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Vocabulary Word

Word: mandate

Definition: order; charge; authoritative command; power to govern another country; power to given to a government; region under administration; V: give a mandate to; place under a mandate; Ex. mandated territory

Sentences Containing 'mandate'

Abu Tor was incorporated into the Jerusalem municipal district during the Mandate period.
Adan was born in Kfar Gileadi, British Mandate Palestine, in 1926 as Avraham Eidelson.
After a brief stay in Belgium, Anna emigrated in May 1946 to Palestine under the British Mandate.
After World War I, the island came under the South Pacific Mandate of the Empire of Japan.
And this time the tone and manner in which the command was given, betokened such growing hostility that the two young men perceived, for the first time, that the mandate was addressed to them.
At dawn on May 23, the Cabildo informed the population that the Viceroy would end his mandate.
Byblos and all of Lebanon was placed under French Mandate from 1920 until 1943 when Lebanon achieved independence.
Despite this 'no-rules' mandate, couples are frequently disadvantaged if they use extensive choreography in their performance.
During his visit he announced an extension of the mandate of the UN forces in Haiti.
During the Mandate, postal services were provided by British authorities.
During the morning of the second day of the trial, Hutchinson continued to accuse the ministers of violating their mandate of confidentiality, and of deceiving the court about her reluctance to share her thoughts with them.
Following Nedzi's resignation in June, the committee was reconstituted with Pike as chair, in July 1975, with its mandate expiring January 31, 1976.
Girard intended to run for re-election in 1878, but was opposed by a "citizen's committee" which argued against his continued double mandate.
Haller was became chairman of the KNEP in 1920, but soon he lost his mandate.
He allegedly used his influence in favour of partition of the British Mandate.
He lost his mandate in 1963 and died in 1967.
His decisions and the extension of his mandate for 10 years were popularly endorsed by referendum, as was the re-establishment of the Empire from 2 December 1852.
His mandate was to be the guardian of traditional Inuit culture and language.
In 1924 he was elected deputy of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, and held this mandate until 1940.
In 1933, the family emigrated to Mandate Palestine, moving to Haifa.
In 1967 the rules of the race were changed to mandate a certain number of pit-stops.
In November there was a second report, and the Security Council mandate for MINUSTAH.
It is you who, sent by him to Constantinople, to treat with the emperor for the life or death of your benefactor, brought back a false mandate granting full pardon!
It is you who, with that mandate, obtained the pasha's ring, which gave you authority over Selim, the fire keeper!
Its mandate is to acquire land on the Oak Ridges Moraine to protect it from development, typically through land donations or conservation easements.
King Faisal was deported to Europe, and the French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon was officially declared.
List of post offices in the British Mandate of Palestine
Many changes in both vehicle and highway design followed this mandate.
Many of the buildings on Emek Refaim date from Ottoman and British Mandate times.
No mandate is made regarding the installation of third-party certificates that would enable running alternative programs.
On December 28, 1872, Girard acquired a triple mandate being appointed to the Temporary North-West Council of Northwest Territories.
On entering his house, he met Morrel, who wandered about like a ghost awaiting the heavenly mandate for return to the tomb.
One of the lasting effects of "Bloodties" was that the Avengers ceased to operate under a United Nations mandate.
Other MLAs were elected during the mandate New or renamed electoral districts.
Religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism, mandate cremation.
So, development and monitoring of universities is in the mandate of a state government.
Some sports leagues mandate that away teams must wear an alternative kit, while others simply state that the team's colours should not match.
The above mentioned purchase was made on his highness's account, whose mandate I had, for the sum of four hundred thousand francs.''
The association has a CEO (employee of the association) and an elected President (mandate of one year).
The Commission has a mandate to prosecute alleged offenders when there is sufficient evidence to initiate legal actions.
The Commission's mandate called for it to maintain reasonable, nondiscriminatory and just rates to the consumer.
The district is one of 87 current districts mandate to return a single member to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta of Alberta, Canada.
The List of post offices in the British Mandate of Palestine contains those post offices operated in Palestine under allied military control and, after 1920, the civil administration of the British Mandate of Palestine.
The mandate has most recently been extended by the Security Council until October 2010 "with the intention of further renewal".
The Portalis heirs sold the mansion in the early 20th century to the French mandate authorities.
The role of the Special Constable within Court Services has developed significantly beyond its original mandate.
The school provides reservation as per mandate of Govt.
These releases are the result of an act of the U.S. Congress, the first law passed in the U.S. to specifically mandate recreational whitewater dam releases.
To enable wires to be easily and safely identified, all common wiring safety codes mandate a colour scheme for the insulation on power conductors.
When King Faisal refused to accept the mandate, the French marched on Damascus.

More Vocab Words

::: array - marshal; draw up in order; arrange in order; clothe splendidly; adorn; N: fine clothes; ordered group; Ex. in battle array
::: exuberance - overflowing abundance; joyful enthusiasm; flamboyance; lavishness; ADJ. exuberant: high-spirited and lively; growing abundantly and strongly
::: luxuriant - abundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich and splendid; fertile; Ex. luxuriant forests/prose; CF. luxurious, luxuriate
::: suture - stitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing; V: sew together a wound
::: gratuity - tip
::: repine - fret; complain; be annoyed; Ex. repine over the undone work
::: gild - cover with a thin layer of gold
::: zephyr - gentle breeze; west wind
::: mischance - ill luck
::: mire - entangle; stick in swampy ground; stick or sink in mire; N: bog; deep mud; Ex. sucked deeper into the mire