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Word: maneuver

Definition: (manoeuver) strategic military or naval movement (done for training purposes); carefully planned process; stratagem; V: carry out a military maneuver; use maneuvers in gaining an end

Sentences Containing 'maneuver'

A Maneuver Enhancement Brigade (MEB) mission is to provide maneuver support to a force commander, normally at the division level.
A slow roll can easily result in the aircraft falling out of the maneuver, so the pilot will usually need to ensure that the plane has sufficient altitude to recover if such an event occurs.
A slow roll is an aerobatic maneuver in which an airplane makes a controlled roll by rotating slowly about its longitudinal axis.
At that point the aircraft will begin its racetrack maneuver circling back to the beginning of the drop zone and continue to do this until all jumpers have jumped.
By attacking with small units just at the "corners" of the spearhead, a defender could maneuver the corner armored units to avoid combat instead of slowing down to engage.
By repeating this maneuver a defender can narrow the front of the spearhead until it no longer commands enough width for the following infantry to effectively move.
Common to all arenas is a large, open area that gives the bulls, bull riders, and bull fighters plenty of room to maneuver.
Dantes continued at his post in spite of the presence of the pilot, until this maneuver was completed, and then he added,``Half mast the colors, and square the yards!''
During the match, Sabin countered the Canadian Destroyer and attempted to perform his signature maneuver, the Cradle Shock.
Each year, with a minimal amount of outside technical assistance, the team develops an AUV to maneuver an underwater obstacle course.
Gabriel was seeking to maneuver things such that the decision of Catholicos would have been in his own (monophysite) hands, an option completely unacceptable, in fact horrifying, to the existing bishops.
Gaetano consulted with his companions, and after five minutes'discussion a maneuver was executed which caused the vessel to tack about, they returned the way they had come, and in a few minutes the fire disappeared, hidden by an elevation of the land.
Harney sent a regiment in a long night flanking maneuver to set up a blocking position against which he would drive the Sioux.
He was left in control of the vessel, but failed to maneuver it to the required lane, when it struck Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound.
However, they proceed with the maneuver anyway, allowing the Whitestar to rapidly escape destruction.
I tendered my resignation, for when you have gained your epaulets on the battle field, you do not know how to maneuver on the slippery grounds of the salons.
If I endeavored to overtake him in a boat, in order to see how he would maneuver, he would dive and be completely lost, so that I did not discover him again, sometimes, till the latter part of the day.
In 1991, another tasking was added to the mission when the Air Combat Maneuver Instrumentation (ACMI) was instated.
In the following weeks, Bourne defeated Matt Striker, Nunzio, and Chavo Guerrero, using the shooting star press as his finishing maneuver.
In the weeks leading to the encounter, Sabin stated he had found a counter to Williams' finishing maneuver the Canadian Destroyer, which was thought to be uncounterable.
It turns out, they string the toy with a motor to make it appear as if it's spinning, then they take a stick and maneuver the helicopter around.
It was amended to correct the unit designation to the 302d Maneuver Enhancement Brigade.
Its 3rd Battalion, 21st infantry (Gimlets) was the last U.S. maneuver battalion to leave Vietnam, on 23 August 1972.
Its maneuver units are: International mission.
Kazarian tried to pin Garza with a Cradle, but Garza countered the maneuver with a roll-up for the win.
Locklear and Elliott died in 1920 after an aerial maneuver while filming Locklear's second movie, "The Skywayman".
Omega Boost also learns the Viper Boost maneuver once it is levelled up.
On December 8, he won the "Best Finishing Maneuver" Slammy award for his shooting star press.
Prior to docking commander Poindexter guided "Discovery" through the standard Rendezvous Pitch Maneuver (RPM).
Results were disastrous for the Song: they could neither attack nor maneuver.
The 199th Motorized Infantry Brigade is one of the five maneuver elements of the 26th Group Army in the Jinan Military Region.
The 302nd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade is a unit of the U.S. Army Reserves based in Massachusetts.
The aircraft missed each other by less than , and the abrupt maneuver necessary to avert disaster left about 100 occupants hurt on one aircraft, some seriously.
The Austro-Hungarian soldiers were very tired even before this maneuver began.
The deal was sealed in a last-minute legislative maneuver by then-governor James R. Thompson.
The flanking maneuver was led by Lieutenant Colonel Philip St.
The hand grip maneuver also diminishes the duration of the murmur and delays the timing of the mid-systolic click.
The maneuver consists of quickly moving the aileron input to a desired position (less than full) and holding it steady while constantly varying the elevator and rudder inputs, counteracting the force of gravity.
The maneuver is performed by rolling the airplane at a controlled rate with the ailerons, and moving the elevators and rudder in opposition, or "cross-controlling," to keep the plane on a steady, level flightpath.
The maneuver was an attempt to preserve Schering-Plough's rights to market Remicade, which was ultimately decided by arbitration.
The slow roll appears similar to the aileron roll, except the roll rate is typically slower, and both the aircraft attitude and altitude are held consistent throughout the maneuver.
The unit insignia was originally approved for the 302nd Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement) effective 16 September 2008.
Their small size allows them to maneuver through cracks and crevices and get into the home and other areas.
This maneuver is intended to prevent the reformation of scar tissue in the same places.
This maneuver teaches a soldier to transfer the energy of your fall (landing) up the sides of the lower legs and knees, all the way up to side of the upper body.
This requires that the pilot add aileron movement to the maneuver, instead of just holding the ailerons steady.
Train yourself to make direct, accurate statements in your drawings, and don't waste time trying to maneuver a bad drawing into a good one.
Williams countered the Cradle Shock into a submission maneuver known as the Sharpshooter.
Wright's maneuver is a clinical sign in which the radial pulse weakens or disappears when the arm is abducted and externally rotated.
``My dear sir,''said Chateau Renaud,``allow me to tell you that you do not understand that maneuver with the eye glass half so well as Debray.

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