragger
::: smear - spread or cover with a sticky substance; N: mark made by smearing
::: conciliatory - reconciling; soothing; V. conciliate: reconcile; soothe; win the friendly feelings (by removing anger)
::: alcove - nook; recess
::: colloquy - informal discussion; conversation
::: acclaim - applaud; praise; greet with great approval; announce with great approval; Ex. The new drung has been acclaimed as the most important discoveries for years; N: strong expression of approval and praise
::: acrid - bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent
::: pauper - very poor person
::: commandeer - take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment; draft for military purposes