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Vocabulary Word

Word: malevolent

Definition: wishing evil; exhibiting ill will; N. malevolence

Sentences Containing 'malevolent'

'I would umbly ask, sir,' returned Uriah, with a jerk of his malevolent head, 'for leave to write again to mother.'
(The surname Stark "was" later used in King's novel "The Dark Half," in which an author's malevolent pseudonym, "George Stark", comes to life.)
A demon is a malevolent being in mythology or occultism.
Although these are usually only slightly malevolent, Strong Bad still acts as if he is a villainous mastermind, and is highly prone to exaggerating his alluring qualities — especially with regards to women.
Although vague, their initial investigations reveal that the malevolent spirits who collaborated with Coyote are Asian in origin, leading them to suspect a connection to Dr. Fu Ch'ing, a Chinese scientist, government agent, and thaumaturge.
Behind the scenes, however, she is malevolent, foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, cold-hearted, and narcissistic.
Don Quixote and Sancho were overwhelmed with amazement, and the bystanders lost in astonishment, while the Trifaldi went on to say: "Thus did that malevolent villain Malambruno punish us, covering the tenderness and softness of our faces with these rough bristles!
Don Quixote offered to mount guard over the castle lest they should be attacked by some giant or other malevolent scoundrel, covetous of the great treasure of beauty the castle contained.
Forgive me, fair ladies, if, through inadvertence, I have in aught offended you; for intentionally and wittingly I have never done so to any; and pray to God that he deliver me from this captivity to which some malevolent enchanter has consigned me; and should I find myself released therefrom, the favours that ye have bestowed upon me in this castle shall be held in memory by me, that I may acknowledge, recognise, and requite them as they deserve."
Gozen is a malevolent cyborg who serves the Über-Director by leading the Director's personal army.
However, not all succubi were malevolent.
If that Mars were located in the twelfth house of a natal chart Mars's "accidental dignity" would be poor, since it would be located in a weak or malevolent cadent house.
In general they see their world filled with various invisible spirits (often called yang), some benevolent, others malevolent.
In Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu (Akkadian d"La-maš-tu"; Sumerian Dimme d"Dim3-me") was a female demon, monster, malevolent goddess or demigoddess who menaced women during childbirth and, if possible, kidnapped children while they were breastfeeding.
In the same year he created two new monthly comics for rival publisher Ayers James, "The Invisible Avenger", about a cold war era science fiction series featuring a malevolent Chinese scientist, who used his power of invisibility to carry out his genocidal mission of exterminating the "white races" of the world and ""Punch" Perkins of the Fighting Fleet", later renamed "Fighting Fleet Comics", which featured two major characters, 'Punch' Perkins, a two-fisted Aussie Naval officer and a top-secret RAF unit called Rocket Squadron.
Many memorable characters are introduced, including Nicholas' malevolent Uncle Ralph, and the villainous Wackford Squeers, who operates an abusive all-boys boarding school at which Nicholas temporarily serves as a tutor.
Murphy, a malevolent land developer, plans to take control of the county for his own personal gain.
Raising his great hands until they touched his chin, he rubbed them softly, and softly chuckled; looking as like a malevolent baboon, I thought, as anything human could look.
She knew full well that Miss Pross was the family's devoted friend; Miss Pross knew full well that Madame Defarge was the family's malevolent enemy.
Slant Magazine's Dave Hughes called it "the most urgently malevolent modern funk record the band has assembled to date".
The malevolent Inhumanoid leader, "Metlar", remains imprisoned below the surface, paralyzed by the magnetic field of a Mutore duo named "Magnokor".
The painting is often seen a symbolic depiction of man's futile struggle against malevolent forces; the black sloping mass which envelopes the dog is imagined to be quicksand, earth or some other material in which the dog has become buried.
The story itself has been traced to the Old English "The Wife's Lament"; however, because the woman herself complains only of malevolent relatives, not the specific brother-in-law, it is impossible to confirm that it is the source.
Were Mars to also be squared to a malevolent planet, such as Saturn, and would be receiving a dexter square aspect from malefic Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, this would further hinder Mars's strength and ability to operate benevolently.

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