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Vocabulary Word

Word: magistrate

Definition: official with power to administer the law

Sentences Containing 'magistrate'

'How do you suppose he comes to be a Middlesex Magistrate?'
A carriage awaited him at the door; he got in, followed by two soldiers and the magistrate, and the vehicle drove off towards Marseilles.
After retiring in 1985, Giddon served as a magistrate in the Superior Court.
And as he said this, the``eye severe''of the magistrate had lost nothing of its habitual arrogance.
And when you have found the culprit, if you find him, I will say to you,`You are a magistrate, do as you will!'''
And you tell me this magistrate expressed great sympathy and commiseration for you?''
As no attempt was made to prevent it, the door was opened, and a magistrate, wearing his official scarf, presented himself, followed by four soldiers and a corporal.
As the head magistrate of Florence, known as "The Gonfalonier of Justice," he wielded great power and influence.
At his trial, the magistrate quoted him as saying, "I enjoy art.
At some times the Magistrates from New Providence also go on circuit to the other Islands where there is no resident Magistrate or in cases where the resident magistrate is unable, for whatever reason, to hear a case.
burst simultaneously from all who were near enough to the magistrate to hear his words.
cried the magistrate, with an accent of horror and consternation,``are you still harping on that terrible idea?''
Dantes descended the staircase, preceded by the magistrate, and followed by the soldiers.
Dead bodies are not kept a year; they are shown to a magistrate, and the evidence is taken.
From 1978 to 1981 Cook served as a United States Magistrate.
Gopalballabh was the Magistrate at Bihar Province and the father of Rama Devi.
He began work in finance (civil service) before becoming a magistrate in Chrudim in Bohemia.
He was a justice of the peace, a stipendiary magistrate, town clerk for Weymouth and county treasurer.
He was appointed stipendiary magistrate of the district of Søndre Sunnmøre in 1798, and stipendiary magistrate of the district of Toten from 1802.
He was elected an assistant or magistrate of the Connecticut Colony from Windsor in 1642.
He was not only a magistrate, he was almost a diplomatist.
Her father was Robert Brown, the first Aboriginal stipendiary magistrate.
In 1257 Cavalcanti served as Podestà (chief magistrate) of the Umbrian city Gubbio.
In 1849 he was reappointed police magistrate and was nominated as the inaugural mayor of the Geelong Town Council.
Magistrate and orator of great eloquence chancellor of France under Louis XV.
Magistrate Samuel Sewall of Boston recorded his observation about the conditions he found in the meeting house.
On opening the door, Villefort found himself facing him, and the young magistrate's first impulse was to pause.
said M. Morrel, addressing the magistrate, whom he evidently knew;``there is doubtless some mistake easily explained.''
said the magistrate, without any introduction, placing himself between his wife and the door.
Starting in the 1500s Hop Farm was the seat of the magistrate of Bergen and Gulen.
The court was divided on the punishment for the magistrate, and opted for disfranchisement over banishment.
The head magistrate was known as Leveller of the Marsh Scotts.
The magistrate acquitted Yeung but said he "cannot, with the same assurance, declare justice has been done".
The magistrate acted as chief of police, judge and jury.
The magistrate laid emphasis on these words, as if he wished to apply them to the owner himself, while his eyes seemed to plunge into the heart of one who, interceding for another, had himself need of indulgence.
The Magistrate's Court hears summary matters or indictable matters, which may be heard summarily.
The Magistrate's Court is the lowest court in The Bahamas.
The task of the magistrate was to identify the proper name of the offence disclosed by the facts.
Under the republic no magistrate could have had authority enough to protect the slave, much less to punish the master.
Unfortunately, the foreman has learned of Jayne's return, and reports this to the magistrate.
What magistrate would find, or even venture to insinuate, anything against this?
While at Henan, Guan acted as magistrate of several counties and was said to be capable in his governance.
`What,'cried I,`do you, a magistrate, speak thus to me?'
``Do you speak to me as a magistrate or as a friend?''
``Edmond Dantes,''replied the magistrate,``I arrest you in the name of the law!''
``In the first place, then, who examined you, the king's attorney, his deputy, or a magistrate?''
``Indeed I am,''replied the young magistrate with a smile;``and in the interesting trial that young lady is anxious to witness, the case would only be still more aggravated.
``Speak to me not as a magistrate, but as a friend; and when I am in bitter anguish of spirit, do not tell me that I ought to be gay.''
``Which of you gentlemen,''asked the magistrate, without replying to the count,``answers to the name of Andrea Cavalcanti?''
``Who enjoyed the reputation of being the most severe, the most upright, the most rigid magistrate on the bench?''
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