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Vocabulary Word

Word: manifest

Definition: evident; visible; obvious; V: show plainly

Sentences Containing 'manifest'

Although the divine Will remains unconstrained in essential being, its manifest aspect has now entered into limited being.
Among these, accordingly, much discoursing with spirits went on and it did a world of good which never became manifest.
Any children they conceive will inherit the Wild Card and likely die in childbirth or manifest as Jokers.
As similar intrigues are not uncommon in Italy, if we may credit travellers, the comtess did not manifest the least incredulity, but congratulated Albert on his success.
Audism can manifest in many people, but it is most predominant in hearing people.
Before the landslide occurred, several of its residents evacuated to the nearest other town because their houses began to manifest cracks on the wall.
But, in short, it is very manifest that he had one alone whom he made mistress of his will, to whom he commended himself very frequently and very secretly, for he prided himself on being a reticent knight."
Dreams allow a gratification of certain drives through a visual fantasy, or the manifest content.
During space weather events, electric currents in the magnetosphere and ionosphere experience large variations, which manifest also in the Earth's magnetic field.
Extraordinary how soon the noisome flavor of imprisoned sleep, becomes manifest in all such places that are ill cared for!
Further checking determines a discrepancy between what was listed on the manifest and what actually made it to the destination.
He began the Second Part, therefore, under very different conditions, and the difference makes itself manifest at once.
He noted that "here is a manifest disproportion between the number of tombs and the number of inhabitants for whom there was room in the buildings."
here is the album manifest taken from dreDDup website: "Get ready for blood, tears and sperm.
His constraint was so manifest, and it was so manifest, too, that it originated in an unwillingness to approach the subject, that Charles Darnay hesitated.
However, the manifest content is not comprehensive, because it consists of a distorted version of the latent content.
In an effort to make it manifest, Rayat asks for cells from the bezeri.
In both, there were several knots of loungers, squalid and miserable, but now with a manifest sense of power enthroned on their distress.
It can also manifest as an unrelenting, boring, piercing pain.
It has the ability to manifest many melee weapons from its limbs.
It is a manifest encroachment upon the just liberty, both of the workman, and of those who might be disposed to employ him.
It was manifest that we all felt that we ought to send the poor shoemaker SOMETHING.
LCAs can manifest with splenomegaly, persistent fever and weight loss.
Listed on the manifest as Paschun, with his wife, Magdalena (over 16) and their children, Hendrich, Eve, Andreas, Maria.
Magic can manifest itself on occasions of sadness as well.
Modern analysts use the manifest content to understand the patient's unconscious.
Of three hundred that remained alive not one was taken unwounded, a clear and manifest proof of their gallantry and resolution, and how sturdily they had defended themselves and held their post.
On August 7, 1908 he signed the manifest of the "Radicals" assembly.
One small, helping cause of all this liveliness in Stubb, was soon made strangely manifest.
Paying respects in the Ancestral Temple causes the spirits and gods to manifest themselves.
Powers manifest. When he was very young, David was among the victims of a terrorist attack, in which he was the only survivor.
Reproductive synchrony — sometimes termed 'ovulatory synchrony' — may manifest itself as 'breeding seasonality'.
Sources: NASA launch manifest, NASA Space Shuttle archive Shuttle disasters.
Studies indicate that responsiveness to sugars and sweetness has very ancient evolutionary beginnings, being manifest as chemotaxis even in motile bacteria such as "E. coli".
Symptoms associated with IMS manifest within 24–96 hours after exposure.
That the Pleuronectidae are admirably adapted by their flattened and asymmetrical structure for their habits of life, is manifest from several species, such as soles, flounders, etc., being extremely common.
The absurdity of this second kind of monopoly, therefore, is much more manifest than that of the first.
The happy result is manifest all around in the substantial outside aspect of things, and the suggestions of wholesome life and comfort that everywhere appear.
The horse was a manifest Frieslander, broad-backed and flea-bitten, and with half a hundred of wool hanging to each of his fetlocks.
The importance of the latent content of the dream in the clinical practice was shifted toward the manifest content of dreams.
The proposal did not manifest, largely due to his relatively old age at the time.
The trauma of the situation caused David to manifest his mutant powers, incinerating the minds of the terrorists.
These behaviors have been reported to manifest in almost 14% of patients on dopamine agonist therapies.
These disorders may manifest separately or in combination (co-morbidity).
These values must manifest both within the context of their study of Kathak and also permeate in other aspects of their lives by giving back to their communities and the society by and large.
They attempt to understand the symbolism of the manifest content of the dream in relation to the total content of the session.
To be "Christian" is, for Steiner, a search for balance between polarizing extremes and the ability to manifest love in freedom.
When outside of the human victim, they manifest as a black oily smoke but can only hold that shape for a limited time.
`Oh, we shall have the pleasure of waiting upon you,'answered La Carconte, with an eager attention she was not accustomed to manifest even to guests who paid for what they took.
``Then all became clear and manifest to me, and I reproached myself with what had happened, as though I myself had done the guilty deed.

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