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Vocabulary Word

Word: mandatory

Definition: obligatory; compulsory; of a mandate

Sentences Containing 'mandatory'

A 'prohibited zone' was created along the Somali border, and the death penalty was made mandatory for unauthorised possession of firearms.
A mandatory Coroner's Inquest took place into the police killing of 17-year-old Jeffrey Reodica.
A mandatory evacuation was ordered in the area and two shelters were set up around Spokane Valley.
Accident benefits coverage is mandatory everywhere except for Newfoundland and Labrador.
After that, a mandatory contract is made.
Among the mandatory General Education courses are First-Year Seminar, Foundation of Thinking, English, Sungshin Leadership and Sungshin Culture.
As the reporting of every GA accidents and incidents is not mandatory everywhere, these figures may be higher.
Aware of discussions on the continued mandatory priestly celibacy, most prominently by the Cardinal Archbishop Emmanuel Célestin Suhard of Paris, Spiazzi argued in "Monitor Ecclesiasticus," that historical evidence for mandatory priestly celibacy was extremely shaky.
Each department or major program will establish its own mandatory list of major courses to improve the competency level of its graduates.
English is the main working language and is the mandatory first language in all schools in Singapore.
For areas which does not reach the mandatory conditions there exists another lower level of local administration.
Friendly has a mandatory school uniform policy that began with the 2006–2007 school year.
From April 2008 on the use of ODF is mandatory within the public sector.
Further restrictions on participation, such as mandatory local broadcasting, ensured massive TV media coverage.
Further still, the report points to the fact that very few states have mandatory training, testing or certification standards.
However, French troops were not withdrawn and national elections were postponed by the French Mandatory authorities.
However, parole is not mandatory, and if rejected, inmates can reapply every 3 years.
In 1924 Ofer's family immigrated to Mandatory Palestine.
In 1994 he reached the mandatory retirement age and passed on ownership of the stable to Sakahoko.
In 2011, it consisted of a mandatory short form census questionnaire and an inaugural National Household Survey (NHS), a voluntary survey which replaces the mandatory long form census questionnaire; this substitution has been the focus of much controversy.
In addition to the mandatory restrictor plate used at both Talladega and Daytona International Speedway (which will be 31/32" in diamiter), NASCAR had a mandatory gear ratio at this track for the first time.
In Louisiana, mandatory evacuations of vulnerable areas in Jefferson, Lafourche, Plaquemines, St.
In Queensland, CTP is a mandatory part of registration for a vehicle.
In Upper School, Latin is mandatory and French is offered as an elective.
It is also instrumentally rational and ethically mandatory.
It is used for announcing laws, mandatory legal and judicial announcements, announcing changes in the Handelsregister and for legally mandated announcements by the private sector.
It received much opposition due to its mandatory provision to provide 25% reservation for disadvantaged children in private schools.
Mekaela Academies implements boarding as mandatory for students of the class Standard 8.
Possession of these cards is not considered mandatory by the city government.
Shortly afterwards, the American Hockey League announced that protective visors would be mandatory beginning in the 2006–07 season.
Spivak retired from the Senate on July 12, 2009, upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75.
Students are well dressed , with tie, ID cards, and a special dress code is mandatory for the staff too.
The Act also made drug testing mandatory for those serving on federal supervised release.
The current mandatory bar was instituted in 1965.
The Kodai School staff were divided into two groups: one supporting a mandatory Christian curriculum, with the other supporting religious freedom.
The law established the Congregational Church, which meant attendance was mandatory, on penalty of a fine for each missed meeting, and the church and preacher must be maintained from taxes.
The notion of 'blatantly illegal orders' is taught as part of mandatory studies in the Israeli high-school system, as well as in basic training in the mandatory Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) service.
The Office of General Education administers the General Education Curriculum with mandatory and foundation courses.
The only mandatory subject at this stage is English (Advanced), and students may then choose up to 13 units from a list of elective subjects.
The reunification of Soda stereo was a mandatory topic for journalists whenever faced with a former member.
the victory made Holt the mandatory challenger for WBO junior welterweight champion Ricardo Torres.
Their aim was to introduce a mandatory cap and trade system for greenhouse gases, as a response to the threat of anthropogenic climate change.
There is concern that without a mandatory kill % limit there will be no change in the organisation's practices.
These mandatory publications were sent to Members of Parliament and newspapers across Canada.
They advised that rather than a mandatory kill limit, better Guidelines be put in place'.
They are a mandatory requirement for all trunk road Highway Improvement Schemes in the UK (including motorways).
Third-party vehicle insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in Hungary.
This approval is mandatory in order for the graduates to be registered to practice.
This has raised concerns, because without mandatory labelling consumers would not be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray.
This statutory enactment established mandatory minimum sentencing for several crimes.

More Vocab Words

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